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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 157 Saturday 18th February 2012 has been a hive of activity in the past 48 hours, although I expect this to be the storm before the calm, as The Mozziah will presumably now be leaving for South America, and therefore the bloggy/websitey/thingy will no doubt go quiet. The good news is, the Mozziah hasn't taken the site down, like he did last time he went away on tour. The site has also seen the return of the chat room, which has been missing ever since the site re-opened.
  The new articles that have been listed on MW, include the satirical response to 'Houstongate', which was posted on Thursday 16th, and is entitled 'Far, Far Away in a Parallel Universe'. It is probably one of the funniest things The Mozziah/MW has ever written, although I have to be careful with who I credit with the writing of the parody stuff, for although I am convinced The Mozziah writes the straight stuff, I cannot be sure he writes all the satire, as it could be Michael Bracewell, or it could be Rusty Brand, or it could be somebody completely different, although personally, I still think it is The Mozziah. I'll probably never find out, but to be honest, it is irrelevant, I just enjoy it for what it is. I was asked by one of the Twitterdilly regulars recently, how I would feel if it turned out that MW wasn't written by Morrissey at all? I replied that it wouldn't bother me in the slightest, as I think the writer/s are very funny and talented, and the whole MW thing has led to so much more, including 'Blue Rose', more of which, I will write next week. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing about The Mozziah every day for the past 6 months, it ain't a bad way to spend your unemployed days, and my writing has improved because of it.
   The next article added to MW, was a piece entitled, 'MorrisseysWorlders Poll - Greatest Ever Article. Annotations by 'R'.' This piece goes on to list the Top 3 articles on MW, as voted for by the readers, and has a little comment after each one, from the mysterious 'R', who we are supposed to believe is Rusty B, although it could be Jonathan Woss (although presumably he would have been called 'W') or it could of course be 'M', pretending to be 'R'. Confused? You should be by now, I don't know anyone who isn't. The winning article on the recent poll by MorrisseysWorlders is, 'Essay On The Beginnings of a New Man', which 'R' describes as "Wildean wit, perfect grammar, a childlike poetic sensibility, a pusillanimous exhaustion with this could only be one man." The runner up piece in the poll, was the article I voted for, a satirical piece entitled, "Minutes of the 'Bans and Concert Ejections Committee (BCE) when considering Mr David Tseng's appeal against lifetime Morrissey concert ban". This was the piece that really got me hooked on the MW website in the first place, it is pure, satirical brilliance. 'R' says, "Proof of the potential for this website to become a TV sitcom. Watch this space. Please watch this space." I honestly believe that there may be some truth in 'R's words, and I can only hope that I get the nod to join the writing team. In third place on the poll is, "2009 My Live Tour Journal", which 'R' summarises by saying, "It's 'Carry On Singing' and Morrissey would be proud. What am I saying? Morrissey IS Proud! One of my personal favourites, this article really brought home what hilarious undertaking this site could be." I agree with 'R', it is yet another brilliantly written piece. Equal third in the poll was a satirical piece called "Music Press Ad for a new drummer", which 'R' describes as "Just classic self-deprecating satire". A five word review, on a piece of satirical brilliance!? One can only presume, that 'R' was getting bored of his reviewing job, as a five word summary is both lazy and non informative. My personal guess, having carried out my usual daily google routine/agenda, is that 'R' is a little pre-occupied at present, because according to The Sun newspaper (so it must be true), he is now dating the stunningly beautiful Mexican painter, Oriela Medellin Amieiro. *Breaks into song* Show me the way to Amieiro, I've been weeping like a willow. *stops singing* They apparently met at Yoga classes, which immediately made me think of one of the Twittedilly Arms regulars, 'Italian housewife' Romina, who is the person who regularly posts films and songs that have Rusty lookalikes in them. Romina also often signs off from twitter by saying, "I must go now, I have Yoga class to go to." Hmmm.
  The next article posted on MW, has the title, "Of Which I Am Most Proud", in which 'Our Mozzer', 'The Mozziah', '100%  NOT Morrissey', or whatever you may wish to call him, (as long as it isn't Morrissey) lists the Top 10 albums and singles of which he is most proud, the same lists as he has previously listed on the True To You website. Also listed in this posting is The Mozziah's 'Top 10 Proudest MorrisseyWorld articles', and possibly more importantly, his 'Top 10 Proudest B sides & album tracks'. The reason I say "possibly more importantly", is because I have a sneaky feeling that he may post this list on True To You, which if he does, would be the most significant 'sign' to date, that he is behind MW, in fact, it would leave NO DOUBT! At the bottom of this piece, The Mozziah has also posted, "Coming Soon: The Live Concerts Of Which I Am Most Proud" and "Coming Soon: My Live Tour Journal 2011 - US /Mexico Tour - yes, really!" I can't wait for the 'Tour Journal', which the Mozziah previously stated, "Would prove once and for all who is behind MorrisseysWorld". Well I won't hold my breath to see if that proves to be the case, but perhaps, just perhaps, this is all drawing towards a conclusion. It would make perfect sense for all of The Mozziah's fans to be reading his website, but I guess it's all about building the suspense.
  The final article posted on MW yesterday was entitled, "Debate: Should Morrissey play one-off concerts in France or England? Or anywhere else?" The response to this was obviously mixed, with many fans asking for more US concerts and a number wanting UK dates. We shall have to wait and see.
  This afternoon, a new satirical piece has been posted, under the title, "Minutes from meeting with high-powered music executives 16.2.2012". It talks of a meeting with music executives; Aaron Goldberg, Dick Bush and Sarah Kraijcek, but I have just googled all three and found no information about them. Are they real people? Although it is a satirical piece, it smells as though there could be elements of truth behind it, and it was only the day before, on Feb 15th, that MW tweeted, "My plans for the new album will be announced very soon."
    '@MW' yesterday returned to twotter, once again exchanging tweets with Boy George. MW tweeted Boy, saying, "You feature on my latest blog article, Boy", to which Boy George replied, "I'm flattered you have even heard of me!" MW responded with, "I do watch 'Loose Women' you know." MW's final two tweets before heading off on tour were, "South America, here We Come" and finally, "You might wish to visit the second finest blog in the world: or the finest:" I am truly flattered, but it is of course deserved praise, this stuff doesn't come easy you know!
    That is it for today, I'm not sure how The Mozziah finds the time to write so many new pieces for his blogsite, it takes me ages just writing one a day. It must be a team effort, it just must be!

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