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Friday, 30 March 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 198 Friday 30th March 2012

I have been writing this blog for over 6 months, never once ever doubting that Morrissey was truly the person behind MorrisseysWorld. So strong was the evidence, that only a fool could doubt it, and although many people have tried to pass off the many 'signs' as coincidences, I have always KNOWN.
  Morrissey often leaves comment on my blog, and I have never had any doubt that he reads it every single day, even when away on tour. I even blogged about, how I thought that he'd changed the word 'Fatty' to 'Ratty' at the concert in Rio, Brazil.

Anybody who writes a blog, will know that you have access to a whole load of 'stats', that include not only the total number of 'hits' you've had, but also, where in the world those 'hits' have come from. As I write this entry now, my total hit count over the 6 and a half months is 27,990, which is pretty impressive for a rambling blog about an eighties pop star. The 'hit' breakdown, country by country, is as follows:
United Kingdom  11,449
United States          9,888
Germany                 1,779
Austria                     1,058
Ireland                        623
Australia                     553
Russia                         441
Finland                       309
Italy                            257
Spain                          193
Chile                               0
Argentina                        0
Brazil                              0
Peru                                 0
Columbia                        0

I will leave you to draw your own conclusions from the bottom 5.

Goodbye, it's been a blast.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 197 Thursday 29th March 2012

Last week, 79,000 people in the UK downloaded 'Part of Me' by Katy Perry, to send it to Number 1, which means, to keep my collection of ALL the UK number 1's going (in a physical format), I HAVE to buy it, but of course I can't! There is no 'physical' product. No record and no cd to buy, so I have had to rely on one of my radio station friends to give me a promo copy of the cd. This is now happening week in, week out, and it won't be long before record companies stop sending promo's out at all, they will simply email the song to radio stations, and my collection will be over.

'Boyfriend' by Justin Bieber was released three days ago in the USA(download only of course), and is set to sell 400,000 downloads in it's first week. It will go straight in at No.1 on the 'Billboard (not so) Hot 100'. Luckily it only lasts for 2 Minutes 52 seconds, but it is another nail in the coffin of the music industry.

While the 'virtual'/plastic pop of; Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, The Wanted, One Direction etc is the new god to the pre-teens of the western world, Morrissey, the true and proper poet (of not just our generation, but of the whole of the 'popular music' era), cannot get a record deal. When MorrisseysWorld hints of Masonic forces acting against him, nobody wants to believe it, it is beyond their comprehension, but even if it isn't masonic forces, why oh why are the heads of the major record labels ignoring him, and instead, bombarding us with bland nothingness? Is the teen industry the only one they are interested in, and why do they only want to give us manufactured pap, just so that they maintain control? It doesn't make sense, and it's wrong. Will the exciting and fresh guitar music of the Raglans be as commercially successful as Katy or Justin? No, of course not, because our teenagers won't be given the opportunity to listen to them, instead they will be continually force fed the bland nothingness, which has been going on for so long now, it has numbed their musical senses. I have tried to get my own children to listen to 'proper' music, but they won't, they just dismiss me as an 'old fart' and mock me. I feel I am failing as a parent, but the radio stations are too scared to play 'real' music, and the kids are all listening to what they are told to. If ever another music revolution were needed, it's now, before it's too late, and a generation is lost.

Two days ago, The Mozziah became so disillusioned with all the bitching on MorrisseysWorld, that he issued a statement. There were no words, he simply posted the song 'All You Need Is Me'. Here are the words, please take a moment to read them:

You hiss and groan and you constantly moan
But you don't ever go away
And that's because
All you need is me

You roll your eyes up to the skies
Mock horrified
But you're still here
All you need is me

There's so much destruction
All over the world
And all you can do is
Complain about me

You bang your head against the wall
And you say you're sick of it all
Yet you remain
'Cause all you need is me

And then you offer your one and only joke
And you ask me what will I be
When I grow up to be a man
Me?  Nothing!

