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Friday, 24 February 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 163 Friday 24th February 2012

Today will be a short entry as I am sat in the Melia Hotel in London, next to Regents Park, and I need to get back home. I have spent the night here, having watched a screening of Marcus Markou's ( aka '@Papasonsfilm') new film, 'Papadopoulos & Sons'. It is a well made film and I have labelled it 'A feel good film for the repossessed and financially f*cked'. I got to meet Marcus, who is a really lovely guy, and I wish him all the best in getting his film distributed. I came away from the film thinking that a young teenage audience would absolutely love it, and I think he should have a screening exclusively for a group of thirteen year olds to gauge their reaction.

   All is fairly quiet on the Moz front, he has posted a new parody article on MorrisseysWorld about some Morrissey tribute band called 'Viva Morrissey'. I have never heard of them, so it is hard to say if he is parodying them because he likes them or because he doesn't, as I've said before, it's a thin line with this parody lark. And speaking of which, when I googled Morrissey news today, I was dragged into So-Low, where there is an article about the re-release of the album 'Viva Hate', which is being released as a double lp, with an extra track and an exclusive badge. When I read this I actually laughed out loud for real. The Mozziah is even parodying himself with the re-releases, he has taken the words from his song 'Paint a Vulgar Picture' and carried it through to the letter. The song goes, "Re-issue, re-package, re-package, re-evaluate the songs, double pack with a photograph, extra track and a tacky badge." The So-lowers don't get the parody of course, there is just uproar as they accuse The Mozziah of hypocrisy. It's really laughable, in fact, I think I will treat myself to a chuckle *chuckles*.

Other Moz stories include news that the band have been rehearsing in Chile, and have been playing 'Everyday is Like Sunday', 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out' and 'Ouija Board', among others. Footage on Youtube also shows that The Mozziah's fingers are free of any 'finger lingerie' and other footage shows fans galore, standing outside the Ritz Carlton Hotel. He really is BIG news over there.

I have posted my 'Blue Rose' blog from yesterday to various fans on twitter who are going to the concert on Sunday, and it looks really promising that roses will be thrown. Tonight the tour starts, with Morrissey headlining the 'Vina del Mar' festival. Hopefully there will be Youtube footage posted, so I will report tomorrow. It remains to be seen as to whether MorrisseysWorld posts the set list.


  1. Enjoy the beautiful London, cheers Rat!

  2. Thanks for the update, Rat. Have you not come across the other Viva Morrissey bit on the blog yet? Where Paul got absolutely slated? Moz hates him and apparently the guy is a bit of a nutjob, posting nasty things on so-low. Stay well clear everybody and do not tweet him!!!

  3. What an honour to meet the king of Rats! Thank you so much for coming all that way to see a preview. I hope to see a pic of your new Smiths badge on your lapel. Marcus


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