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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 136 Saturday 28th January 2012

As the weekend's are now supposed to be my resting times, away from 'Following', I did not intend to write anything today, but things are happening! Firstly, and most importantly, I woke up this morning to find that MW has reposted all the old posts on his blog site. There are 274 posts in total, dating back to December 16th 2009. The majority (252) were posted in 2011, starting slowly in May with 24 posts, and crescendoing to 81 posts in September, when it seemed to hit it's height, and I found it! I have spent most of today clawing my way through the old MW posts, and am leaving comments as I go. They are even funnier this time around, and I have even managed to find some posts that 'definitely' weren't there in October when I last looked at everything. Something has just occurred to me! My 'throw away' comment, in my blog on January 11th, about Simon Goddard writing a book about MorrisseysWorld, could 'actually' be true. It's all starting to make sense. Goddard has stated he is working on a new book, and that it will come out in 2013. The Mozziah has said that 'his' autobiography will come out later this year. In the whole of this MW 'story' so far, there has been no sign of Simon Goddard being involved, but for a man who wrote 'Mozipedia', the most important book about The Mozziah ever, and one that was eight years in the making, it is incomprehensible to think that he doesn't know what is going on with MW. Is he the admin guy? He 'has' to be involved somewhere, because he covers and writes about everything that involves The Mozziah. I now believe that The Mozziah's autobiography will talk about this whole episode, and then Goddard will reflect it in a book. I may even get a mention!
  I don't want to write too much more today because I am supposed to be spending time with my family, but if I'm honest, I want to plough through the rest of the MW posts, I've only got about 250 to go. I will try and leave comments on as many posts as possible, just as a record for myself that I have read them, and also for the masses to see, when the site is eventually found. It will prove to those who find it in a year's time, that it really was here all along. If my theory of above is correct, this thing 'really' will go viral, it just might not be for another year! The Mozziah's autobiography really will change everything. Maybe I don't need to worry anymore that I am spending all my time on the internet and writing this blog, it could become an important part of the story, almost as a record of events, well that's what 'stillicling' keeps telling me, she must just have a hunch, and I'm the supposed soothsayer! Talking about me being a soothsayer, or more to the point an unemployed one, I have inadvertently let the cat out of the bag to one of my friends, that I am writing this blog. Last night, my friend and I went out to dinner at Fire & Stone restaurant in Portsmouth's Gunwharf, and he asked me what I was doing with all my new found spare time. I told him I was idling away, writing a blog. I have told a few people this, when they have asked, but when they ask what I am blogging about, I usually reply, "Just nonsense." I gave the same response to my friend yesterday, but when he pushed me to tell him what sort of nonsense, I explained that I had been writing about being an unemployed wrestler and soothsayer. It was a throw away comment, but he whipped out his iphone, goggled 'unemployed wrestler and soothsayer blog', and quick as a flash said, "You're writing 'Following The Mozziah'!" Bloody internet, I should learn to keep my big mouth shut. He says he won't read it, although I'd be quite interested to know what a 'real life friend' thinks to my blog, but if his curiosity does get the better of him, and he does start to read it, as soon as he sees it's about Morrissey, he'll stop, and anyway, he wouldn't appreciate it, he likes Dire Straits!
