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Monday, 2 January 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 110 Monday 2nd January 2012

The MorrisseysWorld blog may still be sitting quietly in a corner, untouched, but '@MorrisseysWorld' the tweeter is back in full operational swing.....and some! The tweets are coming thick and fast and I have a feeling that they will one day take the form of a book. There can be nobody, and I mean nobody, who is tweeting with the wit that The Mozziah is producing. He is gaining followers who are recognising his art, and it is an art, make no mistake, we may all be beating ourselves up for wasting away our time on twotter, but this is obviously the modern equivalent of radio, newspapers, magazines etc, it is a perfect platform for somebody like The Mozziah to be 'heard' and do you know what, I think he knows it!

I won't repeat all the tweets here because a) When MorrisseysWorld is back up & running it will reproduce the best of the tweets, b) the tweets are all there on twotter (not Twitterdilly, there is a difference) for all to read and c) I can't be bothered. I do have particular favourites though. On Dec 26th, '@MorrisseysWorld' said,"Nauseated by BBC coverage of 'character' Prince Philip? A benefits scrounger who married his cousin and makes overtly racist statements." He then followed this up with, "Why not write to the BBC asking them why a known racist aristocrat is 'a character,' while Morrissey is 'possibly racist?' BBwee." The beauty of these tweets is that The Mozziah has called himself 'possibly racist' which is just hysterical, he is basically saying that if The High Court find him guilty, he will have no choice other than to be labelled a racist. If of course that ever were to happen, which it won't, I too would be have to adopt the same 'racist' tag. If The Mozziah is racist, we are all racist, which obviously he isn't and we aren't, well when I say we, obviously some people really are, but not me or mine, unless of course Justice Tugendhat tells us we are, which he won't, because we aren't. I have a lot to say about the High Court Case and why it is absolutely paramount that The Mozziah MUST go to court and not settle out of court. It is nothing to do with principle, it is nothing to do with him losing his 'tag', it is certainly nothing to do with money and it could possibly influence the Government. I'll say no more for now on that subject because it needs a full day's blog set aside for it, but The Mozziah has an opportunity to make a speech to match those of Martin Luther King, you think I'm joking? I'm not.

    Another '@MorrisseysWorld' tweet of interest is one to '@RosyMires' on Dec 28th which read, "Admin Guy runs the blog; he is not involved with twitter." I believe this to be an honest revelation by The Mozziah and it leads me back to my very original thought that admin guy is Mike Bracewell or somebody similar and not Banjaxer. I am still mystified as to why '@Banjaxer' & '@UncleSkinny' have nothing to do with MW but I am also mystified as to the role of '@MorrisseysMum' who interacts with both Banj & Skinny but no longer interacts with the Twitterdillians like she/he used to. For those who remember, I once took ownership of the '@MorrisseysMum' twotter name but handed it back on request. Did I hand it to somebody I shouldn't have? I certainly didn't give it to The Mozziah.

 Back to MW's tweets, did I mention the tweet on Dec 28th when MW had a pop at '@mancladmozfan' for taking roses to the concerts and not throwing them? Poor Manc, according to MW, only four roses made it to the stage on the whole of the tour, we still await the illusive 'Tour Journals' to find out exactly where and when these roses made it.  Two MW tweets from yesterday made reference to a possible Smiths reunion. The first read, "The Smiths - could reform. However I would insist on a drum machine this time around: cheaper, more reliable, more intelligent conversation." '@BoyGeorge' responded to this tweet by saying, "Reform and be damned! Ha!" To which The Mozziah replied, "I'm damned regardless of whether the Smiths spread their malice once again. With no record label, what else can I do but reform?"

I do hope he's joking, surely he's joking? Regular readers of this blog will know that I swing from wanting to see The Smiths reform, to not wanting to see them reform. I am currently very much in a 'Not' place at the moment, as although for nostalgic reasons it would be great and also the thought of new material would be great, we would lose all the solo stuff being played, and as my end of year Top 10 proved, the solo stuff now far outweighs the Smiths stuff. It's true, argue it all you like but it's true. No more live versions of 'Camden', 'Trouble' or 'Sunday'? No thank you very much.

Anyway, back to the tweets, another Boy Geroge tweet read, "Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me!" to which The Mozziah replied, "No hope, no harm, just another false imprisonment charge. only kidding." I found that one particularly hilarious but it shows The Mozziah is mellowing because in the old days there would NEVER have been an 'only kidding' hash tag. It did make me wonder if it was in fact Rustle Brand operating the MW account, could they possibly take it in turns? Surely not? Mmmm, I have my suspicions, but would The Mozziah trust Brand to be witty enough? Talking about old Rusty Rockets,  it would be hilarious if he added a bio to his Rusty Rockets twitter account reading, 'I am human and I need to be loved. Just like everybody else does.' We could all sit back and laugh as the press noticed that it mirrored Miley Cyrus's bio. Speculation would start & old Rusty could just put it down to his love of The Mozziah, it would be brilliant.

 This whole Narnia story continues, but I can't decide if it is The Mozziah who is Aslan the lion and Rustle Brand the evil witch, or is The Mozziah the witch & Brand the lion? Both have qualities of both and it is a thin line between 'Good & Evil'. Is The Mozziah in fact the devil and Brand the God? The only certainty, is that I am the wardrobe, everybody just uses me to take a peep at the lion and the witch as they dance their merry dance. I am happy with the role, although it is restricting my natural talents, I may look wooden but these handles are solid brass.
   I have just read a comment left on my blog yesterday from somebody using the name fancy123. It reads as follows:

fancy123 said...

I am one of the 21%, there are only 14 of us out there as of this writing.(It's not that I'm a wiz at #'s that's the number written faintly in the blue graph bar by the poll if you look closely. The Morrissey guess has 45) May I add that this is day 7 of my following the "Following the Mozziah" blog and I'm enjoying it.

So fancy 123 is following my blog and enjoying the whole story, but DOESN'T believe that The Mozziah is truly The Mozziah? What is it that we are all saying in the wrong way? I just don't believe this. '@MorrisseysWorld's bio says, 'Morrissey'. How much plainer could it be. Dearest Fancy 123, the parody is real but it has now gone so far that the reality has become a parody. If you don't believe it to be the true Mozziah, why oh why do you come here? Please come and join us in Twitterdilly so we can talk further, if you hadn't worked it out, I am '@Theratsback', I call myself this because I am The Rat and I am back! Welcome also to '@sarahlmilburn' who yesterday tweeted, "I'm beginning to appreciate the madness but genius of Morrissey." Hoo bloody rah, well done Wor Sarah. Two final MW tweet gems from yesterday. Firstly, in reply to '@aboyinthebush22' 's question as to who some witless twat called '@petermasters1' is, MW replied, "He's the record company executive I'm presently in email negotiations with. hopeless." This tweet proves three things; 1) The tweeter is definitely The Mozziah, not Brand, 2) He is still trying to negotiate a deal with Universal (yipee, dust of those London record labels) and 3) Peter Masters is in deed a hopeless prick. Finally on the MW tweet front, in a reply to '@lordcarla' (scummer I'm afraid, that's a South*mpton fan if you're wondering) enquiring as to whether MW would be following Rupert Murdoch now he was on twitter, MW replied, "That's not the real Rupert Murdoch. It's actually Russell Brand's mother." Ouch.

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