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Friday, 3 February 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 142 Friday 3rd February 2012

Today will be my last blog entry for a while, it has reached a natural conclusion. I shall tender my resignation as 'Envoy to The Mozziah'. I started writing this blog as a means of trying to reason with myself as to the authenticity of the blogsite, 'MorrisseysWorld'. Could it possibly have been Morrissey behind it? Well the answer was a categoric 'YES', but I worked that out on the very first day, so why on earth have I continued writing every day, or if you prefer, everyday? I think the answer is, I was cajoled into it by 'MorrisseysWorld', or rather Michael Bracewell, the admin guy behind 'MorrisseysWorld', who, on October 8th wrote,  "Our Mozzer would like to emphasise how utterly disillusioned we are with the site known as ' which promises to spend every hour God sends establishing who exactly does own this website/page, and yet has not posted a single journal entry for 48 hours." Well, since that day, I have posted something every single day, I can only presume that I must have felt important and flattered that 'MorrisseysWorld' had noticed me, but to be honest, I can't remember, it just happened! Instead of just writing my thoughts, I have ended up writing for an audience, which has been ok, in fact, I've thoroughly enjoyed it, but it has a) taken over my whole life and b) my readership level has dropped to just 37 people a day, from a high of about 80. I need a bigger audience than that for classic satirical pieces like yesterday's! When the 'MorrisseysWorld' site was closed, my blog acted as a sort of substitute for it, a 'fix' for those who needed to still believe in 'MW' in it's absence. I managed to write in a similar satirical style to 'MW', and I think my blog worked well  during those long winter months, when we didn't have 'MW' for company. We built up a real community on Twitter, in the beautiful place we call 'The Twitterdilly Arms', and I will continue to go there. Throughout the Winter, there has been about twenty of us in 'The Arms', all fanatically believing, that Morrissey was indeed behind 'MorrisseysWorld', although some did question the authenticity from time to time, and in fact, some still do, but that's quite natural when something isn't 'quite' straight forward. I will name the original members of 'The Twitterdilly Arms' at the foot of this entry, as a point of reference. I will not write much more today, it would be a waste of my artistic talents, 37 measly readers, thirty, bloody (welsh accent) seven! 'MW' has written a fantastic, satirical 'Monopoly' piece today, which no doubt will get thousand's of hits, and who's idea was that? Bloody (Very Welsh accent) MINE! Well, actually, if truth be known, he probably wrote that piece ages ago, and for the record, it takes between 3 and 5 hours a day to write a satirical piece like that, no wonder the tour diaries still haven't seen the light of day! But was it The Mozziah who wrote today's 'Monopoly' piece, or was it Mike Bracewell? For those wanting a clearer insight into who does what at 'MW', go and read the 'Bans Committee' piece, it's all there, between the lines, of course. As the cajoling bit thing said, "Our Mozzer would like to emphasise how utterly disillusioned 'WE' are etc. Not 'I', 'WE', it's a team thing going on at 'MW', 'Our Mozzer' isn't Morrissey, it's a satirical team, with The Mozziah as part of it, so it isn't like the Wizard of Oz after all! And talking of 'MW' and the team effort, somebody there has put a link to my blog on the home page with the following title:
'An external blog dedicated to the task of following this blog. One man on the Isle of Wight ponders only one question night and day - just who the hell IS MorrisseysWorld? Is Russell Brand really following MorrisseysWorld covertly? And what IS the significance of The Blue Rose? Forms the basis of a secret society for Morrissey fans.'
  As title's go, it's a bit of a mouthful, and it also throws up a few points. Have I ever said I was from the Isle of Wight? I don't think so, so where did that come from? I've certainly mentioned the little old Isle of Wight a couple of times, but I don't recall saying I lived there? Could I sue? And why does the title say, 'ponders only one question', and then lists three? Well in answer to the second of 'MW's questions, yes, Russell Brand does covertly follow 'MW', but no longer as '@Bucktoothedboy' on twitter, but under another name, which I still believe to be '@JodyRoad', the one who duped me. My wounds have now healed, so today on twitter, I have offered 'Jody' a handshake, there are no hard feelings, I now think I understand what happened, and why, and if they aren't Brand, it doesn't matter, I like them anyway, they make me laugh. In answer to the third question, about the 'Blue Rose', I will talk more of the new 'Blue Rose' society when I return, but of course, it is already well documented within these pages what it is and what it stands for, and I am determined that we make it succeed, The Mozziah deserves it.
  So, before I go, a brief summary of other things I know, or at least, I think I know! The Mozziah himself has many, many, pseudonyms, on both twitter and at the So-Low site. On twitter, I believe he is, among others; '@MorrisseysWorld', '@Morrisseysmum', '@MissKateRyan', '@OldOscarWilde', '@DollyWilde' and probably '@caterita2008', the supposed Italian housewife and mother, or is that one Brand? I'm pretty sure that it 'is' The Mozziah, especially after the recent link to the film 'Porcile', starring Pierre Clementi, who is the absolute doppelganger of Brand. I think the 'caterita' account is used by The Mozziah for his 'in joke' with Brand, but again, I might be wrong! Yesterday, '@caterita2008' linked to something called 'Quello che', which starred yet another Brand lookalike, it's all very bizzare. I also believe The Mozziah has another twitter account, which he uses to send messages to me. This account, I have nick named, 'The Spirit of Nico', because the person sending me the messages, claims to be a German female. For anybody interested, yes we do still communicate on a daily basis, and yes, I DO genuinely believe that it's The Mozziah, although for legal reasons, I'm not supposed to believe that! Am I deluded? Probably.
  The '@MorrisseysWorld' twitter account, currently has 4,637 followers, a rise of twenty eight in the last day, but still 363 short of the 5,000 it needs before it says it will release the Tour Diaries. I still haven't finished re-reading all the other stuff, and I keep stumbling across gems I'd forgotten, which include a link to a blogsite called, which is an even earlier version of 'MorrisseysWorld', dating back to February 2006, some three years before the 'MW' blogsite started. 
   Well, that's it from me for now, I will continue to tweet, and link songs from Youtube, just like I did earlier today, after I'd found yet more 'Hollywood Bowl' footage of The Mozziah, this time it was the brilliant, 'Let Me Kiss You', and the equally brilliant, 'Everyday Is Like Sunday'. I eagerly await the diaries, which I believe, will once and for all, prove Morrissey is behind 'MorrisseysWorld'.  

