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Monday, 30 January 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 138 Monday 30th January 2012

I am desperately trying to find enough time to work my way through the 274 blog posts on, but 'real life', 'The Twitterdilly Arms', and writing 'this' blog, keep distracting me and take up my time. From the bits I have managed to read so far, it has re-iterated to me that; a) There is NO doubt that it is all the work of The Mozziah (Morrissey for those of you who are just joining us), b) The Mozziah is a comic genius and c) Er, there is no c! The few of us who have spent the last four or five months of our lives, obsessively watching the story unfold, and interacting with The Mozziah, have been very lucky. We will look back on these times in years to come, with very fond memories, it has been very special, and we can tell our grandchildren that 'we were there', but now the time has come to open it up to the rest of the Morrissey fan world, I believe it is The Mozziah's wish. Yesterday, The Mozziah tweeted, "Am I the only one that follows the mozziah?" He then followed this up with, "Thank you to all my 4568 little tweeting followers. Next stop: world domination. Retweet and I'll post my tour diary when I reach 5000." I believe that there can only be two reasons why he hasn't posted the tour diaries yet; a) He hasn't finished writing them, or b) They will prove once and for all that it is 'him' behind the MW site, so he wants a bigger audience. It could be both a) & b), but definitely not c), because once again, there isn't one! From reading the last lot of tour diaries, I actually think, although they are supposed to read as a parody, that they are The Mozziah's 'real' diary entries. If you think about it, he is not the sort of man to write, "Got up, had some breakfast, watched tv" etc, he is far too intelligent and witty for that, so his 'actual', 'real life' diaries, are written almost as a parody of his real life. It is a thin line anyway between what is real and what is parody. Likewise, on the MW site, there are supposed 'Excerpts from the autobiography', which are also written as a parody, but could it be that they too are 'actual', 'real' excerpts from the forthcoming autobiography? Again, I can't imagine The Mozziah writing a 'straight' autobiography, it would have to be something different, because he's different! If his autobiography really is made up with the so called 'parody' pieces, it is going to be a HUGE best seller, and The Mozziah will be regonised as a comic genius, matching any other comic in Britain, or indeed the western world. If I'm right, then my Simon Goddard theory from Saturday could also be right. Goddard's next book, due out in 2013, will reflect this whole story, he had already labelled it, "The greatest idea in the history of pop." Goddard couldn't possibly give that tag to anybody other than The Mozziah, he is The Mozziah's biggest fan, bar none. I have just been reading a piece on MW about the So-Low website, and although it is written as a parody, it is probably his 'real' feelings, it's just that he is able to laugh at both himself, and the situation. It is a so called 'excerpt from the autobiography', and is dated Monday July 25th 2011. I would encourage everybody to go and read it, and for those who have already read it, re-read it, it is worth it, it is pure comic genius. It is also interesting to read from this particular 'post', that The Mozziah says that he will issue a 'do not purchase' request on TTY, with regard to 'The Smiths Complete' box set, although he says, "but not just at the mo", I'll issue the aforementioned notice in, say, oh...three or four weeks." Well, he actually waited until September 14th to issue the statement, but didn't 'just' issue the statement, he also took the opportunity to once again deny any involvement with MW, here it is:


14 September 2011
Tuesday September 13
Morrissey would like to stress that he has absolutely no affiliation with the site called Morrisseysworld, and that the views expressed on Morrisseysworld blog and Twitter page are not Morrissey's views, and do not come from Morrissey. Morrissey has no connection with this site. Please beware.

Morrissey would also like to stress that he has no association with the Warner release called 'The Smiths Complete'. This project has taken place without any consultation to Morrissey, and without any approach to Morrissey from either Warner, Rhino, or Johnny Marr. Therefore, Morrissey has no knowledge of the remixes, and has had no input in the project.

