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Monday, 27 February 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 166 Monday 27th February 2012

Movistar Arena, Santiago, Chile Sunday 26th Feb 2012

1. First Of The Gang To Die
2. You're The One For Me Fatty
3. Alma Matters
4. You Have Killed Me
5. Ouija Board Ouija Board
6. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
7. Everyday Is Like Sunday
8. I Will See You In Far Off Places
9. Action Is My Middle Name
10. I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
11. I Know It's Over
12. Let Me Kiss You
13. Speedway
14. Pleople Are The Same Everywhere
15. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want
16. Black Cloud
17. Meat Is Murder
18. One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell 
19. Scandinavia
20.How Soon is Now?

ENCORE: 21. Still Ill. 

I have previously written a blog entry explaining the planning that has to go into stage invading at a Morrissey concert. It isn't a case of just leaping onto the stage whenever you fancy it, there are lots of things to consider first. The main one, is finding the opportunity, although, you've got to make sure you don't go too early, as nine times out of ten, you face eviction from the venue. Nobody would ever attempt it during the first song, as you would a)miss the whole concert and b) the security would be on their toes, ready to pounce. The most obvious time to attempt 'invasion' is during the last song, which means you don't miss any of the concert, and also, because loads of other people are usually attempting to invade too, you stand a better chance of success. Another thing to take into consideration, is finding a gap in the audience, to enable you to mount the stage. The people in the front row are very protective of their 'spot', and don't give it up easily. Most importantly of all, you must 'plan your hoist', as most of the stages are elevated. The best thing to do, is get a mate to give you a bunk up, but when I did my 'invasion', I had been separated from my mates, and to be honest, it was quite impromptu, as I'd noticed the security had dozed off, well I thought they had, but they soon dozed back on again once I'd made it onto the stage. One small step for rat, one giant leap for ratkind.

Anyway, the reason I am mentioning the difficulty and planning involved in 'invading' the stage, is because, compared to getting a rose onto the stage, 'invading' is NOTHING. SMALL FRY. A STROLL IN THE PARK. During the US & Mexico tour, many people made it onto the stage, particularly during the encore, but how many managed to get a rose onto the stage? Four! Eighteen concerts and just four roses, although it should be noted that this is an estimate as The Mozziah STILL hasn't released the tour diaries, which would confirm the actual number. And how many roses have made it to the stage in Chile? *adopts voice of Bob Monkhouse during his family fortunes days* "Our survey said?" *adopts noise of Family fortunes survey machine* "Ut Oh". For those unfamiliar with either 'Bob Monkhouse', 'Family Fortunes' or indeed the 'survey machine', it's a BIG FAT ZILCH. NUL POINTS. NADA. NO ROSES. Whatever happened to the rose throwing pledges of; '@Rafasanhueza', '@FranciscaBabul', '@isis_lina', '@marceline_p' and '@morrisseychile'? Not a rose between them! Rafa even tweeted me to say, "I didn't get one"! F*ck me, it would seem it even needs planning to just buy a bloody rose! For the love of God, Rafa me old mate, you knew the concert was on a Sunday, the shops being closed is hardly a good enough excuse! Do you think Oscar Wilde would've put up with that from any of his 'Green Carnation' mob? (Yes, I know you couldn't buy green carnations, but you get my point!) And what about our old friend '@mancladmozfan'? Surely, having taken a rose to the concert in the US and having failed to throw it, he must have achieved it this time, especially as The Mozziah ribbed him about it on twotter? No, it would appear not! All that way, not to throw a rose. Oh Manclad!

