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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 148 Thursday 9th February 2012

I am refreshed, my cold has disappeared overnight, and I am back in the land of the unemployed, life is good! My head is once again whirling with confusion though, trying to work out which twitter 'characters' are Brand and which ones are The Mozziah, but that has almost become part of the fun. Well, I say it's 'fun' today, because I'm not tired, but on other days, it is anything 'but' fun, it is down right infuriating.
    Yesterday, I dismissed '@JodyRoad' as 'ever' being Russell Brand, because of his comment about my blog being better than MorrisseysWorld. Brand just wouldn't have said that, he would never dare risk the wrath of The Mozziah by suggesting that some unemployed wrestler/envoy/thingy was funnier than he! Well guess what?, 'Jody Road' has now deleted that tweet, along with a few other tweets too, including one yesterday to me that said, something along the lines of, "Good bloggety woggety".
   I have re-read all Jody's tweets, and there is now NO doubt whatsoever, in my mind, that 'JodyRoad' is DEFINITELY, 100%, Rustle Brind.....I think! The only stumbling block to my 100% theory, is that 'JodyRoad' was at The Mozziah's concert in Chicago, and I can find 'no' google reference anywhere, to Russell Brand being there! And also, just when I'd come to this DEFINITE, 100% conclusion, 'JodyRoad' sends a tweet to '@dotdotdotpause', the now defunct twit account that belonged to my 'Spirit of Nico', or as I liked to think of them, The Mozziah! The tweet from Jody to Dot said nothing, it was just a link to Vera Lynn's 'We'll Meet Again'. Argggghhhh, what does this all mean? Does it mean that Jody is really The Mozziah, and that's why he didn't go through with meeting me, because he thought I wanted to meet Brand? Or does it mean that Brand is in fact both Jody and Dot, and this is his way of telling me? Or does it mean that Brand is Jody, and he's saying that he knows that Dot was The Mozziah? Or does it mean that Brand and The Mozziah are having one big joke at my expense?
   I have to think this through logically, right, what do I 'actually' know as fact? What has been confirmed? Nothing! Hmmm, that's not a good start. In that case, this is going to all have to be conducted using just circumstance and evidence. My gut feeling is that Dot, aka 'My Spirit of Nico' was DEFINITELY The Mozziah. Certain things that he/she said, and the music he/she posted to me, makes be believe it MUST have been him. My gut feeling also tells me that Jody 'is' Brand, but it 'could' be The Mozziah. If it 'is' Brand, then he is either involved with writing some of the satirical content of MorrisseysWorld, hence his comment about my blog entries being better than MW, or he realised that he shouldn't have said that, and then deleted it. Mind you, there wasn't much point in deleting it, because I'd already written about it yesterday, but then, in the scattered mind of Rustic Brind, that I am finding out so much about by reading his book, that may not have occurred to him!
  I am reaching the end of 'My Bookety Wookety', and it has been a thoroughly entertaining read, but it has left me feeling the same way about Russell, as I did about The Mozziah, when I wrote my piece on December 28th, which incidentally, according to my stats, is by far the most read of 'all' my blog entries. It is the piece where I talked about genius's dying alone. Now don't get me wrong, I don't put Russell Brand and The Mozziah in the same bracket of genius, not by a million miles, but Russell is a very talented, and very funny man, and from reading his book, however much he may joke about it, and however famous he has since become, he has been seriously damaged, and damage like that doesn't just disappear because you find celebrity status. I am tempted to do what I did for The Mozziah, and ask people to write how they feel about Russell at the end of this blog entry, but if nobody writes anything, I might make him feel worse than he is probably, currently feeling! I do not know Russell Brand, but today it has been announced that his divorce has been finalised, and despite his riches and fame, that will hurt, a lot! He is dealing with it in the best possible way, he is back on stage making people laugh, but when he leaves the stage, and returns home, the hurt will kick back in. I just hope that he doesn't feel compelled to try and self destruct, and all I can do, is offer words, and if anybody reading this 'does' want to add anything, please feel free. I will simply say to Russell Brand, without fear of ridicule, you are a hilariously funny man, and you are loved.
    I have been laughing tears this morning, after reading the following excerpt from 'My Bookety Wookety' about Russell's sex addiction, it says, "I shall write from the perspective of a man who is unaware that the suffragette movement ever happened. I shall adopt the stance of a man who, if he'd seen Emily Pankhurst chained to some railings, would probably have thought, 'Hello, she looks vulnerable - get your bloomers off'." And now Russell Brand, Rustic Brind, Jody Road, Bucktoothedboy, or whatever your name might be, can you please get off the stage, this whole thing is supposed to be about Morrissey!
  MorrisseysWorld has published more articles and has just started tweeting again, so I won't bother writing anymore today, I shall attempt to finish 'Bookety Wookety' later, and also contemplate my next unemployment role. I quite liked the envoy thing. Does The Archbishop of Canterbury still have an envoy, or did he give the whole thing up as a bad idea after the Terry Waite incident? Does anybody else employ envoys? You never see them advertised in local newspapers do you? Hmmm, I shall ponder.

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  1. I find the more you think about these things the more confusing they get! But I noticed! :)


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