  The only other thing I really need to mention today, is the mysterious twitter user, '@caterita2008', the supposed Italian housewife and mother. I keep swinging from thinking that this person is either; The Mozziah, Rustle Brind or indeed, an Italian housewife. She(?) certainly posts a lot of Italian stuff, but then, if you were using the persona of an Italian, you would, wouldn't you? 'Caterita's' latest posts are a little bewildering, but seem to point toward her (?) being Rustle! Why, oh why do I keep thinking everybody on twitter is Russell (welsh accent) bloody Brand? First I thought he was 'Bucktoothedboy', in fact, I'm sure he was, next, I thought he was 'JodyRoad', the one who arranged to come and meet me and then said that he wasn't Rustle after all and ran a mile, (did I get that one wrong?, could it possibly have been a guy I knew from Chicago called Troy?) and now I think Rustle is 'caterita2008'. Two days ago, after I posted the song 'Life Is A Pigsty', Caterita tweeted, "hello rat! Lovely song probably inspired by the novel "Porcile" by P.P.Pasolini!" I looked up 'Life Is a Pigsty' in my Mozipedia, and it did indeed say the song was probably influenced by Pier Paolo Pasolini's 'Porcile', which is a film, not a novel, an obvious mistake by caterita that made me again think Caterita was The Mozziah and not Brand after all, the obvious mistake was more 'his' style. Out of curiosity I watched 'Porcile' yesterday and OH MY GOD, the lead role in the film is played by a French actor called Pierre Clementi, who is the absolute spit of Brand, and I'm talking 'separated at birth' spit, they are identical. For anybody reading this, please look it up on Youtube, you won't believe it. You may not wish to watch the whole film, it's not to everybody's taste, if you'll excuse the pun! The next caterita tweet to catch my eye was a posting of the eighties song, 'I'm Not Scared' by Eighth Wonder, who's lead singer was Patsy Kensit. Caterita usually posts Italian things, so why Kensit? Is there a connection between Brand & Kensit? Well Brand was best man at Noel Gallagher's wedding and Patsy was married to Liam, are they mates? I've no idea, and perhaps my mind is working overtime, but who knows? Caterita then joined the debate about Gary Glitter, in which nobody agreed with me about a song being separate from a singer. It would appear I am in a minority of one on the subject, but if truth be known, I was playing devil's advocate the other day, I despise what Gary Glitter did, and cannot actually remember the last time I played 'I Love You Love Me', but during the debate, Caterita said, "Was Wilde the first one who said that artists are just their own art and no other else?" Well, surely Caterita is The Mozziah with comments like that? This way, that way, this way, that way, God how tweets implore you.  The next Caterita tweet to catch my eye read, "I'm in love with Paolo Di Canio!" Di Canio is West Ham's most famous son, and Brand is a massive West Ham fan. Caterita MUST be Brand! Oh God! Caterita's next tweet read, "Mi hai un po' stancato, non ti seguo piĆ¹! " which means, "I am a little tired, do not follow you anymore!" WHAT??? '@MW' replied, "Thank you - I think. I hope." What is going on? What is going on? It is all too much for my little head to cope with. I just want to read and enjoy the blog site and twitter, it's all doing my head in, and meanwhile, as I suspect The Mozziah and Brand of anything and everything, 'Mancladmozfan', 'Hector_Lector' and a number of others in 'The Twit Arms' think I'M behind it all! Arghhhh! That's it, that's enough for today, my head hurts, and I haven't even mentioned tweeter 'i2177' who is arousing my suspicions, and 'august1963' who has been tweeting about The mozziah travelling through Manchester airport with an, "Old songwriting partner", which got 'Banjaxer' interested. Tomorrow I will take a day off from 'following', as Fagin sung in 'Oliver', "I think I'd better think it out again." Now where are those old blog posts?


  1. Oh, dear Rat, don't be so suspicious about me, truly I'm just Romina! Most of my tweets are just jokes, innocent jokes! Anyway, talking seriously, I'm quite sure that Porcile was first a novel and then a film, like many other works of art by Pasolini, for example "Mamma Roma".About Di Canio I've to say that the account is probably fake because he did'nt recognise me or maybe he want to ignore me or maybe I don't know...About Moz, what can I say? My tweet was just provocatory and he surprised me as always, he's a gentelman! And you? You are involved much more than you use to say...Enjoy your Sunday, the joke is funny always more! Romina.

  2. Rats, just wanted to send my thanks for your blog keeping me up to date with goings on while I have been away.
    I am delighted that MorrisseysWorld has reposted all the old posts, can't wait to catch up with them all again.
    I will watch with interest re your Simon Goodard theory....
    As for our Romina I am just happy to have her here...whoever she is!

    Rest your tweety little head & thanks again for the updates.


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