There's a soft voice singing in your head
Who could this be?
I do believe it's me

There's a naked man standing, laughing in your dreams
You know who it is
But you don't like what it means

There's so much destruction
All over the world
And all you can do is
Complain about me

I was a small, fat child in a welfare house
There was only one thing I ever dreamed about
And fate has just
Handed it to me - whoopee

You don't like me, but you love me
Either way you're wrong
You're gonna miss me when I'm gone
You're gonna miss me when I'm gone

(words courtesy of Morrissey, music non applicable)

It's a simple song, that was probably originally written in response to all the negative comments that are posted on So-low. With all good intention, Morrissey starts his own website/blog thingy, and within months, his fans start behaving in the same way as the so-lowers. He must despair, truly he must, although he is probably so used to it by now, that he won't be surprised, but deep down, somewhere, I bet he'll feel disappointed, and it's true what he says, we WILL miss him when he's gone, which is why I continue to visit MorrisseysWorld on a daily basis, we are SO lucky to have this experience, but just like JC's temple, that was turned it into a den of thieves, MorrisseysWorld is turning into a den of bitches. "You're gonna miss me when I'm gone."

On Monday, I wrote about a number of 'personas' that I believe belong to Morrissey. One of the persona's, Romina Ricci aka @Caterita2008, often leaves comment on my blog entries, and on Monday, she/he/Moz, left the following:

Well, Dear Rat, how can I start my comment? I got a lot of things to say, be patience and forgive me for my grammar or orthographic mistakes. First of all I'm not a Morrissey's persona, I'm just Romina and all that I said on my twitter's profile it's absolutly true. Then, MorrisseysWorld is not Morrissey's blog and twitter account, he denyed it to many times and in the brazilian interview he was not joking! He is in a cul de sac, he'll never write a statement on TTY because he is to clever for doing a so fatal mistake. In Italy a brillant politician called Massimo D'Alema denounced a famous comics drawing and all the people said that D'Alema was a dictator against the freedom to speak! Now Morrissey is in the same pair of shoes, the blog is a parody site and he does'nt want to be slave of a parody, I think that sometimes he's very tired to be Morrissey, because his fans got an idea of him probably untrue. He is a prefect singer songwriter, he loves to be on the stage, but surely he want to be a free man. You're a brillant writer Rat this blog is not wasting time, but some people take to seriously your words and some others are so vile and presoumptuos...Now it's to late, I'll return to this theme, now you're waiting for me to the Top Chart! Viva Morrissey and stop with MorrisseysWorld!

So what am I to conclude from this? On the face of it, it would appear that Romina, just like so many other MorrisseysWorlders, has given MW up as a fake, but on twitter she/he/third sex/Moz, still wears the rose of the MorrisseysWorlders. I decided to google 'Romina Morrissey' and a new world has opened up to me, for all over So-low and the website '', is 'Romina', the 'Italian housewife from Rome', who it would appear has a dislike for Kristeen Young...or does she? IS Romina in fact Kristeen? I won't even try to work it out, but here are some Romina posts from So-low & AllYouNeedisMorrissey:

Romina - 
I'm truly disappointed to see no Italian date and to see once again Kristeenyoung as supporting act! This is too much for me! I got nothing against Kristeenyoung, but her orrific songs, I just think that to choose a singer for rumors and gossip around her it's pathethic...I'll became a Michael Bubble fan, as soon as possible!

romina - 
Quote Originally Posted by celibate View Post
yeah and no Ukrain gigs, no Egypt not even in Albanian ones

so unfair

No, it's not unfair, it's simply unprofessional, childish and silly...just like Moz...

romina - 
Today I got nothing to do and I read a lot of things on this site thinking that it's just like a guide to hate Morrissey and all the Moz's fan...Someone try to involve me in a racial debate, someone try to propose an horrific singer like a great star...Once upon a time I choosed Mossissey as my favourite singer and songwriter just because he was so different to all the others pop star, now he looks more and more like Madonna and Brittney Spears, he trys to catch rumors and gossip! Waiting for "Boro" gig where we'll listen to another "rude "statement or another cancellation! Hello Celibate...Pasolini, Fellini and Anna Magnani are on mine!

