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Monday, 23 January 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 131 Monday 23rd January 2012

At last I have watched Vittorio De Sica's 'Ladri Di Biciclette', it is simplistically brilliant, but I have come away smiling to myself because hidden within it, in a cameo role, is a 1948 version of 'Log Lady', in her pre log days (well there was a recession you know!) playing the part of 'Santona - the ones that sees'. Sees what? Sees bugger all, that's what she sees, and the only advice she can give poor Antonio regarding his bike is, "Find it now, or not at all." What sort of wisdom is that?, AND HE EVEN PAID HER! I'm in the wrong job, forget unemployed wrestling, I'm going into unemployed soothsaying, it looks like easy money. And my first prediction is....that a new film called 'Papadopoulos and Sons' will be a huge, huge success. What is this film?, I hear you cry and who is behind it?, and more to the point, what has any of this got to do with The Mozziah? Well, let me rewind a bit. I mentioned in yesterday's blog that my only tweet on Saturday was to wish a Happy Birthday to '@PapaSonsFilm'. '@PapaSonsFilm' is a film director, better known as Marcus Markou, or at least that's what it says on his twitter profile, I know nothing more about him. The only reason I am following him on twitter is because I noticed that The Mozziah was following him via his '@MorrisseysWorld' account. The '@MW' account only follows 46 people, (unlike the '@MM' account which follows hundreds) so it caught my eye that he was following 'PapaSonsFilm'. 'PapaSonsFilm' also follows MW. On January 2nd, 'MW' tweeted, "Is there anyone on twitter more interesting than me?", to which 'PapaSons' replied, "Truly, honestly, strangely, there is no one on Twitter more interesting than you. You must never reveal yourself." This struck me as strange, for there was I, spending every last waking (and sleeping) minute trying to work out if MW really was the true Mozziah, and here was 'Papa' telling him not to reveal himself, did he 'know' something? It was at this point that I started to follow 'Papa' and we have since exchanged various tweets, he's even started following me back and he tunes into our 'Twitterdilly Arms' Top 10 countdown's on Tuesday lunchtimes. We've even started a chain of music education, thanks in no small part, to The Mozziah. Since The Mozziah, sorry, I mean 'Spirit of Nico', introduced me to Rita Pavone's 'Heart', I have been playing it pretty much every day on the 'Twit Arms' jukebox, and when I posted the song to 'Papa' he replied, "Thank you to @TheRatsBack for introducing me to this beautiful song (soundtrack material). It's Big!" He then went on to tweet, "Too late for this film (and all Greek tracks) but I wanted to burst into tears on hearing. You are a Dr, proscribing music!" Well thanks Marcus, but I can't really take the credit, it's all The Mozziah's doing, but I know what you mean about bursting into tears, it is just SUCH a powerful song. So, that's how I got tweeting to Marcus, and for his birthday I sent him a link to  Nancy Sinatra's version of 'The End of The World', to which Marcus replied, "Great track... I will get you to be the Musical Supervisor if I ever get to make another film." Fantastic! I just listen to songs that The Mozziah recommends, I pass them on to the next big film director, and he makes me Musical Supervisor, job's a good 'en! So to the film itself, it is apparently about a rich Greek family who lose it all and end up in a chip shop. It is comic/tragic/Greek and I am really looking forward to seeing it. Marcus has kindly invited me to a private screening in Soho next month, which I look forward to attending. I have a sneaky suspicion that The Mozziah spotted this up and coming film and director early on, and he too, believes it will be big. I've heard one of the Greek songs from the soundtrack and I love it, it has even made it onto the 'Twit Arms' jukebox.
   So, what else has been happening in the world of The Mozziah? Well, the website that first led me to MorrisseysWorld, '', has been updated. The person behind it obviously reads my blog because it has mentioned it a couple of times. The 'IsMoz' site continues to point out all the evidence which 'proves' that MW is the 'real' Morrissey, but he/she has missed one little sign, which I too have neglected to mention. On January 16th, '@LeMapach_' tweeted "Argentina loves you, come here!", to which '@MorrisseysWorld' replied, "I would love to. Perhaps I shall." On January 20th, a statement on the True-To-You website said, "Shows in Columbia and Argentina are expected to be announced next week." Why oh why are the masses not seeing what is going on? I suppose the simple answer is, why would they? The thousands upon thousands of Mozziah fans out there, know nothing about MW, and even those that do, dismissed it early on as a hoax and have not revisited it or bothered to re-question it. They have no idea what they are missing. It is unbelievable that after all these months, it still remains unfound by the masses. Even The Mozziah must be surprised, and no doubt amused, that it has been kept so secret, so long. A couple of weeks ago, MW tweeted, "I enjoy reading all the comments on MorrisseysWorld. It remains the worst-kept secret in pop music. Thankfully." Long may that remain the case, and with '@MW' followers currently at just 4,489 we should be ok for a while, although it still remains to be seen as to what will happen if 'Boredom Is A Plague' turns out to be a 'real' new song. I don't think that even the staunchest of us believers are truly convinced this isn't a wind up, but if it isn't, can you imagine the reaction on So-Low if it suddenly appears in the set list in Chile/Argentina/Japan? Viral overnight it would be, viral overnight, or would it? Would the non believers want to suffer the embarrassment of having to admit they were wrong? Oh I love it, I just love it. The story goes on.
  Despite me venturing to Wiltshire on Saturday, I resisted the urge to go and see Boz Boorer in concert but one of the other 'Twitterdilly Arms' regulars, 'Rosy Mires', couldn't resist the temptation of going to the gig the following day in The Railway pub in Winchester, and was one of only 23 in the audience. My warning from the other day was obviously ignored. Rosy chatted to Boz about 'that dress' (sounds a bit Liz Hurley) in Mexico, to which Boz explained, it was just a bit of a laugh. No doubt the Tour Journals will reveal the real truth behind the dress (actually, I think it was a skirt & blouse combo but let's not spit hairs), and talking of the now infamous journals, they really, really could be about to be published soon. The Mozziah tweeted to say, "Retweet this message if you want to read my tour diaries. If it receives more than one hundred, I shall release them." It has currently been retweeted 88 times, so fingers crossed, they could be coming out at last! Right, that's it for today, I'm off to the 'Twit Arms' for a quick blast of 'Pigsty' and tomorrow of course I shall reveal the new Top 10, 'live' in the 'Twitterdilly Arms' at 12.45pm UK time. Can 'Scandinavia' remain at the top? Will it even feature in the Top 10 at all? Will the discovery of all the Hollywood Bowl material have a major influence on the chart? All will be revealed tomorrow.

