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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 144 Sunday 5th February 2012

I am pathetic, and I am weak, but it was a fairly decent turn out at the midnight vigil, and they 'were' all wearing blue roses in their profile pics, so what could I do? Anyway, I am definitely, 100%, not writing anything at all today, it is Sunday, the day of rest, The Mozziah can wait.


  1. Splendiferous midnight vigil at Great Yarmouth Pier. Fans flew in from the US, Germany and Sweden bringing candles, placards, and posters. Blue frocks were worn, except for Ears who rolled up her sleeves to show off a stunning blue rose tattoo (fabulous biceps btw!) There were guest appearances from UpThePier and ODyrbrm.
    As fitting for such an occasion, Twitter was doing the double slow step.
    UpThePier gave a speech on behalf of Rats worthy of a Bozcar. This was followed by a rousing sing-a-long and then kisses all around from Rats before he scuttled off to bed.

  2. My plans to join you in observance of the retiring of your blog, by attempting to match the ambiance the others would be feeling,(as I commented in MW) didn't go as planned. I did make it to the pub,got the seat overlooking the pier, but I forgot one thing, it's winter here! Blasted thing was frozen over. Now before you think I'm daft for not remembering that, this year we have been almost winter free. Last week it was in 50's(10C) here--during the day. The lake refreezes at night so what I looked out at was a lot of black ice and piles of slush. No time to drive down to Milwaukee, where Lake Michigan is free of ice, I just had to wing it. So I sat there, with my flowers and candle. I got a few stares, but at 6pm(my time) which is midnight for you, I lit the candle. Got alot more stares then. Some one finally asked me what was up. I explained I was having a vigil for the rat. And they all nodded. I found out later, what with the flowers and candle, they thought I'd been stood up by 'the rat'. So as I wrote in MW I did want to be with you in spirit, and in some way I did. I also learned one thing, if people feel sorry for you, they are more apt to buy you drinks. Hope you had a good farewell with the ones who could make it to the Isle of Wight.


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