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Friday, 10 February 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 149 Friday 10th February 2012

All is quiet on The Mozziah front, he must be in a cave, dwelling. Two days ago on MorrisseysWorld, the question was posed, 'Should Morrissey Retire?' I responded with the very unselfish, 'he should do whatever he wants to do', and then realised that he might 'actually' be serious, so posted again suggesting a different format for his concerts, whereby he just sings the slower songs, and doesn't throw the shirt into the audience (thus saving the need to go to boring gyms etc). This format of show is also far more likely to work for the soon to be formed, 'Blue Rose', for the genteel folk who are most likely to bring roses to concerts, wouldn't then have to fight through the meatheads (like me) to get to the stage.

And on the subject of the stage, surely the stage invasions will also have to stop soon, as all of us Moz fans reach 'a certain age'? I mean, after all, it ain't so easy anymore, getting the old legs up on those raised stages, not with arthritis setting in and all. On the stage rampage, at our age? The only people likely to be attempting stage invasions soon, are young student types, who all us older ones will look down our noses at, saying things like, "they don't 'really' understand him like we do."

Maybe The Mozziah could adopt two different types of concert, the raucous ones when he feels up to it, and the Sinatraesque torch ones, for when he doesn't? The 'torch' concerts could allow him to save on costs, by just having a guitarist and piano player, although occasionally he could invite a full orchestra to join him... at no cost to him, of course! He could convince the Orchestra that he is doing them a favour by allowing them to play with him.

How about an ITV Saturday night, 'An Audience With'? That'd send their ratings flying..... down! The audience would be full of fans like; Gervais, Baddiel, Walliams, Burke(Kathy, not Michael, although, you never know), Rowling, Cameron, Brand, Gallagher, Joyce etc. It would be great tv, well, for some of us at any rate.

And as the formats of the concerts change, how about a whole new approach to the record releasing too? I personally, have never been a great lover of albums, I was always a buyer of singles as a child, and this has pretty much stayed with me throughout my life. What I like about singles, is being able to get an 'instant' 3 minute hit, where as with albums, you have to plough through filler tracks, and you're also given too much at once. What I like about getting a new single, is playing it over and over and over again. With an album, you don't get that, and sometimes great songs get missed. In this ever changing world, the whole record/song buying process has also changed, thanks to the introduction of 'downloading'; which gives you such an instant hit, that you don't even have to bother leaving your house to go into town and make a purchase. For smokers, it would be like having a fag machine on your lounge wall, and it's always stocked! Even as I write this, I have just remembered that I intended to buy the two Ann-Margret songs I mentioned the other day, so I have gone straight to i tunes and made the purchases, and am listening to 'I Just Don't Understand' right now!

For somebody like The Mozziah, who still wants to use an old retro label to show off his genius on vinyl, you sense that this 'new world' isn't for him, but there must be a compromise! Perhaps he could approach a record company to use a label, of his choice, on licence. He could then get four or five thousand seven inch singles pressed, and sell them directly from his own website. Liam Gallagher's band, Beady Eye do exactly this; they announce on their website the date that the single is going to be made available, they then inform the fans that it's limited to just 4,000, to raise the sense of want, and then, on the day of release, they sell out straight away!

 The formula obviously works, because Beady Eye had three, of the top four best selling 7' singles of 2011, with only 'Glamorous Glue' by The Mozziah stopping a clean sweep. If The Mozziah were to adopt this approach, he could release a 7' single say, every six weeks for the first thirty weeks of the year, with each one eagerly anticipated by us vinyl collectors, whilst at the same time, releasing a download version of each of the songs, for those who don't collect vinyl. No record company or label would be needed for the download versions, thus meaning The Mozziah gets all the revenue. In week number thirty six, he could release a sixth single, with four bonus tracks available free of charge for those who have downloaded the previous five, thus completing an album. A vinyl copy of the album could then be produced at the end of the year, again for those who crave vinyl. It would be like having a 'Greatest Hits of the Year' album, every year. As I write this, I can't actually believe that nobody has come up with this idea before, perhaps it's just that established artists aren't getting their heads around what is happening to the music industry. It wouldn't work for unknown artists, but for established ones, with a large fan base, it makes perfect sense. Coldplay are another band who have grasped the use of the internet as a selling tool, as their 'Paradise' video proves, with 68 million hits to date.

 For those of us who have been eagerly awaiting The Mozziah's 'new' songs (that were first aired last June), I can't help thinking that if they had been released one at a time, over the past eight months, six weeks apart, we'd have all been very happy, with each of the releases providing a new buzz. You never know, with this concept, the odd single may even get picked up by some of the radio stations and be given some air play.... or perhaps I'm hoping for too much!

I have decided to take a break from 'The Twitterdilly Arms' for a while, for both my own sanity, and because I'm annoyed at myself for just how much I tweet. Even I get bored of seeing my stupid litle rat picture in the timeline all the time, so God knows how others feel. It is also half term for the kids, and I am more than aware of how much I have neglected my nearest and dearest since I started all this blogging and tweeting lark. While The Mozziah is quiet, it is a good time for me to be quiet, although, if those 'Tour Diaries' were to turn up.....

Two of the 'Twit Arms' regulars, '@loughtonlil' and '@RosyMires', are meeting up for real today, in a pub, somewhere in London. I hope it goes well, and that the 'shiny, glittering pieces of the internet', don't turn out to have 'bad hair or bad breath'. Im sure they won't.

 And finally Cyril, and finally Esther, there were no comments left about Rustle Brind yesterday, so I have to believe that nobody else believes that 'JodyRoad' was really him. I probably just lost the plot, but then again, most people still don't believe 'MorrisseysWorld' is The Mozziah. Hmmm.

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