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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 165 Sunday 26th February 2012

Today I have had a day away from t'internet, although I have managed to sneak an hour or so to watch the Vina del Mar Festival performance on, good old Justin, whoever he is. Highlights for me from the festival performance are 'Black Cloud', 'Everyday Is Like Sunday' (in which flowers were offered to The Mozziah by a member of the audience, but as they weren't roses, they were ignored), 'I Know It's Over', 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out' and 'Let Me Kiss You'. Oh sod it, they're all good, they really are! It has been reported on t'internet that The Mozziah insisted on going on stage before 1am, as was in his contract, and apparently it put some noses out of joint...oh well, they should sort their timings out! It is also reported that The Mozziah's set was cut short and 'Action', Irish Blood' and 'Still Ill' were left out.

Today The Mozziah has not been on twotter,but he appeared yesterday and among his tweets, he informed '@EcubyanPoet' (formerly EcubyanTeaChest) that his most sentimental song is 'Come Back To Camden' and the song he holds most dear is 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out'. I didn't realise, until reading it yesterday on '', that 'Camden' has only been performed live twice, and the last time was at the London Palladium last August. I now feel very privileged to have seen it, and I have to say, as reported on my blog entry of December 31st, 'Camden' was the highlight of the show. I wonder why he doesn't play it more?

Another '@MorrisseysWorld' tweet yesterday to '@KickingPricks', said, "We are rehearsing another Smiths song. It might JUST be ready for Buenos Aires. Do cry for me, Argentina!" This has to be another 'sign', and so we shall have to wait and see what song it is. Could it be any of The Smiths songs that have featured in the 'Twitterdilly Arms Top 10'?

More pledges have been made on twitter by '@marceline_p' and 'FranciscaBabul' that roses will be thrown at tonight's concert in Santiago, so we shall have to wait and see if this does actually happen and if it does, will The Mozziah wear one of them?

A teasing tweet from The Mozziah read, "Does Trouble Love Us? Bring a red rose or a white rose. And a blue one just in case. Could he? Should he? Would he?



  1. Don't forget about the little 'banter' I had with him re a UK concert! I promised that I would be in the Mozpit in the UK to which he replied 'It's a deal, then again maybe not.'

  2. Good luck rose throwers - I will be willing those roses on to the stage.


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