Romina - 
Well, well, well....The matter is always the same: Kristeen Young-Old-! I never belived that Morrissey was angry with her, it was all concorded for publicity. Now they will touring again togheter, well, European audience was always very polite with her! Anyway I dont't like her songs and the way she sings, is it a guilty? For my point of view she's to much "didascalic" and redoundant and no more. Good luck to her!

Romina - 
There is a little difference between Kristeen Old and Doll and Kicks: Doll (Hannah?) is a young and lovely woman and she used to go on the stage pratically with lingerie...Where is the talent? Oh, I don't know! Anyway I prefer Doll and Kick, they play better than Kristeen...obviously! I'm not cool and I like to dance!

Thu 19 May 2011, 08:28:09
It's very well written and full of irony. Let's be reasonable: if a famous singer, with a tour planned and with an autobiografy ready to go on the press, finds a fake blog about himself with a lot of autobiografy extract totally false, just alerting, by his favourite fanzine, all his fans and no more?! Did'nt need to alert his lawers or some others to remove this blog?

Fri 13 May 2011, 14:39:14
No, he did'nt, he was completely ignored in his life, but after the dead he became very famous, now is one of the favourite author for the italian students, expecially for the text "The last cigarette" from "La coscienza di Zeno"...He was very in touch with the great irish writer James Joyce, I suppose he transleted some text. I suppose Morrissey feels himself just a little bit like Antony Franciosa in the movie, he loves to take in turn himself and I adore him for this!

Also on Monday, I mentioned the twitter user @sweetestflower, who has appeared from nowhere, claiming to be the 'real' Morrissey. The mission of sweetest is to convince everybody that MW is fake, as I believe he is determined to try and drive everybody away. Sweetest gave me a little bit of abuse on Tuesday, likening me to Tseng, telling me I had a diseased mind and also claiming that he had "no doubt" that MW is my scam, which actually goes against what he said on Sunday when he thought it was "someone working for me". Whether sweetest IS or ISN'T Moz,  he's blocked me, either because he doesn't want me getting in the way of his 'mission', or he ISN'T Morrissey, and he just doesn't like me! The only thing that leads me to believe that sweetest IS the real Morrissey, is because Romina tweets with him. Time, as ever, will tell, but I hope sweetest hangs around, and I wish him luck in his mission. The less who believe, the more likely that MW stays.

My twitter timeline has been virtually empty in the last few days, as MW hadn't been tweeting and I'd unfollowed all the non believers, but this morning I have started to re-follow RosyMires, GOB and Lizzy Cat, because they aren't 'really' non believers, as they keep posting on MW. If they 'really' believed that the site was 'dangerous' and hurt Morrissey, they wouldn't go there, but deep down, they DO believe, they just haven't admitted it to themselves.

MW did send out three tweets yesterday, two in reply to Kristeen Young, one of which said, "Blogging is a job I'm growing to hate" and the other to recommend that Kristeen block the tweeter @certifiabletoe.

MW's other tweet was this simple message, "Peace of mind is the aspiration of the intelligent and the curse of the ignorant." How very true.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 196 Wednesday 28th March 2012

This morning as I walked the dog in the beautiful Spring sunshine, I had a smug grin on my face, thinking how clever I am that I have managed to work out the whole MorrisseysWorld phenomenon, but it was a silly smug grin really, because I'm not clever, it's ridiculously obvious, in fact, it couldn't be MORE obvious. Morrissey publicly declares the site 'dangerous' and then makes 'blatant' 'O' signs on stage to prove the site is his. He even switches it into a different song after the non-believers claim he only does it in 'Alma Matters'.

