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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 147 Wednesday 8th February 2012

I am tired, I am full of cold, and to finish me off, I am back at work! There I was, quietly contemplating what line of unemployment work to adopt next, following on from my successful unemployed stints as; a writer, a wrestler, a soothsayer and an envoy, when suddenly, vmmph, employment comes along. Admittedly, it is for just one day, but it's a real inconvenience, I have got used to doing nothing, although if I'm honest, I've never been busier!
   These past five months have brought much mystique with all this 'following' lark, and I am still as intrigued as ever, to see how it all ends, however, I go through constant mood swings of thinking, 'why am I doing this?', to 'loving the adulation when I write something funny.' It is for the latter reason that I try to post something on every single one of the 'MorrisseysWorld' entries, it is not because I'm a sycophant, or to give myself status as 'Number 1 Moz fan', neither of those two things would ever fit in with who I am, no, I post a comment purely and simply, because I genuinely appreciate the comedic talent of whoever it is who writes the 'MW' blog, and I also appreciate just how much time, editing and attention to detail it all takes.
  This morning, probably because I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself, is the first time that I have seriously considered walking away from the whole 'following' thing. The only way I could do this, would be to convince myself that it 'isn't' the 'real' Mozziah behind MorrisseysWorld after all, just as many others have done, but if I walk away now, 'he's' won! He said we'd all leave, he said, "they always do." He wants to drive us all away, so that he can wallow in his pool of self pity, well, I can't let that happen, I therefore have decided to stick with it, although, if I'm blatantly honest, it's starting to feel a little different in Twitterdilly. The likes of '@RosyMires' and '@Lizzycat4' still come to 'The Twitterdilly Arms', but the fact that they don't 'believe' anymore, has changed things for me. The close nit family, that shared the excitement of all the happenings in MorrisseysWorld, is no longer the same. Another of the originals, '@amor_y_locura' has also lost the faith and has even stopped following me, although that could be because I tweet too much and bore her, if it's any consolation, I 'even' bore myself, but it would appear that she just couldn't cope with the 'not knowing' anymore, she needed an answer and an explanation. She is not alone. 'Amor' 'does' however, continue to follow '@MW' and '@Mum', as do the other's who have lost the faith, presumably, just incase!
   I have analysed, just how many people I actually interact with regularly on twitter, and the answer is, very few, which I guess is by choice. I don't keep a very big circle of friends in 'real' life either, again by choice, and in fact, I find that as I am getting older, I am becoming more and more unsociable. I'm far better in the summer, during the cricket season, but I don't 'need' lots of friends, and I am still battling with myself about making internet friends, who would no doubt be completely different if I met them in real life. I read an interesting article the other day about twitter friends meeting up, the author wrote,"Whenever I meet a load of people from twitter, I can't help but feel disappointed. These shiny, glittering pieces of the internet turn out to be human beings. Meat. Flesh. Bad hair and bad breath." I suppose it may be different with the people that 'I' interact with, as they are Morrissey fans, which I suppose 'does' make things different, but I do have reservations.
   God I'm grumpy today, even as I write this, I'm thinking what an anti-social, moody, ignorant, bastard I am. I know why, it's because of the three things I mentioned right at the start, but even more so, it's because I no longer have my 'Spirit of Nico' sending me daily syrup and music. I am missing him/her, and, as I skip my way through the pages of 'My Bookety Wookety', I have also realised that I'm missing the twitter interaction I used to have with old Rusty Rockets when he was 'Bucktoothedboy'. Incidentally, talking of Rusty, I now 'have' to doubt that he could possibly be '@JodyRoad', because the other day, after I'd asked him/her if he/she was ok?, he/she replied, "Could be better Ratty. Interesting thing is - your blog entries are better than MW, paws down. I think others would agree." I'm flattered by his/her comment, obviously, but there is NO way that RR would say that, especially if SPM really is MW.
  The reason I miss 'Nico' & 'Buck' so much, has nothing to do with who they are, it's just that they are funny. Granted one of them also happens to be the best songwriter in the world bar none, and the other a great actor, but above all, it is their sharpness and wit that makes them interesting people. I am nearing the end of 'My Bookety Wookety', in which so far, old Rusty has, among other things; destroyed some kindly old boy's flower bed, become addicted to heroin, stolen mail whilst working as a postman, and gobbed in some young girl's face! I've just got to the bit where he has found the fame that he has always been craving, so now, no doubt, the 'real' shit will start! I wonder if he finds more happiness sharing 'Twitterdilly Palare' with fellow Moz fans, than he does being a 24/7 celeb? Don't get me wrong, I have no doubt, that he 'loves' being famous, it suits him, and the fame industry needs the likes of Russell Brand, but *STOP BLOG* I have had to stop myself mid sentence as I have started laughing at the irony of what I am about to write, *RE-START* fame isn't 'real', whereas, 'The Twitterdilly Arms' is!
   So, I must persevere with this 'following', it is my destiny to take it to a conclusion, and to instigate 'Blue Rose', but whilst I am in this negative mood, I won't tweet, and I will avoid 'The Twit Arms'. I won't even go there to post this. If any of my 37 readers are that bothered, they'll find it themselves. Only four showed up for the Top 10 Countdown yesterday, so it looks like the chart may have run it's course too. Christ, *crosses self, remembers not religious, or indeed ever a Catholic, and uncrosses self, if that is possible* I really am feeling sorry for myself today, perhaps tomorrow will be a better day?


  1. Well said TRB, there is always 'What if?' which makes it impossible to walk away! Sorry you are feeling blue today. That was me last weekend! Hope you have seen the MW update. If not, that will cheer you up. So funny!

    PS. The top-ten count down is a bit at an awkward time with people at work and all that...

  2. Just wanted to offer you my support rats.
    The Blue Rose deserves investigating & you are the 'Miss Marple' right for the job.
    I am confident that the twitterdilly regulars will support you - if they 'believe' or not.

    Oh & I hope your 'Spirit of Nico' returns soon to give you some inspiration.

  3. Sounds like someone has to sing 'Cheer up Charlie (Ratty)' to you. Everyone has their down days. Take a break, relax, tomorrow will be better.


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