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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 119 Wednesday 11th January 2012

Right, my wounds are both licked & healed and I'm back on the bike, pedaling fast. What's more, I have been 'un' dumped, but unfortunately, not 'un' duped. I don't suppose it is possible to undupe, surely once a duping has occurred, that's it? You could 'make amends', but never take away the initial dupe. Anyway, enough of the duping nonsense, the fact that I have been undumped is far more important. Oh, hello, those little orange dashes have just appeared under the word 'undumped', it is not being recognised as a proper 'English' word. Oh bugger, the orange dashes have now also turned up under the word 'recognised' because my Mac book is American, so therefore doesn't like my 'English' use of the word, even though it is of course 'proper' English, as opposed to 'American' English which is nothing more than American really and has nothing to do with us English at all. You can keep your zed's or zee's as you insist on calling them, we have S's thank you very much. Anyway, onto the 'undumping'. The 'Spirit of Nico' has landed back in my private pigeon hole in the 'Twitterdilly Arms', once again full of Mozziahesqueness. Having made the mistake before of presuming certain 'twit characters' are famous actors or pop stars, it would be foolhardy of me to say that I believe my 'Spirit of Nico' REALLY is The Mozziah, but there are definitely Mozziahesque traits. Of course, unless you actually meet somebody for real, you can never be 100% sure they are who you think they are, or indeed, who they say they are, or say they 'are not' for that matter, but for the purposes of this rambling nonsense that I am producing on a daily basis, I cannot pretend any different. These are my real life thoughts coming out of my fuzzed up little brain and I cannot edit them for anybody or any reason. Have I stopped making sense? Did I ever START making sense? Anyway, 'Spirit of Nico' and I are 'back on' and she has started refilling my pigeon hole with nonsense and also pointing me in the directions of songs I've never heard. It was 'My Nico' (as opposed to the REAL Nico) who also introduced me to Dante. Incidentally, Dante is not mentioned in the 'Mozipedia', which to us Mozziah followers, is like a bible. 'Spirit of Nico' did point out to me however, that Dante is name checked in The Mozziah's song, 'Safe Warm Lancashire Home'. Has the author of 'Mozipedia', Simon Goddard, missed something? And talking about Simon Goddard, his twitter bio has the following: 'Now writing a new book with equally daft title about the greatest idea in the history of pop, due 2013.' Surely it could only be a book about one thing? It HAS to be about a Parody website, created by an actual 'pop star', but so unlikely to be true, it ends up being true? Has a deal been done with Goddard and is the reason his book won't come out until 2013 because The Mozziah's autobiography is due to come out at the end of 2012?, which will no doubt tell all about the parody website, and then Goddard will release his book showing how it was done? Oh my overly suspicious, fuzzed up mind, how does this stuff get in here? I need a clear out, I'll book a holiday later today, that usually helps. And speaking of holidays, (can I put 'speaking' when I'm not actually speaking?, or should I have put 'thinking'?, although that doesn't really work either)The Mozziah has announced via the 'Mum' twitter account that his flight has landed. Speculation immediately started on twitter as to where he has gone, but personally, I think it's more a case of where he has 'been'. Bearing in mind that MorrisseysWorld hasn't been updated for over a week, it would tend to suggest he has been away on holiday this week and has just landed back. I remember reading a couple of tweets in the last week relating to 'Monaco', so it is my guess he has been spending all the profits from his US & Mexican tour in the casino's. The first tweet relating to Monaco came from the mysterious '@JodyRoad' who in response to a tweet from '@MorrisseysWorld' on Jan 2nd, (which said he now had a home in Great Yarmouth to be closer to my blog) said 'I bet you wish it was in Monaco?' That tweet has now been deleted! The other reference to Monaco was from 'Mum', who in response to somebody asking if he was going to be on the same bench as Rooney for the Man Utd v Man City Cup match, said, "I doubt he'll be on the same bench unless he's in Monaco." Coincidence? Perhaps. Either way, it is my guess that The Mozziah is back in Blighty and the tour journals could be out any day. Of course, once they are published, this whole thing will go viral, I know I've said that many times before, but seriously, it HAS to be noticed soon, surely? How much longer can The Mozziah continue to eek this out? Can our nerves take much more? Is Simon Goddard furiously watching everything that happens and taking notes? Will The Twitterdilly Arms get a mention in the 2013 Good Food Guide? How will '@Uncleskinnyfitjeans', '@Tony_LeMisery' and '@MarriedtotheMoz' feel when they find out it REALLY was 'HIM' after all? Talking(thinking?/typing?) of the SO-Low lot, they are currently going crazy because The Mozziah has listed a 'TOP 10 SINGLES OF WHICH I AM MOST PROUD' on the True to You website.  They are:

1) First of the gang to die (2004) #6 UK
First Of The Gang To Die
2) Irish blood, english heart (2004) #3 UK
Irish Blood, English Heart
3) I'm throwing my arms around Paris (2009) #21 UK
I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
4) That's how people grow up (2008) #14 UK
That's How People Grow Up
5) Panic (1986) #11 UK
6) Girlfriend in a coma (1987) #13 UK
Girlfriend In A Coma
7) Let me kiss you (2004) #8 UK
Let Me Kiss You
8) Everyday is like sunday (1988) #9 1988, #42 2010 UK
Everyday Is Like Sunday
9) You have killed me (2006) #3 UK
You Have Killed Me
10) All you need is me (2008) #24 UK
All You Need Is Me

