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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 130 Sunday 22nd January 2012

There really aren't enough hours in the day! Yesterday, I had a day completely away from; Twitterdilly, Mozziah following and, if I'm honest, wrestling. I had a 'normal' family day, which was very enjoyable, but my mind kept wondering and wandering. There are so many songs I want to discover, so many films I want to watch, so many Youtube clips I want to find, and I miss not being in The Twitterdilly Arms, but somehow I have to live a normal life and also write my blog, which in itself has become an addiction. I actually felt guilty for having a day off yesterday. Although I say I had a day 'completely' away from twitter, I did enter very, very briefly, just to wish a Happy birthday to '@PapaSonsFilm' aka Marcus Markou, (who I will discuss in more detail tomorrow) and to also pick up my messages from my 'Spirit of Nico' friend, who continues to swap silly talk with me, and educate me, in a German accent of course! The latest educational gems include the songs; 'I've Changed My Plea to Guilty', 'End of the World' and 'Baby Tell Me What You're On', hold on, first I need to go off on one of my tangents before I forget! You see, mentioning 'I've Changed My Plea to Guilty' has just reminded me about 'Life Is a Pigsty'! I need to talk about 'Pigsty', NOW! See, this is how my tiny little brain works, I'll be talking about one thing, or listening to a certain song, or watching a certain film, and then BANG!, I'm off on a sidetrack elsewhere. I NEED MORE HOURS, can you please stop time? So, 'Pigsty', no sooner had I mentioned on Friday in my blog, that 'Pigsty' was the one 'Hollywood Bowl' track I really wanted to see on Youtube, then there it was!, literally an hour after my blog had been published. Is somebody, somewhere reading this and taking note? And what a song, I mean, really, what a song! I had of course already heard this version of it, because it was on disc 2 of the greatest hits cd that I'd bought when holidaying in Florida a few years ago. Because none of the rest of my family appreciate The Mozziah's God like voice, I found myself going out for long drives on my own during that holiday and blasting out the cd at full volume. I kept playing 'Pigsty' on repeat though, I often do this with albums, a certain song will grab me and I play it over and over and over again. The other day I was driving along with 'Strangeways Here We Come' on in the car, and I played 'Death Of a Disco Dancer' for the whole forty five minute journey, I have no idea if this is normal behaviour or if it is just me, but I've always been the same since I was a child. Mind you, in those days it wasn't albums, I've never really been an albums person, I bought very few LP's as I grew up, mainly because every penny I had, was spent on seven inch singles, seven inch singles were my world, they still are, my number one collection is obviously full of ten inch shellac, twelve inch vinyl, cassettes and cd's, but it is the pieces of seven inch vinyl that I cherish the most, I treat them like babies and don't like anybody even touching them. I also hate to see any marks or stickers on the labels or covers of seven inch singles, it soils them, cheapens them, although the one's with my name written on them from the seventies serve as a reminder of my need to put my stamp on them and show the world that those records belonged to me, they were mine, and by adding my name, it meant that nobody else could ever have them. God, I've gone off on tangent after tangent here, I don't think this is what writers are supposed to do! Let's see if I can claw it back a bit, let's go back to 'Pigsty'. That Florida holiday, where I played the Hollywood Bowl version of 'Pigsty' on repeat, cemented it as an all time Top 3 song for me, it's a great song anyway, but 'live', it is just so emotional, and the version at Hollywood Bowl sounds fantastic, with 'Auld Lang Syne' played on piano as the song fades out. Well the sight of this song on Youtube has taken it to another level, with The Mozziah finishing the song upside down against the drum kit, with his eyes closed. As soon as I had found the Youtube video, I posted it in The Twitterdilly Arms and the place just went mental with excitement and emotion. As we all watched the footage over and over again, the Twitterdillians tried to express how they felt. It was best summed up by an interchange between 'stillicling' and 'AIRRAID25'. 'AIRRAID' wrote, "This is feckin amazing. I LOVE it, I LOVE him. He is....Oh no words. He means every word he sings, straight from his heart." 'stillicling' replied, "The best part of being here is knowing that there is no need to explain that feeling that can't be explained." And there it is, summed up in a nutshell, the Twitterdilly Arms is a place you go where you can't explain, but luckily, you don't even have to try to....because everybody else in there KNOWS!
