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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 168 Wednesday 29th February 2012

M Arena, Mendoza, Argentina 28th Feb 2012

1. First Of The Gang To Die
2. You Have Killed Me
3. You're The One For Me, Fatty
4. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
5. Irish Blood, English Heart
6.Everyday Is Like Sunday
7. Alma Matters
8. Speedway
9. Ouija Board, Ouija Board
10. I Will See You In Far-Off Places
11. I Know It's Over
12. Let Me Kiss You
13. Black Cloud
14. Meat Is Murder
15. Scandinavia
16. I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
17. One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell 
18. How Soon is Now?

ENCORE: 19. Still Ill. 

Today I will be away from the internet for most of the day, so will have no time to study Youtube footage from last night's concert, but I will presume that no roses managed to reach the stage as I haven't even noticed any Argentinians tweeting about Morrissey. Ironically, the person who owns the twitter account '@Morrissey' is an Argentinian, but it would appear that he isn't even a fan of The Mozziah. He's certainly got more followers though, he has over 7,000 compared to '@MorrisseysWorld's' 5,714.

As I write this, the only song from last night that has been posted on Youtube is 'Let Me Kiss You', with The Mozziah dressed in a white shirt, that is tossed into the audience at the usual time, just after the line, "But then, you open your eyes and you see someone that you physically despise", which has to be the best self deprecating line EVER in the history of 'pop' music. I just love 'Let Me Kiss You', if ever the Elephant Man, Quasimodo or my mate Spud had ever written a song, it would've been 'Kiss You', pure poetry for the aesthetically displeasing.

And talking of the shirt coming off during 'Kiss You', I was half expecting to see a tattoo on The Mozziah's torso or arm, but it was not to be. The reason I thought there may be a tattoo is because yesterday on twitter, '@MorrisseysMum' mentioned that he has had one done, and that it was a set of dancing musical notes, turning into boxing gloves. I would give the exact quote from the tweet, but I have just gone onto twitter to get it, and the tweets have been deleted! What's that about? Is there a tattoo or is there not a tattoo? And if there is, could it be hidden around the back somewhere?, it certainly doesn't seem to be on his back, so perhaps the backside? He has got previous for having his backside inked, so who knows? Will we ever know, or will it remain a secret for just a select few to find?

'@MorrisseysWorld' briefly returned to both twotter and his blogsite yesterday, but The Mozziah was seemingly in a dark mood, claiming that he will close both the blog and his twitter account if no roses reach the stage by the end of the concerts in Argentina and Brazil. He has also (once again) promised that the tour diaries from the US/Mexico tour will soon be published and that they will indicate who is 'really' behind MorrisseysWorld.

An interview, which would appear to have been conducted by email, has appeared on the internet, written in Portugese. It is an interview with a Brazilian newspaper/magazine/website (I can't work out which) called In the interview (which I have translated with google translate) it would appear that Morrissey has once again denied that he is the author of MorrisseysWorld, and he also calls MW 'dangerous'. The actual words from the interview, via google translate, are, "I am not the author of Morrissey's World, which is dangerous and has caused me problems. The internet means that anyone becomes a critic and, in general, the thrust of some is to hurt and destroy because they can do so in the safety of their rooms with Star Wars, a little friend and Iowa." This is an obvious dig at So-Low and NOT MorrisseysWorld, but another denial of authorship is always welcomed!

Also in the interview, Morrissey says, (via google translate) "I have written two albums that will not be released by any label. I am 17 years. Nobody knows what to do with me." Yes, you read it correctly, he said he is 17 and the interviewer didn't question this, presumably because they were emailed answers and not a proper interview. Justin Bieber is 17! Co-incidence after all the Bieber references on MW? A sign to MorrisseysWorlders? Hmm.

I will be back tomorrow, and hopefully I will have seen a bit more Youtube footage from the M-Arena in Mendoza. Could there be roses? Somebody has just posted on the MW blog saying that they threw one! Is this true? And if so, will evidence appear on Youtube?

Justin Bieber turns 18 tomorrow, so will we see The Mozziah back on twitter, offering Biebs 'Many happy returns'? As ever, time will tell. 


  1. Hi Rat, maybe the twitter about the tattoo was just a metaphoric statement for saying that Moz notes turning as boxes gloves...
    I knew that you noticed the Bibier reference, but for the rest how could I say...Confess, you are behind Morrisey world, Confess!

    1. As you know FULL well Romina, I DIDN'T notice the Bieber reference, YOU tweeted to tell me! You are one switched on Italian mother!


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