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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Following the Mozziah Day 94 Saturday 17th December 2011


On September 15th (that may sound like three months ago to you, but it's like a lifetime to me), I stumbled upon a website called I found MorrisseysWorld (MW for short) via another website called MW has since closed, possibly forever, 'IsMoz' incidentally still remains, but hasn't been updated for about three weeks, apparently abandoned by it's owner in sheer frustration at the lack of roses being thrown at concerts. Roses? For those who are reading this blog for the very first time, let me explain, although if you are interested enough, you could start at the very beginning of my blog and all will be revealed in FULL. MW, it appeared, was a website set up by none other than Morrissey himself, the man I now call The Mozziah. It was a website full of wonderful stories and funny tales, as well as predictions about certain things that The Mozziah would do, which had already come true. The website had been set up as a replacement to the so called 'fan site' called, commonly known as 'SO-Low' because it allows racist and vile comments without any sort of moderation. MW promised that The Mozziah would give a 'sign', at one of his concerts, to show that he REALLY was behind MorrisseysWorld. It was said that the sign would come in the form of either; The Mozziah wearing a manufactured pop act T shirt or him wearing a rose. In return, The Mozziah asked that fans should bring either a red or white rose to his concerts in the USA, starting at Chicago and ending in Oakland. The Mozziah explained on MW that the roses were to mirror Oscar Wilde's 'Green Carnation', a secret society formed by Oscar Wilde for his followers , where they would all wear green carnations to his performances without anybody knowing why. A group of regular MW followers and The Mozziah started interacting with each other on the social networking website 'Twitter' and the group turned their little corner of 'Twitter' into a place they called 'Twitterdilly', a secret place away from the real world, just like Narnia in 'The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe'. It all sounds dead romantic so far doesn't it? but to most, it seemed quite unreal. In fact, so unreal, that although MW had over 150,000 hits, most people chose NOT to believe it was The Mozziah, but instead, a fraud who was taking everybody for a ride. One by one, the believers fell away and ridiculed the few that remained. When the tour started, MW closed, having left strict instructions for followers to throw the red and white roses at the concerts, just before the encore. However, there were only about two dozen 'believer's' left in Twitterdilly (although it should be noted, one of these 24 WAS Russell Brand!), and not many were going to the concerts, the rose society looked doomed before it had even begun, but still the believer's believed, although at times some have questioned the reality of MW and indeed their own sanity for spending so much time talking to 'Virtual' strangers in a 'Virtual Wardrobe'. Just before the tour started, the 'Twitterdillians' all adopted the rose theme by changing their picture profiles to a rose, they also adopted one of The Mozziah's songs as a theme tune. The song was 'Trouble Loves Me', a track from the Maladjusted album which everybody just loves. It is a song that was never released as a single but just seems to speak volumes about The Mozziah and all of us. 'Trouble Loves Me' also happens to be an anagram of 'Love MT Blue Rose'. Blue roses represent an 'Unrequited Love' or a 'Search For the Impossible' and, like green carnations, are not naturally grown. It all made perfect sense, the song was telling us to love the empty blue rose, 'Unrequited Love personified', THE MOZZIAH. The group therefore labelled their secret society 'Blue Rose' and it was agreed that if 'Trouble Loves Me' is ever played at a concert, those of us present would throw a blue rose, and we will also throw red or white roses, just before the encore, as instructed by The Mozziah.
  So, armed with roses, a couple of the dedicated followers/disciples were ready for the first concert of the tour in Chicago. They would throw their roses, others would see this and copy them at all the other concerts, and by the time the US leg of the tour ended in Oakland, the stage would be awash with roses and the society would have many, many members......and then, the Chicago concert was cancelled! It transpired that guitarist Boz Boorer aka The Bozziah, (just made that one up) aka 'Lady Boz', (that one arrived a few days ago) didn't sort his VISA out. It was somewhat of an anti climax, no concert, no roses, but there were other followers going to various concerts so the roses would still be thrown...unfortunately not. Followers did take their rose to the concerts, but a combination of embarrassment and fear of ridicule, stopped them from throwing the rose, and instead of passing them in love for The Mozziah, they 'threw the rose into the street, where it fell into the gutter, and a cart-wheel went over it' (that bit's poetic licence, but you get the picture). The tour continued across the US to Oakland without a single rose being thrown to the stage. And when it reached Oakland......that too was cancelled, this time due to an eye injury to the drummer Matt Walker, but it is doubtful that any roses would've been thrown anyway, and the stage definitely wouldn't have been awash. The tour crossed the border to Mexico, where again no roses were thrown, the message hadn't got through, although there is evidence on twitter to show that there were followers of MorrisseysWorld.
  And so here we are, back in 'live time', as today the tour arrives back in Chicago for the rearranged concert, and as I type this, the most loyal and dedicated of the 'Blue Rose' society, a Twitterdillian called '@stillicling', is sat in a freezing cold queue outside the concert venue, clutching both a specially created blue rose and a fresh white rose. 'Stillicling' will later be joined by '@heathercat222' who will also have a blue rose, along with a red one. Tonight, WITHOUT DOUBT, the roses will, for the first time, reach the stage and 'Blue Rose' will, at last, at last, at last, be up and running. It would be the ultimate tribute to the 'Blue Rose' Twitterdillian gang, and particularly to the unbelievably dedicated 'stillicling', if The Mozziah performs 'Trouble Loves Me' tonight, BUT, as it hasn't been performed live since July 22nd 2006 at the Benicassim Festival in Spain, it would be a miracle if it is, so we'll happily settle for yet another fantastic concert, full of beautiful songs and roses......and yet, the romantic in me, the one that still cries at 'It's A Wonderful Life', wonders, just wonders, if sometimes miracles DO happen? *Goes off singing* 'Go to waste in the wrong arms, still running 'round.'

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