As I walked along, I wondered where the blog would 'go next', and what would I do if I were Morrissey. I then laughed out loud (honestly) as a thought occurred to me. MorrisseysWorld has given the 'real' Morrissey an ultimatum, which is, "If the seminal artiste HM Morrissey would like this site to be erased from the web, a simple statement on True To You would ensure this happens expeditiously. Morrissey has until the end of March 2012 to request this site be deleted; after this date, it cannot be guaranteed."

I desperately, desperately hope that Morrissey issues a statement on TTY, as then everybody would rejoice that it wasn't Morrissey. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the non believers would take Morrissey at face value, and dismiss MW as a fake, and the matter of who else it could possibly have been, would be irrelevant. The witch would be dead. Of course, the few of us who have NO DOUBT that it is him, would laugh at the TTY statement, it would mean nothing, it would be deliciously funny. MW could then put out a statement saying that they don't believe Morrissey to be the author of TTY, (which of course he actually isn't) and refuse to close. God, I wish it were my blog thingy, well actually, many people think it is, which flatters me enormously.

Another alternative is for TTY to issue the statement the day 'after' the end of March, which ironically is APRIL 1ST, and MW could then say 'Morrissey missed the deadline', and refuse to close. I am laughing out loud at the very thought of the games he can play, and in fact, I'm probably ruining his fun by even mentioning these things (sorry Sire. No, not the record label, I offer them no apology).

So, as I walked the dog in the glorious early morning sun, I had my ipod on shuffle, which 9 times out of 10 will throw up a Moz song, but today up popped a song that I didn't recognise. I was just about to forward to the next track, when my ears suddenly sat up and listened. I had no idea what it was, but it was new, fresh and exciting. I looked at my ipod and read that it was a song called 'Not Now' by Raglans. I'd forgotten that I'd added this to my ipod a few days ago, having downloaded 5 of their songs when they were posted on twitter. I immediately replayed this song, and then again, and then again. It is the first time I have had this feeling about a new song or new band for a very long time. I flicked to the other tracks, and before I knew it, was singing along to 'Home'. I was already aware of the song 'The Man From Glasgow', although I hadn't realised just how good that song was either (Betty had). I now wish I was 18 again, I'm sure the Raglans target audience isn't a slightly receding 46 year old. Tough, I like you.

Yesterday I had a brief chat in the MW chat room with Morrissey1959, and he said that he "should close the blog down", due to the criticism, but he went on to say there is a mission. He has never said or done anything wrong, and if he can't use his own blog to air his own views, then what can he do? He has always been outspoken, so why should people expect anything different from him on his blog? I hope he continues. The mission? Who knows, but he did once say that eventually everybody would leave, so perhaps that is it. Unfortunately for him, some of us won't!

And now for an internet free day in the sun. Busy scissors.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 195 Tuesday 27th March 2012

  (The setting is Manchester airport, approximately one week ago. Morrissey is coming out of the airport, accompanied by his bodyguard Liam. They have come through the V.I.P area and are exiting the building. Outside is a Mercedes 190 E, 'F' Reg and with a number of rust patches. Sat at the wheel is a woman who is probably in her early sixties, but it is hard to tell. She has peroxide blonde hair & a fag hanging from her mouth. She winds down her window and shouts to Morrissey).

WOMAN: (shouting to Moz) Paul, get in the car you soppy get, they're trying to move me on, it's a no waiting zone.
(Morrissey doesn't know the woman and ignores her)

MOZ: (to Liam) Where's my driver?

LIAM: (to Moz) I've just called him, he's just coming but there are a number of unauthorised cars blocking the route. This woman ain't helping, why's she shouting to you?

MOZ: (to Liam) I thought she was shouting to you, I didn't know your name was Paul, come to think about it, I'm not sure I've ever asked you your name, what is it?

LIAM: (to Moz) It's Liam sir, you did ask me once, perhaps you forgot, it doesn't matter.

