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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Following The Mozziah Day 92 Thursday 15th December 2011

And so it came to pass, that the final concert on the Mexican leg of the tour, took place with Boz dressed as 'Lady Boz' and the rest of the band completely naked, bar a pair of very skimpy speedos, a pair each that is, not shared between them. Boz's lady suit was a perfect fit, which possibly means he had it tailor made and his makeup was perfect, just the right amount of eye shadow to match the suit, the right foundation for his skin tone and a lip gloss that accentuated the fullness of his pumped up lips. His shoes may have been a tad tight because he kicked them off during the set, although he could of course have just wanted to see how Sandie Shaw felt, free of shoes and liberated. Boz is no 'Puppet on A String' though, he's his own man, he dresses as a woman because it's HIS choice, NOT The Mozziah's. The rest of the band though, may not have the same choices as the senior member Boz Boorer, as Youtube videos show that drummer Matt Walker had the word 'BASH' scrawled across his chest in Mozziah like writing, which leads me to believe that guitarist's Solomon Walker and Jesse Tobias probably had the words 'BISH' and 'BOSH' on their chests, but I can not quite make it out. God only knows what Gustavo the keyboard player was donned with.
  So, the tour leaves Mexico and heads to Chicago for Saturday and I have returned from New York, I didn't watch any films on the plane, I just closed my eyes and listened to my ipod, drifting in and out of sleep. At one point I smiled to myself as the lyric, 'Well I wonder, do you hear me when you sleep?' flowed through my head, yes, yes I do hear you when I sleep, I hear you all day, every bloody day, you are an obsession that is never far from my thoughts. And talking of Mozziah obsessions, while searching Youtube a couple of days ago, I found a new interview with Preston from the Ordinary Boys, in which he says, 'I can now, for the first time in my life, happily say that I just LOVE Morrissey and I copy him all the time, I just can't help it.' We all know how you feel Preston. Also in the interview, Preston is asked, if he could have written any song ever, what would it have been? I of course expected him to say something by The Mozziah but he didn't, he replied, 'I Love How You Love Me by The Paris Sisters because it's the most perfect song of all time ever written.' Now the beautiful thing about the massive world of music, is that there is always a song or a band out there floating around, that for whatever reason, you have never heard of and unless somebody introduces you or you stumble across it, you may never find it, why don't schools teach kids about REAL music? In the same way that Oscar Wilde's name was never mentioned while I was at school, nor was Arthur 'Big boy' Crudup who wrote 'That's All Right Mama', well I have found both Wilde and Crudup in the past month and now Preston the Ordinary Boy has introduced me to a song that I put on and just went 'WOW'. Part of me feels sad as I discover things that I feel I should've known about years ago, but also there is a pleasure and an excitement, the same pleasure I used to experience when I first started buying records and would play a new purchase over and over again, in fact I still do, so for now, I am off to re-listen to the beautiful 'I Love How You Love Me' by The Paris Sisters, but one last thing before I go, I cannot tell you how frustrated I was that I couldn't listen to 'People Are The Same Everywhere' on the plane home, I had been singing the lyrics all day as I walked down 5th Avenue, if a new Mozziah album doesn't come out soon, I will write to the council to complain. *Goes off singing* Then our creator had to stumble and fall and our creator had to make the biggest mistake of all.......I love how your eyes close, whenever you kiss me and when I'm away from you, I love how you miss me.

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