Personally, it looks like he has plucked any old titles out of the air, but who knows?, either way, the SO-Lowists aren't happy about it. One of my favouite posts is, "I don't understand this man anymore."Did they ever understand him then? Does 'HE' understand 'him'? Enough of my ramblings for today, I think, before everything goes viral, it is time to take stock of twitter followers, which I haven't done since November. I have picked some twit names at random, sort of:

1. @Amanda_Holden  839,843  UP, UP, UP. What a sweetheart.
2. @Johnny_Marr         83,677  UP 7,000 SINCE NOVEMBER. Still blocking me!
3. @MorrisseysWorld     4,420  UP 700 SINCE NOV. Was at 334 when I found 'it' on Sept 15th.
4. @MikeJoyceDrums     2,978  UP 300 SINCE NOV. Has resisted changing to @MikeJoyceLawns
5. @AndyRourke64        2,256 UP SOME. I can't remember what he was on!
6. @The RatsBack          1,397  DOWN over 100 since NOV.Popularity plummeting, since I came here.
7. @Banjaxer                     768 UP 20 SINCE NOV. MW Admin Guy? Who knows.
8. @MorrisseysMum          498  UP 50 SINCE NOV. Seems to be following people at random (568).
9. @SimonGoddard            469 NEW ENTRY.
10.@OldOscarWilde          322 NEW TO HERE. Probably The Mozziah.
11.@Comradeharps            169 NEW TO HERE. An Australian librarian apparently.
12.@BozBoorer                   40 NEW. Really Boz? I'm surprised the name was available.
13.@Caterita2008                31 NEWish. An Italian housewife, allegedly. Usually a morning tweeter.
14.@UpThePier                   26  WAS SHUT IN NOV FOR REPAIRS.
15.@JodyRoad                    18 NEW. Rustle Brand? The Mozziah? None of the above/to the left?
16.@Roadhog2020              15 NEW TO HERE. Really a Spurs fan? Currently inactive.
17.@DollyWilde                  13 NEW TO HERE. Really Oscar's niece? Currently illusive.
18.@ODybrym                    13 RE-ENTRY. A shed, but not the shed you think it is.
19.@i2177                            10 NEW TO HERE. Been lying wide to receive since Nov.
20.@Bucktoothedboy         ABSENT FROM CLASS.


  1. The Twitterdilly Arms:
    Playlist - 11 January 2012

    Morrissey: Everyday Is Like Sunday
    Simon & Garfunkel: Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.
    Cilla Black: Anyone Who Had A Heart
    Neil Diamond: Song Sung Blue
    Morrissey: People Are The Same Everywhere
    Morrissey: Come Back To Camden
    Morrissey: People Are The Same Everywhere
    Morrissey: Trouble Loves Me
    Pinky & Perky: Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf (1961)
    Pinky & Perky: Lets Twist Again
    Morrissey: Life's A Pigsty
    Morrissey: The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils
    Morrissey: Kit (Unreleased From Maladjusted)
    Morrissey: Now My Heart Is Full
    The Smoke: My Friend Jack
    Morrissey: Boxers
    Morrissey: Let The Right One Slip In
    Slade: My Friend Stan
    Morrissey: Friday Mourning
    Morrissey: Trouble Loves Me
    The Peanuts: Epitaph (King Crimson cover)
    Morrissey: Scandinavia
    Morrissey: People Are The Same Everywhere
    Morrissey: Scandinavia
    Morrissey: Scandinavia
    Bernd Begemann: Ich habe nichts erreicht ausser dir
    Morrissey: People Are The Same Everywhere
    Morrissey: Scandinavia
    Morrissey: People Are The Same Everywhere
    Morrissey: Everyday Is Like Sunday
    Morrissey: We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful
    Morrissey: Everyday Is Like Sunday
    Morrissey: Sing Your Life
    Morrissey: Reader Meet Author
    The Smiths: Rubber Ring
    Morrissey: I Know It's Over (Vienna, 2011)
    The Smiths: Frankly, Mr. Shankly
    The Smiths: Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
    Morrissey: Lifeguard on Duty
    The Smiths: Half A Person
    Morrissey: Scandinavia

  2. I felt bad for you yesturday, you seemed so down in the dumps. If you had been here I know someone who would have cheered you up with a song, he does it for anyone who looks unhappy. (it's not me, if you heard my voice you'd know why) He sings "Cheer Up Charlie" from Willy Wonka--just substitute Rats Back for Charlie---
    It goes like this:

    Cheer up, Charlie
    Give me a smile
    What happened to the smile I used to know
    Don't you know your grin has always
    Been my sunshine;
    Let that sunshine show...

    Come on, Charlie
    No need to frown
    Deep down you know tomorrow is your toy...

    When the days get heavy
    Never pitter patter
    Up and at'em boy.........and so on it goes.

    Glad to see you in better spirits today


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