  Now, where was I before the 'Pigsty' tangent?, oh yes, my 'Spirit of Nico'. Let me start with the song 'I've Changed My Plea to Guilty', a song that alongside 'Pigsty', has pretty much taken over my 'weekend off', and been played over and over again. On Friday, I asked 'Nico' why she/he thought the 'Hollywood Bowl' stuff had suddenly appeared on Youtube? He/she didn't of course answer, after all, how could he/she know?, but instead, played me the studio version (as opposed to the live version) of 'I've Changed My Plea to Guilty' and asked, 'Do you know what that is at the beginning?" I couldn't really make it out from the youtube clip, so I got out my ipod, only to find I didn't have the song on there. It is a song that has sort of bypassed me, I am aware of it, but have never really taken a lot of interest in it. To some people, like the aforementioned 'AIRRAID25', it is 'the' song, like 'Death of a Disco Dancer'/'How Soon Is Now'/'Pigsty'/'Reel Around the Fountain'/'Teenage Dad'/etc etc is mine. I knew the song contained the line 'Emotional air raids exhausted my heart' but why wasn't 'I've Changed My Plea to Guilty' on my ipod? and what 'was' the audio at the beginning of it that the 'Spirit of Nico' had enquired about? I decided to turn to my bible, Simon Goddard's 'Mozipedia', for the answers. Goddard's entry on 'Changed Plea' told me that the song was a 'B' side, of the single, 'My Love Life' and Goddard described it as, "One of the greatest tracks in Morrissey's entire catalogue." WOW! Goddard's entry continued by saying,"Nevin (Mark E.) constructed the opening and closing sound collage using samples of country singer Skeeter Davis's 1963 hit 'The End of The Word' alongside Dictaphone recordings of a waitress friend from Minneapolis called Suzy Solan." So there it was, Goddard had given me the answer to 'Nico's' question and also pointed me in the direction of a sixties song that I vaguely remembered the title of, but couldn't recall the tune. Was it Goddard pointing me to 'The End of The World', or 'Spirit of Nico'? I decided to consult 'Wikipedia' (Mozipedia's more mainstream big brother) to find out more about 'The End of The World'. According to wiki, the world and it's wife have recorded a version of 'World', including; Mud, The Carpenters, Julie london, Skeeter Davis (obviously), Johnny Mathis, Agnetha Faltskog (of Abba fame), Lena Zavaroni, Twiggy etc etc, honestly, there are hundreds, but the one that caught my eye was Nancy Sinatra. I immediately skipped over to Youtube and first listened to Skeeter Davis's version and then Nancy's. Skeeter's didn't grab me particularly, although I did recognise the song, a song I would have been too young to remember first time around, and then I listened to Nancy's version, HEAVEN! I have now found another gem to place alongside; 'These Days' by Nico and 'Heart' by Rita Pavone. I immediately downloaded Sinatra's version, as well as the unbelievable 'I've Changed my Plea to Guilty'. Both songs use the same melody and both songs have been playing non stop on my ipod all weekend! The reason I didn't have 'Changed Plea' on my ipod is because I hadn't bought The Mozziah's 'Greatest Hits' album that was released last year. I'm not a completist (somebody who owns everything ever released) and I don't as a rule buy greatest hits albums (unless on holiday in Florida). I don't as a rule buy albums, full stop, I buy songs, formally known as singles. Oh well, I've got 'Changed Plea' now, and I have also caught up with myself, the only other thing left to mention today is 'Baby Tell Me What You're On', which is another track fed to me by 'Nico'. It is a track from last year's 'new album' from the 'New York Dolls'. I have previously mentioned that I have never 'really' listened to the 'Dolls', I was too young to have listened to them when they first arrived, and because they were never mainstream, they passed me by. It is well documented that The Mozziah loves them, but I haven't read anywhere what he thinks to last year's 'new album'. It isn't of course the original New York Dolls, after all, the majority of them have passed on, but I would guess that The Mozziah loves the 'Dolls' mainly for the frontman David Johansen, after all, it's 'all' about the frontman isn't it? I decided to purchase 'Baby Tell Me What You're On', and listen to it while walking the dog. It wasn't what I expected, and after two or three listens, it started to hook me. It sounds like it belongs on a Quentin Tarantino or Guy Ritchie film score. My biggest problem now, is that I don't have enough time to listen to it more. I just keep finding and finding more songs to listen to and more movies to watch. As I read my way through 'Mozipedia', I am writing down titles of films I have never even heard of. I still haven't had the chance to finish watching 'Ladri di Biciclette' (The Bicycle Thief) and I also want to watch Sophia Loren in 'Houseboat', purely on the basis of finding 'Bing Bang Bong' on Youtube, another brilliant song that I am now listening to on repeat on my ipod, which reminds me, I also downloaded Loren's, 'Mambo Bacan' at the same time, which is also brilliant, and also from a film entitled 'La donna del fiume', which I also want to watch. WHERE WILL I EVER FIND THE TIME? This blog has taken me all morning to write, my family want me, and to top it all, I've just read on twitter that The Mozziah looks ready to publish his Tour Journals. Where do I start?, easy, Tour Journals. Stop Press: MorrisseysWorld Blogspot has just published a new song by the Mozziah called 'Boredom Is A Plague' (See Day 28 of this blog, Wednesday 12th October). Now, if this is a 'real' song, and not a parody, we are just about to see the whole thing go viral. Is this the point where confusion meets certainty? 'You Have Been Watching'.