Genius, f*cking genius. To those of us wrapped up in the whole MorrisseysWorld thing, it was an 'obvious' piss take/parody statement, well not 'that' 'obvious', we still weren't completely sure at that stage, but now, having spent the last four months on the journey, it is hilarious to re-read the TTY statement and see it for what it was. Oh the irony of it all, a parody statement on the 'official' website, about a 'parody' website, that actually isn't really a parody! It's almost Wildean, in fact, it's Mozean, Mozean wit! WOW, I've created a new phrase, 'Mozean Wit', remember where you read it first. When the world wakes up to the fact that SPM is not just a song writer and singer, but also a wit to match all others, his quotes will be called 'Mozean Wit'. Anyway, the vast majority of The Mozziah's fans took the TTY statement at face value, and saw it as yet more evidence that he 'wasn't' involved with MorrisseysWorld. How this whole joke of 'his' has managed to rumble on this long, is incredible, just incredible, but as I said earlier, I believe he is ready for us to open it up to others. Of course, the easiest thing for him to do, would be to put a post on TTY, saying that MW 'is' his website after all, and they'd all come flocking, but a) that isn't his style and b) that isn't what this story is all about. This story is all about 'The Greatest Idea In the History of Pop.' (Once again there was no 'c', for anybody who may have been looking for it!) So now, it is up to us, the 16 original members of 'The Twitterdilly Arms', that '@MorrisseysWorld' follows, plus some of the others that he also follows, like '@Sonyajayne7', '@Edward_Curtis', '@anandastrange', '@Alekaki_' , '@jo_beth_s' and '@PapaSonsFilm', to spread the word to all the other Morrissey fans on twitter, that '', is truly, really, honestly, run by the real and proper poet laureate, The Mozziah himself, 'Morrissey'. I also call on others who have 'found' 'MorrisseysWorld' to also help us spread the word, tweeters such as; '@awillo9658', '@GirlAfraid29', '@H1308', '@JodyRoad' and '@caterita2008'. We need your help too, we need to ALL go out and bombard the likes of '@sumdizzywhore', who has 860 followers, '@thesimongoddard', who has  478 followers, '@MarriedtotheMoz', who has 1,707 followers, '@dickiefelton', who has 1,575 followers, and '@Uncleskinny', who has 164 followers (I can't do skinny, I'm still blocked), and convince them all that MW is real. Don't just bombard them, bombard all their followers too, give them links to MW and point out the 'evidence' to them. Link them to ', which lists all the evidence. Tell them about '@MorrisseysWorld' tweeting on the 16th January about playing Argentina and then TTY announcing concerts there, four days later. We have to convince the non believers that 'coincidences' like that, just don't happen! On January 25th '@MorrisseysWorld' tweeted, "France has a special place in my touring-heart." Are we to see an announcement soon that The Mozziah is to play concerts in France? And if so, can this be dismissed as yet 'another' coincidence? Does everybody remember when the regulars of 'The Twitterdilly Arms' produced their first top 10 on January 10th, and then Morrissey produced 'his' Top 10 on TTY, just a few hours later? And then, when I pointed this out with a tweet on Jan 11th, '@MorrisseysWorld' retweeted me. ALL THE FACTS ARE THERE, STARING EVERYBODY IN THE FACE! It is time for all of us 'believers' to go out and spread the word, it won't be easy, I tried with '@Sumdizzywhore' yesterday, but the tweet I got back was, "I'm not buying it." I also tried '@MarriedtotheMoz', but she too has put up the barriers. It's almost as though they are scared to admit they were wrong. The very few of us who 'believed' in the first place, were scared of the ridicule we might face for showing such belief, I now think this has swung the other way, and those who dismissed it, are frightened that they may have made a huge mistake. These 'real' Morrissy fans are missing out on such exciting times, let's see if we can convince them, and if they don't believe us now, with all this evidence, will they ever believe us? They probably won't believe until The Mozziah's book comes out. Even then, they may say that it's not really 'him' that has written it. He might even be sat in Waterstones doing book signings and they'll say, "it isn't him, it's that impersonator bloke." Mmmm, now there's an idea, I can even picture The Mozziah's little face, as he reads this, grinning from ear to ear, as he imagines the idea of sending out an impersonator to do his book signings? Now 'that' would be comic genius, an is it, or isn't it, parody book, with an is it or isn't it author!
 Right, time for me to get out spreading, once more I shall leave my nets, don my robe and sandals, and srpead the word of The Mozziah, but before I do, I must briefly mention the tweets that I touched on, at the end of my blog on Saturday. A tweet from '@august1963', (on January 21st) read, "Morrissey drifts through airport again. My usual spy (wife) says he was with 'somebody very interesting' and I hope this means what I hope." This tweet was re-tweeted by the mysterious '@i2177' for some reason, but also, it raised the interest of my old sparring partner '@Banjaxer', (who incidentally is still blocking me) who tweeted back to '@august1963' saying, "who?" '@august1963' tweeted back, "old song writing partner, I'll dm you." Yesterday, '@august1963' asked 'Banjaxer', "How did it go today Kev, did he turn up?" To which 'Banjaxer' replied, "Yes. All good :)". Obviously an interview for our journalist friend Kevin 'Banjaxer' Marrinan, but was it with Morrissey or somebody else? And who was the mystery 'former song writing partner' seen with The Mozziah last week? Was it possibly Johnny Marr? Could it have been Alain Whyte? Or could it have been a certain somebody, who '@MorrisseysWorld' has just started following on twotter, Mark E. Nevin? Time, as usual, will no doubt, tell.
 Tomorrow, I shall talk more about 'BLUE ROSE'.

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