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Monday, 19 December 2011

Following the Mozziah Day 96 Monday 19th December 2011

And so, the tour is over, the final concert in Michigan yesterday resulted in; NO novelty act T shirt being worn, NO roses thrown, NO roses worn by The Mozziah and NO other 'sign'. So what WAS MorrisseysWorld all about and why all those instructions about roses? Was the whole mission abandoned after the opening Chicago concert was cancelled? Did The Mozziah decide to shelve the whole thing for another reason? Mmmm. The easiest explanation of course, would be to simply agree with the huge majority who all said MorrisseysWorld was a hoax, and then I could just walk away. I wouldn't mind admitting I'd been taken for a ride, after all, I've been taken for plenty in my lifetime, but the problem is, I KNOW it's him. I wish I didn't know, but I DO, so I can't walk away, I have to find answers to questions, which isn't going to be easy, in fact it's going to be impossible unless The Mozziah reappears in either Twitterdilly or MorrisseysWorld, but at least it does look like he's coming back, yes, 'The Second Coming' (actually it'll be the fourth or fifth but that's not such a good story line). How do I know he's coming back? Well, a recent tweet by the MW administrator '@Banjaxer', ( remember him? I first mentioned him in my blog on Thursday 13th October, he is the Manchester City supporting, freelance journalist who went on part of the concert tour, was supposed to keep a blog, ( which he sort of did but it said nothing, and he also happens to be a staunch socialist, yes, I know what you're thinking, how can a staunch socialist support the capitalist Manchester City, hypocritical I know but who are we to judge?) Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, '@Banjaxer' posted a tweet to '@morrisseysmum' saying, 'Arranged now at this end, ready for your input. Wasn't following you for some reason. 228.' This SURELY has to be a reference to the return of MW, but there is no point asking Banjaxer (now to be referred to as BJ for short), as he isn't allowed to discuss anything with anybody, The Mozziah has obviously got him sworn to absolute secrecy. In the meantime, a number of the Twitterdillians have discarded their rose pictures and some are now saying it was NOT in fact The Mozziah after all, but as I sit and look at the back screen picture of my twitter account, with a photo of The Mozziah's diary, which HE posted in Twitterdilly, I can have NO doubt, there can never be ANY doubt for me, so for those few of us who DO still believe, all we can do is sit and wait.
   Youtube footage from Chicago shows The Mozziah wearing a jacket for the very first time, was this so that he could put a rose in his button hole? Perhaps not. The poorly finger's have halved in number, with the left handed one now apparently recovered, but unfortunately, 'righty' is still poorly and remains in a stable condition. 'Righty' will be in all our thoughts and prayers this Christmas. Any thoughts The Mozziah may, or may not have had, of auditioning for 'Yoffy's' role in the remake of 'Fingerbobs', remain on hold!
  Youtube footage from the final concert in Michigan shows the Dog lead/string belt still in it's rightful place, around The Mozziah's midriff, I wonder if this is just a concert prop or does it get an airing in everyday life? The encore of 'Still Ill', at both the final two concerts, had manic stage invasions, with Michigan resulting in The Mozziah walking off early because of the heavy handed security. It just about summed the tour up, it was supposed to all start in Chicago with the odd rose being thrown and end in Oakland with the stage awash with them, instead, it started in San Antonio with stage invaders and no roses and ended in Michigan with, er, stage invaders and, er, no roses. Could the romance of roses being gently thrown onto the stage ever really work, or was Kaff Vinegar of The G*ardian right, and are we all just a bunch of 'Meatheads'? We'll have to see.
  My final musings for today are about SO-Low and Mark E Nevin. Mark E first, he was the guest question master on the 'Friday Night Moz Quiz' last Friday on twitter, (not Twitterdilly, there is a difference) and before the quiz, he had a Q&A session. I asked Mark E if he'd heard the song from 'Paddy's In The Carsey'? (It is a song called Backstreet Blues and the music sounds exactly the same as the music in The Mozziah's song 'The Loop' which was written by Mark E Nevin) to which Mark E replied, 'I had never heard that, I thought I had ripped off She's A Woman by The Beatles - maybe they ripped it off from Paddy Carsey'. At least old Mark E is honest. He followed up his tweet by saying, 'All pop music is borrowed - from the birds'. I sent Mark E a link to my blog. He said that he'd read it and that it 'all sounds a bit traumatic!' *Looks up traumatic on google* It would appear that Mark E Nevin thinks I'm emotionally disturbed, well I can't disagree, but I blame The Mozziah, I used to be a sweet boy! And finally Esther, and finally Cyril, SO-Low have taken note. It would appear that despite banning me for speaking the truth, DavidT & Co have taken onboard all the comments about the racism and vile comments and seem to have stopped them. The comments from the last two concerts have been 'proper' reviews, without any of the nonsense. So even if MorrisseysWorld doesn't return, perhaps it's achieved it's goal?

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