  1. As soon as I read it on MW I remembered you mentioning it before! Too much of a coincidence?

  2. I thinks it is definitely a gender issue. Houseboat was one of my favourite films as a kid, together with To catch a thief and Que sera, sera and all Audrey Hepburn films. Oh the glamour!

  3. Don't know where to begin, at times it's as if you are reading my mind.--currently I have been playing 'Charming man' on repeat and as my family too are not into Morrissey, I usually listen in my room, when relaxing or on the computer as I work out of my house, but that can change at any time i.e. when I discover a new Morrissey song, or remember one I hadn't thought of for awhile, for example last spring it was 'YOR' songs, but by summer it was 'Earl's Court'.'Houseboat' ls one of my favorite movies, but then I like anything Cary Grant was in. And I too find there are so many, esp. older movies, I wish to see. As for the New York Dolls, they were new to me also, but just last Wednesday I rented a movie documentary from the library and watched it yesterday. It was about their reuniting in 2004 for a concert and focused on the Art 'Killer' Kane member of the group, who I did not remember, but then they mentioned the other members I was surprised that I recognized most of them from other groups they had joined after the 'Dolls' broke up. It was sort of sad related to Killer Kane and ended with Morrissey singing during the final credits (after hearing him sing I may be switching to a different song to play on repeat) Morrissey gives a lot of interviews in the movie.(FYI movie was in 2005 Sundance festival). Then you mentioned Nancy Sinatra, and I remember playing her songs on repeat years ago, before I'd discovered Morrissey. And then this AM I see that there's a posting on MW, which really made my day! I have been attempting to get on Twitter, but my computer freezes a lot, or I never get to the 'T Arms' when anyone else is there. Have a peaceful and happy weekend, what's left of it!

  4. The Twitterdilly Arms:
    Playlist - 22 January 2012

    Morrissey: Christian Dior
    Morrissey: Now My Heart Is Full
    Jeff Buckley: Be Your Husband
    Jeff Buckley” Calling you
    Velvet Underground: Sunday Morning
    The Smiths: Hand In Glove (Sandie Shaw Version)
    Rita Pavone: Heart
    Francoise Hardy: All Over The World (1965)
    Doris Day: You'll Never Walk Alone
    Elvis: Blue Moon
    Yves Montand: Les Feuilles Mortes
    Morrissey: The Queen is Dead (Live At The Hollywood Bowl)
    Elvis Presley: (Now and Then There's) A Fool Such as I
    Morrissey: The Queen is Dead (Live At The Hollywood Bowl)
    The Blisters: Should I Stay or Should I Go by (1988)
    Morrissey: I've Changed My Plea To Guilty (Live At The Hollywood Bowl)
    The Smiths: Well I Wonder
    Morrissey: Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want (Live At The Hollywood Bowl)
    Morrissey: Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now (Live At The Hollywood Bowl)
    Morrissey: How Soon Is Now (Live At The Hollywood Bowl)
    Morrissey: There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (Live At The Hollywood Bowl
    Morrissey: Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now (Live At The Hollywood Bowl)
    Nico: These Days
    Morrissey: Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now (Live At The Hollywood Bowl)
    Young the Giant: Strings (In The Open Session)
    Cheers Theme Song
    Nancy Sinatra: End Of The World
    Arctic Monkeys: Mardy Bum
    Morrissey: Lifeguard Sleeping, Girl Drowning

  5. Stillicling- you are awesome to keep posting the playlist. And a little anecdote from some golfing friends about Doris Day-who is apparently still alive-which surprised me. She lives near a golf course and because these golfers I know knew she lived there, they began to sing "Que Sera Sera" towards her house. They did not see her, but at first very faintly and then louder, they heard her singing back to them through an open window.


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