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Monday, 13 February 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 152 Monday 13th February 2012


Present: TRB aka The Rat aka @TheRatsBack aka Murine Boy aka Unemployed umbilical cord to The Mozziah - Chairman.
Apologies for absence: @UpthePier & @ODyrbrm (although they are here in spirit)


1. Google News - Search Morrissey & Russell Brand to see i) If they are still alive and ii) Any news.
2. Youtube - Search Morrissey to see if any new gems have appeared.
3. MorrisseysWorld - Check to see if any new articles.
4. Twitter - See if MW or Mum have tweeted plus any relevant news from 'Twitterdilly Arms'.
5. Any other Business.

1. Google. It would appear that both artistes are alive and well, or at least alive, it doesn't mention anything about well, and in fact the last time I looked, Brand was indeed not well. Come to think about it, it doesn't 'even' mention they are both still alive, but presumably that must mean that they aren't dead either. Mind you, if they were dead, it may have gone unnoticed, because the news is dominated by Whitney Houston's untimely death. There is no point in me pretending that her death has any relevance to me, as I had never met her and wasn't a huge fan. Having said that, it is always sad when anybody dies young, and 48 is too young. I remember watching Whitney in The Bodyguard, when it came out, and thinking how stunningly attractive she was. The one thing that I personally will remember her for, is the fact that 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' was the first number one in the UK to come out on cd. It was 1987, and although the majority of the sales at that time were still of 7' vinyl, cd singles were just starting to catch on. I doubt Whitney was ever even aware of this achievement.
  With Morrissey & Brand still alive, I then look for some news, and for once, there isn't any. They must have both had a quiet Sunday indoors!

2. Youtube. Most days I will find a new gem or two, usually posted by either 'TheAmbitiousOutsider' or 'HipsterDisco'. I have no idea where they get hold of the rare demos etc that they load to Youtube, but it's all great stuff. In recent months 'MrSmithsDisco' has also started loading some great footage, and lately it has been 'XvrBlk' posting the Hollywood Bowl 2007 concert songs. Today, there is nothing new, although I was drawn to re-watching MrSmithsDisco's 'Reel Around the Fountain-The Smiths on tour 1984' which is footage from Sheffield City Hall on 19th March 1984. It seems like a lifetime away, but reminded me just how much I love those songs. It has put me in the mood to listen to 'Barbarism Begins at Home' all day, if only I could bark like that!