MOZ: (to Liam) I don't tend to forget things, I've the memory of an elephant you know. I hope we don't have long to wait, the last thing I want is for people to spot me. If anyone approaches, keep them away, strictly no photographs or autographs today, I'm not in the mood.

WOMAN: (shouting to Moz) Oi, soppy draws, get in the bleeding car before I get a ticket.

MOZ: (to Liam) I do believe she's shouting at me, go and ask her what she wants.

LIAM: (approaches the car and talks to the woman) Why are you shouting at us?

WOMAN: I wasn't shouting at you, I was shouting at my dippy son, can't he hear me? Has that South American sea water affected his hearing?

LIAM: Your son? That's Morrissey.

WOMAN: Listen, he may have convinced himself he's Morrissey, but he's my son all right, and if he wants a lift, he'd better get in this car right now, or he can walk home.

LIAM: (walks back to Moz) She says she's your mum and says you'd better get in the car now or you can walk home.

MOZ: (to Liam) Me mam? She's nothing like me mam, and if she thinks I'm getting in that old rust bucket, she is wildly mistaken. Shoo her away.

LIAM: (walks back to car) Morrissey says please go away.

WOMAN: (shouting to Moz) Bollocks to you my lad, who the fuck do you think you are? This obsession has gone too far. And don't bother coming home for your tea, I'll give it to the dog. It was your favourite too, Margherita pizza from Marks and Sparks. I wash my hands of you Paul, you can think you're Morrissey all you like, in fact, why don't you go and bloody well move in with him, you obviously love him more than you love me. It's weird, that's what it is, weird. You dress like him, you try to look like him, you try to sing like him, well let me tell you something for nothing my lad, your version of Black Cloud is woeful, truly fucking woeful. (she flicks her finished fag butt towards Morrissey and screeches off).

(Morrissey's chauffer driven Mercedes S 500 pulls up in the space that has been vacated by Paul's mam. The chauffeur gets out and opens the door for Morrissey, who gets in to the back seat. Liam sits in the front passenger seat. As they start to drive away, Morrissey glances out of the window towards the terminal building, where 'Paul', the lead singer of Manchester's number one (self acclaimed) tribute band, 'Viva Morrissey', is coming out. He is wearing exactly the same clothes as Morrissey. He has been on the same flight back from Columbia, but in 'cattle class' and not 'first class'. He is looking around for his mother's car, but it is nowhere to be seen.)

(The next setting is the two up, two down, red brick terrace house in Manchester, belonging to Morrissey's mam, Betty Dwyer. It should be pointed out that the house is mortgage free. Morrissey's chauffer opens the car door to allow Morrissey out.)

MOZ: (to chauffer)  Please knock the door. (The chauffeur knocks the door) Thank you, now you can go. (to Liam) You are dismissed too, I will contact you if I decide to venture out of the house. Don't go far.

(Betty is sat in the front room playing hangman with Morrissey's musical director Boz Boorer.)

BETTY: (to Boz) Be a sweetheart Martin and open the door would you? It'll be our Steven, always losing his key that one.

BOZ: No problem Mrs D. (Boz gets up and answers the door)

MOZ: What are you doing here, can I not get away from you? I thought you'd gone to record your album, what's it called again, "Just A Spare Part"? Quite apt that. (smirks)
(Betty shouts from the lounge)
BETTY: It's my house, not yours, and Martin is a guest of mine.
(Boz makes a 'so there' face at Moz. They both enter the lounge)

BOZ: (to Moz) And for your information, it's called "Some of the Parts".

MOZ: How about "One of the Parts?" (laughs out loud)

BETTY: (raised voice) Steven, leave Martin alone, he's been playing me some of his songs, they're very good. I love the Glasgow one.

BOZ: That wasn't me Mrs D, that was The Raglans song I played you.

BETTY: You said it was your band.

BOZ: I meant 'my band' as in the band I produced, but my album is the other one I played you, the one with the song 'Slippery Forces', remember?

