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Friday, 16 December 2011

Following the Mozziah Day 93 Friday 16th December 2011

BIFF, BASH, BOSH, WHOOSH! Yep, Youtube footage has now appeared to clearly identify the naked band members from Guadalajara in Mexico. Biff is Solomon Walker, Bash is Matt Walker, Bosh is Gustavo Manzur and Whoosh is Jesse Tobias, although in the footage I've seen, the 'sh' has rubbed off and it looks like 'Woo'. All these sounds are used in cartoons but what relevance they are to anything, Mozziah only knows! I have very little to write about today, as the tour is en route to the 'Main Event' in Chicago. So much has been said about this concert on both MorrisseysWorld and in Twitterdilly, but I'll write more about it tomorrow. Yesterday in Twitterdilly, I sent a tweet to Preston of The Ordinary Boys to thank him for introducing me to 'I Love How You Love Me' by The Paris Sisters, I also sent him a link to 'Trouble Loves Me' on Youtube. He replied saying, 'Thanks for my Moz present X'. He's a bit fresh, sending kisses to strangers. I then sent him another tweet, informing him that I own the self portrait he painted when on Big Brother, I was never a particularly big fan of the Ordinary Boys, although I did like 'Boys Will Be Boys', but I bought the painting from ebay just because I liked the colours, it hangs on my study wall. Preston replied to me saying, 'ha, it gave me the creeps X'. At this stage, I realised he ends EVERY tweet with an X, it's what these youngsters do you know, personally I don't like all these cheap kisses, they mean so little. I then sent Preston a final tweet with a Youtube link of 'All The Lazy Dykes' at Guadalajara where Boz is in drag and all the band are virtually naked. Preston replied, 'WTactualF!? I love the polecats so much. X'. The Polecats? Boz isn't playing with The Polecats, that guy at the front of the stage is The Mozziah, not Tim Polecat! Or has there been a power change on this tour and has Boz now taken control and changed the band's name to The Polecats? What does Preston know that I don't know? To Chicago.

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