3. MorrisseysWorld. Nothing new from MW, the latest article is still the introduction of the supposedly new administrator, but they're not fooling me, I can tell it's still the old one, mind you, they 'are' still fooling me, because I have absolutely 'no idea' who the old one is! My shortlist of candidates are: Michael Bracewell, The Mozziah himself and I suppose Brand can't be ruled out, although surely he wouldn't have the time? Banjaxer I think can be ruled out, but I still don't know what his role is, or is he just somebody that 'knows' about all this, but has no involvement? I stumbled across an article from MW yesterday, dated Sunday 21 August 2011, entitled "Rumour: Visconti. Bowie rumoured to be working with Morrissey on blog."
  The title is a little misleading as the article is not about Bowie being rumoured to be working on the blog at all, it's a story about The Mozziah doing a studio session last August in Ireland with Tony Visconti, for an MTV series called 'Studio In Session'. The story/rumour had come from a blog from none other than, Banjaxer. I then read the other articles on Banjaxer's blog, but there was nothing else about Moz. I wonder what happened to the Visconti/Morrissey programme, it certainly hasn't been shown yet? *Wait there, I'll google it*
   Well, well, well, it's amazing where google can take you. I was led to So-low where a certain 'Walter Ego' has posted the original item from Banjaxer's blog. It transpires that Walter Ego is in fact Banjaxer, which may not be news to a lot of people reading this, but it's news to me because I've never been a contributor on So-low, so have no idea who is who. I have just spent the last four hours raking through Walter Ego's postings on So-low and it has opened up yet more confusion. It is very obvious that both Walter/Banjaxer and his mate UncleSkinny are both very pro So-low with both of them thanking the site owner David T on December 9th for all his hard work. Walter Ego even says, "I'm not sure why you do it anymore but thousands of us are very pleased that you do." Other Walter Ego comments include this one from April 2nd 2011, in response to somebody mentioning that Adam Ant had said that Boz Boorer couldn't appear on stage with him, because he was too busy recording a new album with The Mozziah. No wonder Adam Ant called The Mozziah "a bastard" on stage last year, it was either tongue in cheek, or he was annoyed that Boz was so loyal to Moz. Anyway, Walter Ego said, "On twitter, @morrisseysmum gave us this news a while back. I'm not saying it really is Morrissey's mother (of course it isn't), but I have noticed they seem to know things first. No, it's not me before anyone throws that at me. I really do not know who it is. Wish I did." My guess is that Banjaxer knew 'exactly' who it was, or if he didn't at that stage, he did soon after, when at some stage, The Mozziah let him know that it was indeed he, who is behind MW and the two twit accounts. With Banjaxer being a journalist, I guess he made it his business to find out who was behind MW and when he eventually found out, he pledged his allegiance to The Mozziah, and promised not to spill the beans, in fact, I believe he was given the role of putting people off the scent. It is also reported on So-low that Banjaxer tweeted the following, "I think it's best to avoid morrissey-solo until the nutters get bored or have to go back to school." I think that Banjaxer/Walter Ego had, by this stage, become closer to The Mozziah. After this, Walter Ego makes very few comments on So-low, although there are a couple of interesting ones, in response to Kate Ryan's postings of her emails with Morrissey and also when somebody else posted saying that Morrisseysmum had posted on twitter, (prior to the official announcement of a US tour) "Nothing to worry about. Atlantic crossing soon", Walter Ego responded by writing, "Crikey...she's a smart bloke." There is also somebody on So-low who uses the name Helen Bach, who Uncleskinny & Walter Ego fawn  all over. Could Helen Bach be The Mozziah? All Helen's postings suggest that this could be true, although there is one posting that seems to be promoting Mike Joyce's radio show, so that throws that theory out of the window, unless it was tongue in cheek. In conclusion, I think Banjaxer knows about The Mozziah being behind MW, but he isn't involved himself. As to whether he has told UncleSkinny is anybody's guess, but Banjaxer is obviously his own man and looks to have stood by David T, despite The Mozziah's dislike of the So-low site. No doubt The Mozziah respects that decision, even if he doesn't agree with it.
  *STOP PRESS* I have just re-checked MorrisseysWorld, after spending most of the morning going through So-low archives, and there are four new articles. The first is about Old Willoughby presenting a rose to Russell Brand at his recent show, the second is about sales for Peru tickets, the third is about the new admin guy's love for Morrissey & how he ('R') is joining twitter and finally there is a statement from 'Our Mozzer' saying he will not be tweeting for a while.

4. Twitter. I haven't been on twitter today, mainly because I've been going through So-low archives all morning, but also because I am resting from twitter. I did tweet '@MW' the other day to ask whether we would now get to see the tour diaries, seeing as his follower numbers had passed the promised 5000 mark? He replied, "I have no interest in any aspects of whoredom-Twitter whoredom included." Well that's a joke! *STOP PRESS* Oh fuck me, I just popped into twitter to copy that quote, and it's all gone mental. MW is being accused of poor taste and racism because he joked that , "I was deeply distressed to hear of Oprah Winfrey's passing yesterday on the BBC news." For fuck's sake, is he not allowed to have a joke? Ever? Do I dive in to twitter to defend him or do I stay away? It is my son's birthday today, I have already spent too long on the internet and I can't be bothered to argue with idiots.

5. Any other business. I stand by The Mozziah. Always. The Moz/Boz sketch will have to wait.


  1. I tweeted the link that came from Banjaxer's blog to him the other day and just got a 'pardon?' back. Well done for finding out the info from solow. No wonder it took you hours!

  2. Thanks for all your hard work and your blog. Its one of the things other than being with my family and writing, that I look most forward to.

  3. hello Rat, you're a great detective!


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