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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 155 Thursday 16th February 2012

My gloom is starting to lift as I finally get things into perspective. I guess I am just frustrated that other people don't see what I see and am annoyed that people who I genuinely thought were supporters of The Mozziah, turned on him. I have sneaked a look into twitter, and noticed that MorrisseysWorld has 'unfollowed' both '@Amor_y_locura' and 'Hector_Lector', presumably for the comments they made. Before I came away from twitter, I too had stopped following 'Amor', mainly because of her racist allegation towards The Mozziah, but I had planned to stop following her anyway because she filled my timeline with retweets that bore no relevance to the whole MorrisseysWorld thing. I recently stopped following '@Edward_Curtis' for the same reason. Other people have stopped following me in the past, as they too were annoyed of seeing me fill their timeline. It's funny how certain things annoy you on twitter and I find that if tweets aren't Mozziah related in some way, they 'get in the way'. It is why I don't follow any 'celebrities' or indeed my own 'real' friends on twitter, I am only here for The Mozziah. I was out at a restaurant with friends the other evening and we were talking about twitter, when one of my friends asked for my twit name, so they could follow me. I refused to tell them and when they asked if I wanted theirs, and I said, "no", they seemed almost offended. I explained that I was only using twitter for one reason and I had no interest in it for any other reason.
  When I later thought about this, it started to make a bit more sense to me. I did not come to twitter to make friends, I came to follow '@MW' and subsequently I am on twitter because I want to get the 'Blue Rose' off the ground. Along the way, I 'have' made friends with people, and that is why, when 'Houstongate' kicked off the other day, it hurt me so much that people who I thought were friends, could so quickly turn on The Mozziah, although I have to actually make a differential here, they didn't turn on The Mozziah, they turned on MorrisseysWorld, which although I know is one and the same, they obviously, don't! Having said that, not believing that MW 'is' The Mozziah is one thing, making false accusations is another. I have therefore decided to look individually at the comments made by the five people I had planned to unfollow, to see what they actually said. '@Amor' is the one who really took offence to the 'Oprah Winfrey tweet', but I think she took offence because, a) She was a Whitney Houston fan, so a joke about her was off limits and b) as a young black person, living in Australia, perhaps Amor almost 'expects' comments to be racist. She has really had problems trying to work out if MW is really The Mozziah, and she has used this comment to almost put it to bed in her head that it isn't, and in fact it is a horrible practical joker, who now she can now also brand as a racist. has now posted a picture that was taken from the website, showing a photo of Oprah Winfrey & Whitney Houston, and they look absolutely identical. The colour of their skin is irrelevant, absolutely 100% irrelevant, the photo shows that they look very similar. I believe, that if 'Amor' had known, for definite, that MW was Morrissey, I don't think she would have made her allegation, but that almost makes it worse. The Mozziah has had to face enough false allegations from slimy journalists, without having his own fans turn on him. If 'Amor's' tweet had said, "They look alike, right?", it wouldn't have been so bad, but what she actually tweeted was, "They ALL look alike, right?"  '@Hector_Lector' jumped straight on 'Amor's' bandwagon with the tweet, "You're not the only one to be annoyed, Aurora. This is much worse than bad taste. Disgusting, in fact." I would like to believe that this was just a case of Hector jumping to the defence of a damsel in distress, and I hope he now regrets his tweet. Perhaps I will ask him, although, perhaps I don't need to know, I am not the 'Morrissey Police', I'm just a nobody fan, I really must get a grip on this, does it have to matter to me? Perhaps Hector will read this blog and leave a comment, although, he doesn't have to, it is up to him. The three others I was going to stop following; '@stillicling', '@Mancladmozfan' and '@RosyMires' have really done nothing wrong, I was just frustrated that three people who have followed this whole thing for months, still can't see that MW REALLY IS THE REAL STEVEN PATRICK MORRISSEY, The Mozziah. I guess I'll just have to live with that and I won't unfollow them after all.
    '@MW' has returned to twitterdilly, and announced that there will be news about a new album soon. This is fantastic. Will it be on either the London or Fontana record labels, as predicted by me last year? and when the news about a new album is released 'officially', will it be seen as yet another coincidence? How can some of those who have been following MorrisseysWorld for all this time, still not believe it is 'really' him? Arghhhhh! WAKE UP!
   MorrisseysWorld has said that a comedy piece about 'Houstongate' will soon be published, which I look forward to reading, it is great that he can keep his humour, but as I said before, he's had thirty years of it. My own Moz/Boz comedy piece has missed it's moment and shall remain half written and never to be seen, it is impossible to write comedy when you feel low. I am surprised I took 'Houstongate' so badly, it sounds pathetic but I'm just disappointed I guess, it felt that the sixteen people who I listed the other day, were a really close knit bunch, who had travelled through the winter together on a unique journey. It shouldn't bother me that certain people don't believe MW is The Mozziah and from now on, I won't let it bother me again. My purpose on twitter is to get 'Blue Rose' up and running, when the UK concerts start, and in the meantime, I will once again try and use this blog as an umbilical cord for The Mozziah while he is away on tour, which starts in just eight days time. I will also return to twitter either today, tomorrow or Saturday, at 12.45pm, and produce this week's Twitterdilly Arms Top 10. The show goes on!


