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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Following the Mozziah Day 97 Tuesday 20th December 2011

Today The Mozziah will fly back to the UK for Christmas, well I presume he'll fly to the UK, although of course it could be LA or Rome. It's funny really, because for the past three months, since I started to 'Follow The Mozziah', it's been fairly easy because I've known exactly where he's been, namely MorisseysWorld or on stage, but now MW is closed and the concerts have finished, my following may have to end, what do I report on if there is no Mozziah to follow? Mind you, Christianity managed to keep going after JC disappeared and the myth grew larger and larger, perhaps in 2,000 years The Mozziah will be held in the very highest of esteem. He may of course reopen MW or may return to Twitterdilly, but has he actually ever left Twitterdilly? There are various people following me in Twitterdilly who I know nothing about, come to think about it, I don't really know anything about any of them and they don't know me, it is all quite bizarre, but in the past three months people seem to have developed almost 'proper' friendships. They aren't of course 'proper' because they are 'virtual', although a couple of the Twitterdilly gang have now met up and some others already knew each other. But back to the ones I REALLY know nothing about, particularly '@caterita2008' who I have mentioned before. I presumed this person was either Brand, Ross or Walliams but now I've got a sneaking suspicion it could be The Mozziah himself. I have trawled back through Caterita's tweets and there is one from 2009 and then nothing until September. I think this may be the tweeter formerly known as '@KateRyan' but I can't be sure. A tweet from Caterita on November 3rd addressed to @MorrisseysWorld says, 'Please, please,'. I have looked on google and could find no official talk of 'Please Please Please' being used for John lewis advert until November 10th, did Caterita know something we didn't know? I was suspicious but then this morning, my suspicion heightened, Caterita was in Twitterdilly complementing '@Rosymires' on her ceramic plate artwork of The Mozziah, when RosyMires (anagram of Morrissey but she REALLY is apparently called Rosy and lives in Brighton with an Aunt Barbara in Manchester, but that's all irrelevant) tweeted to say, 'New line of business me thinks - just need Mozziah's approval to use his beautiful words.' '@caterita' replied, 'You're great'. Could that be an endorsement? Mmmm. Perhaps I just think too much about trivial things......and who is '@dotdotdotpause'?

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