The reason I am so confident that no roses made the stage, is because there is already loads of Youtube footage, which is the complete opposite of the Mexico tour, where it took ages to get any Youtube footage posted. It helps that Chile is only three hours behind UK time (not sure how that works!), but even more likely that the footage is up on Youtube already, is because virtually every single member of the audience last night, seemed to be filming! It is now getting beyond a joke, does nobody go to a  concert anymore and just watch without filming? What's the point in filming it? Why not just wait and watch somebody else's copy on Youtube? Let's face it, virtually every Morrissey song, from every concert, now ends up on Youtube, in fact, I think the only song NOT on Youtube is 'I Keep Mine Hidden' from the concert in Gt Yarmouth on May 15th 2009, when some rat shaped thing leapt onto the stage, and believe me, I've trawled the whole of Youtube looking for it. If I'd made my rat like leap in Chile, I'd have been all over the web, but on May 15th 2009, I just ended up all over the pier....face down!

As I watch the Youtube footage of last night's concert, there is a moment during the encore, where The Mozziah crouches down and sings, "It just wasn't like the old days anymore", is he referring to the lack of flowers?, quite possibly so. At the end of 'How Soon Is Now?', which is the last song before the encore, The Mozziah can be seen 'pausing' before leaving the stage, thus giving an opportunity for roses to be thrown, but of course, none were.....and so to the aptly named 'M' Arena in Mendoza, Argentina for a concert tomorrow night. Is it really worth trying to get the Argentinian fans to throw roses? Is 'Blue Rose' ever going to take off? Time, as ever, will tell.

For last night's concert, the band wore 'WE HATE WILLIAM AND KATE' t shirts and The Mozziah wore a black shirt (later changed into yellow & then white) and NO FINGER LINGERIE! Did he forget to ask Boz to put it on for him?, or has the parody ended? Will it return in Argentina?, (the lingerie, not the parody) and if it does, will it be pink or will it be blue? Last night's concert also saw the return of 'Please, Please Please' to the set list. Was this The Smiths song that was mentioned by The Mozziah on twotter on Saturday, or is there another one being rehearsed?

There is a new stage back drop for this tour, with a photo of a man playing a banjo, whilst perched on the knee of another, slightly troubled looking man. I decided to ask my former 'Spirit of Nico' (now just plain old '@dotdotdotpause') if he/she knew anything about this photo. Now obviously, '@dotdotdot' ISN'T The Mozziah, as I'd previously thought, and this was re-iterated to me on Friday, when he/she tweeted me about thirty minutes before The Mozziah went on stage. Obviously The Moziah is not going to be tweeting me half an hour before going on stage, but whoever this mystery person is, they are certainly knowledgeable and it should be remembered that 'dotdotdot' is the person who fed me Dante, Rita Pavone, Ann Margret etc, so if anybody was to know something about the backdrop, it would be 'dot'. He/she didn't disappoint, and I was pointed in the direction of an internet picture site, and in particular a photo 'album' entitled, 'Vintage Pics of Male Togetherness', which has a number of photos, including the one in question, which is called, 'Affectionate Musicians'. There are some really excellent photos in the album, so I posted it on twitter for others to view. Good old 'Former Spirit of Nico', so knowledgeable, and DEFINITELY NOT THE MOZZIAH!

And talking of The Mozziah, which sometimes I do (!), I have been re-watching some of the footage from the Vina del mar festival, and at the end of 'Let Me Kiss You', off comes the shirt and it is tossed towards the audience, except it was thrown with all the expertise of those currently attempting to throw roses, and it hardly made it off the stage! You'd think with all those years of shirt tossing under his belt, The Mozziah would have it off to a fine art, but it just goes to show, even the most experienced can have a lame toss. For the record, there was no meathead like fighting over the shirt, it was simply scooped up by one happy young lady, who then strolled back to her seat. Now you wouldn't get that in the UK, somebody would've put the nut on her!    


  1. Rat - Funny reflections about the rose (or lack of) situation.

    The photo album has a fascinating collection of pictures, really lovely. So, thank you to dot for sharing.

    10/10 for the T-shirts!

  2. Hi Rat, thanks for the information about the photo album, very beautiful. anyway my favourite ones is always the backdrop with Walter Chiari on Year of Refusal Tour, last evening I watched on Rai1 a beautiful fiction about this great italian actor, now I understand why Morrissey choosed that backdrop!


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