  1. "I...noticed that MorrisseysWorld has 'unfollowed' both '@Amor_y_locura' and 'Hector_Lector', presumably for the comments they made. Before I came away from twitter, I too had stopped following 'Amor'"

    This is a lie. You never unfollowed me; I blocked you while you still followed me considering your history of abusive or retaliatory comments.

    "but I think she took offence because, a) She was a Whitney Houston fan, so a joke about her was off limits and b) as a young black person, living in Australia, perhaps Amor almost 'expects' comments to be racist."

    I don't expect many white people to understand what life is like for a person of color, so I can never expect many, especially ones such as yourself who have regressive views towards multiculturalism, to understand how not only what the Morrissey impersonator said was bigoted, but also how your comment is also racist.

    You are making a sinister and ugly argument: that one has to be black to be offended by the Morrissey impersonator's comments. People of ALL colors should stand up to such ugly behavior. Your comments are also deliberately deceptive and dismissive, because you know very well that Hector and Rosy, who are both white, also took offense.

    It is also sinister to argue that one has to be a fan of a black artist in order to decry racist comments made against them.

    I have received the racist "oh you're black, of course you feel xyz" argument many times in my life. Do you think this is some strange, unique occurrence that has happened here? Don't fool yourself: every racist, bigoted encounter both IRL and online is a repeat of something I've heard since a kid. Remember that the next time you try and talk down to a person of color and dismiss their protests.

  2. It is because of people like Rosy and Hector that I actually have hope that fear, hatred, and white people's dismissiveness of how black/brown/yellow people see the world will someday be things of the past.

    Your comments also show you clearly know little about Australia, and more disappointingly, about your own country. I suggest the fine works of Linton Kwesi Johnson as a remedy.

    Whitney and Oprah have never ever resembled one another. It is the equivalent to me dismissively quipping that Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep look identical because they have the same skin tone and the same hair color. And I would be equally bigoted against whites to say such a moronic thing.

    Lastly, because I am a blunt and painfully honest person, what I have seen of your personality all these months on this blog suggest serious mental illness, and I hope that you seek professional help soon. I say this with the utmost sincerity. It is the week of your son's birthday, and his father is spending his time on the internet obsessively recounting e-drama. It would be amusing if it weren't so sad.

    Instead of the countless hours you have spent under your various aliases devoting yourself to this stupid fake Morrissey charade and being blocked on twitter by everyone from Johnny Marr to me and god knows who else, go and be a father to your son. You'll be glad you did in thirty years time when you need to be looked after. Trust me on that one.

    And if you wish to be enlightened, google White Privilege: The Invisible Knapsack.

    If by some small chance MW is indeed Moz (I have recieved insider information that it is not and the actual Steven Patrick Morrissey is quite peeved about it), I will never EVER buy another record of his or attend a gig for not only the Houston comments but the African child one on the blog, and any person who would excuse such disgusting behavior because of the person's music is no friend of mine or of anti-racism. I put my values of equality among men and the eradication of hatred and fear above any artist. I refuse to patronize Elvis Costello for this same reason. Which is a moot point anyways, for I call into question the use of the word 'friend' when the 'friendship' was formed and continues to be around one topic, and once any deviation in that topic emerges, the knives are drawn.

  3. I should also point out that impersonating a celebrity in a way that jeopardizes his current libel suit is pretty much asking to be sued into eternity. If you think you're anonymous, think again. Morrissey could find out your IP address and your identity with a couple letters from his guns.

    Or would one enjoy the 15 minutes of notoriety at the expense of putting food on the table?

  4. Children are influenced by what their parents do rather than what they say. I would think that your son would be happy that his father has dedicated his time to something he loves so much and all the while developing further as a writer. Keep writing. In thirty years time you son will be doing what he loves too!

    1. Thanks for your support, and trust me, my kids see far too much of me.

  5. Dear Aurora, I'm one of the 17 people who use to read this blog and surely I don't care about the colour of the author or about the colour of the other ones who read this blog! You got a fixation with the skin colour, you wrote "...because you're white" What do you try to saying? A white man must be a racist for you, but this is prejudice, this is suspicious against everyone! And how could be a white italian woman, usually do you categorizing everyone? Sorry I have a yoga lesson and usually I play piano almost every day.


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