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  1. The Twitterdilly Arms:
    Playlist - 23 January 2012

    Stephen Molloy: Like A Soldier
    Sparks: Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth
    Sparks: Music That You Can Dance To
    Morrissey: Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference
    The Smiths: Barbarism Begins At Home
    David Bowie: Young Americans
    The Smiths: Panic (Rank Album Live Footage)
    The Smiths: What’s The World
    The Smiths: The Hand That Rocks The Cradle
    The Smiths: This Charming Man
    Morrissey: I've Changed My Plea To Guilty (Live At The Hollywood Bowl)
    Morrissey: I've Changed My Plea To Guilty (Live At The Hollywood Bowl)
    Rita Pavone: Heart
    Sophia Loren: Bing Bang Bong
    Morrissey: Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now (Live At The Hollywood Bowl)
    Booker T & The MG's: Soul Limbo
    The Carpenters: Rainy Days And Mondays
    Klaus Nomi: The Cold Song
    The Smiths: Reel Around The Fountain (Derby, 1983)
    The Smiths: What She Said
    Melissa Lynn: All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth
    The KLF (JAMS): It’s Grim Up North
    Morrissey: We'll Let You Know
    Morrissey: We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful
    Rita Pavone: Heart
    The Smiths: William It Was Really Nothing
    Happy Martyr: Painkillers
    Morrissey: The Queen Is Dead (Live At The Hollywood Bowl)
    Neil Diamond: Song Sung Blue
    Sophia Loren: Bing Bang Bong
    Morrissey: Everyday Is Like Sunday
    Morrissey: I've Changed My Plea To Guilty (Live At The Hollywood Bowl)
    Neil Diamond: Song Sung Blue
    Stephen Molloy: Like A Soldier


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