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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 140 Wednesday 1st February 2012

Hello. If all has gone to plan, the majority of people reading this today, are new to my blog and have been linked here by Before I go any further, let me tell you now, in no uncertain terms, MORRISSEY IS BEHIND MORRISSEYSWORLD! Now, let me introduce myself, and fill you in on the story so far, although hopefully, you will take the time to read the whole of the story, starting on 'Day 13' of my blog (it's self explanatory as to why it starts on day 13). There is a strong likelihood that you previously dismissed MorrisseysWorld as a hoax, IT IS NOT, it really IS the true and real poet laureate himself, Morrissey, our Mozziah writing it. By now, you should have read of all the 'coincidences' on his blogsite, and realised it MUST be him. Please don't feel embarrassed that you dismissed it initially, most of us did, and in fact, up until yesterday, only four people had pledged that they 100% believed that Morrissey was behind MorrisseysWorld. Anyway, introduction time, my name is 'The Rat' and on twitter I am known as '@TheRatsBack', hence me writing this blog as 'TRB'. Those of us who have 'found' MorrisseysWorld have gathered together on twitter, or twotter as The Mozziah calls it, and have formed ourselves into a little isolated group, in a part of twitter that we have nick named, 'The Twitterdilly Arms'. If you go to twitter and 'follow' me, you can also follow all the others too, just look up who I follow. You will recognise them from their profile pictures, they should have a rose on them, although not all of them have. The relevance of the roses will become more apparent as you work your way through the whole of MorrisseysWorld and my blog. MorrisseysWorld is absolute comic genius, you are going to thoroughly enjoy it, it only came back online a few days ago and we are currently all re-visiting it. I won't write too much more today because you have got a lot of catching up to do, but I write this blog on a daily basis to keep everybody up to speed with what Moz is doing. You will soon realise that our Mozziah is not just a shy songwriter from Stretford, he is, as I said a minute ago, a COMIC GENIUS. His ability to 'parody' his life is pure brilliance and once you have read ALL of MorrisseysWorld, you will realise that nobody else cold possibly have written it, as nobody else could have such insight into his life. Anyway, don't linger here any longer, go and read MorrisseysWorld from start to finish and then join us in 'The Twitterdilly Arms', make sure you tweet me to let me know you have found us and don't forget to 'follow' Morrissey, he is '@MorrisseysWorld'. I am so pleased you have found us, you are going to love every minute.
  * Note to my regular readers, please link today's 'MorrisseysWorld' posting to everybody with any interest in Moz. Use the Mozarmy and Morrissey hash tags. I asked for a sign and he gave us one, if they don't believe it after reading his blog today, they REALLY, REALLY won't ever believe. Also please note that The Mozziah has used the symbol of the 'Blue Rose'. We're on!


  1. Hello Rat, it's alwayus a pleasure starting the day with you and your blog!

  2. I have to say that the last blog is saying without saying it, that it IS Morrissey! There should be no doubts!!


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