This blog is dedicated to the following 'Twitterdillians', the ones who have made 'The Twitterdilly Arms' the best 'virtual' pub in the world, well at least, 'MorrisseysWorld'. Believe 'The Blue Rose' and remember, Trouble loves us all. :
and latterly old Willoughby, @awillo9658.

With love
x (urgh)


  1. I could ramble on & get sentimental.
    But instead I will just say a HUGE thank you.

    You are a good rat with a big heart

    XXX Yes 3 of them - like it or not! :-)

  2. Oh Rat, I love this blog, but belive me: I'm just Romina! Have a nice week end!

  3. Thank you very much my whiskered friend for the time and effort that you have spent on your blog. It was a worthy replacement for MozWorld blog and kept us going when that site was in darkness.
    I have always found your blog to be entertaining and funny.

    Take care and kisses from me too ( although you ran away the last time ! ) xxxx

  4. "You were good in you time... and we thank you!"

    Good stuff TRB. I have really enjoyed reading your blog everyday and hope that it is only the beginning of a very successful writing career for you!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Awwww, Rat! Thank you for sharing your brilliant blog with us. I'm going to miss reading it everyday! I also wish you the very best in your new career.

  7. Oh this is just the seminal artiste 'Our Razzer' playing hard to get. 'Last blog entry for a while' *Thinks* where have I heard THAT before? He'll be back on Monday.

    off he scuttles ~(__^>

  8. I agree with GWO. You won't pack it in for good since, after all, this is your Hotel California. But anyway, now's as good as anytime to join the ranks of the thankfully praising and say: outstandingly excellent entertainment, sometimes much more than that, appreciated a lot by your admittedly small readership. In sum, one of the greatest pieces in the history of online writing, thank you! HL

    1. I have been here from the beginning but as a true Morrissey Apostle, I am an outsider among outsiders. Thanks for the blog. I will miss it. Best of luck with your upcoming (ongoing?) career as a writer. You have what it takes, Rat.


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