BETTY: I'm not senile Martin, of course I remember. I preferred the Glasgow one to the Slippery one, but never mind. (turns to Moz) Now, Steven, have you brought me anything back from South America? Martin has bought me back five teapots for my collection, one from each country you've been to.

MOZ: I was far too busy to think about tea pots, I've been creating.

BETTY: Messing about on that interweb thingy of yours more like, it's become an obsession, I thought you were going to stop doing it when on tour?

MOZ: How do you know I've been on the blog site?

BETTY: I 'do' know how to use the interweb you know, I've been having a look at your site, what's all this masonic nonsense, you know I don't like all that voodoo stuff, it's not normal.

MOZ: They're holding me back from getting a record deal mam.

BETTY: Utter nonsense, you're just not trying hard enough, now why don't you let me talk to these record companies, you know it's better coming form me, it looks desperate if you do it.

BOZ: I've been doing it Mrs D, he even let me call myself his official representative when I phoned.

MOZ: And what a balls up you made of it, if I hadn't put the phone down, God knows what you'd have signed me up for.

BETTY: Well Martin must know what he's doing, he's managed to get himself a deal, and the Raggylands. You should trust him Steven.

MOZ: With all due respect, Fabrique records is not exactly a High Street retro label now is it? It was bad enough being on Attack for all those years, if I can't get 'London' or 'Fontana', I just won't bother.

BETTY: Beggars can't be choosers Steven, if Martin can get you a deal at Fabrique, you take it, do you hear me? You've got a pile of post over there on the side board, (points to side board) bills mainly by the look of it. (Moz walks to the side board and picks up the post) I don't suppose there will be any invitations to dine with the Prime Minister or the Queen after all your silly remarks. Why you have to get involved with discussing the Falkland islands, I'll never know. No thoughts of the looks I get when I'm doing my shopping, oh no. It's alright for you standing on some stage in Argentina, lapping up the applause of the locals, but when I'm stood in the centre aisle of Iceland and all the other mother's are pointing and staring, how do you think it feels?

MOZ: (ignoring his mam's rant) What's this? (holds up a flyer for 'Viva Morrissey')

BETTY: I was given it in town, it's advertising your concert on April 12th in Leeds.

MOZ: Leeds? We haven't got any UK concerts lined up, you know I'm refusing to book any UK concerts until after the court case. If I lose that case, I will never, ever play in the UK again. I will never even set foot in this country again. Leeds? (reads the flyer) This isn't my band, this is the so called tribute band. This is the guy who was at the airport. Ah, now I get it, that was 'his' mam in the car.
(Betty and Boz look at each other questioningly.) Mother, how could you possibly have mistaken that man for me, he's nothing like me.

BETTY: Nothing like you, he looks identical.

MOZ: I give up, I really do. I slog my guts out, travelling half way around the world, just to keep a roof over our heads, and my own mother thinks I'm the lead singer of a Morrissey tribute band. I can't stand tribute acts, they're all dreadful.

BOZ: Chinese Elvis is good Moz.

MOZ: (not listening to Boz)You can't help but feel they are a subspecies.

BETTY: Steven! Don't start that again, Mrs Woo in the wool shop has only just started talking to me again, and that's only because I explained about the cats and dogs.

MOZ: What are you on about? I meant, tribute acts are a subspecies, not Chinese Elvis, although by definition, he is a tribute act, so technically he does fall into the subspecies catagory, but for his poor gyrating pelvis, not his race. Twisted lies, always twisted lies, please mother, don't 'you' fall into the trap that the others fall into. You're better than that.

BETTY: I just wish you'd think sometimes before saying these things. It's not just me that gets the looks, it's our Jacqueline too, and the boys.

MOZ: Am I to remain mute and have no thoughts? Can I not have opinions? Tony Blair can send our country to war on a whim and yet I am persecuted for protecting voiceless creatures? This world is not for me, this world is certainly not for me.

BETTY: And you can stop all that sort of talk. (There is a couple of minutes of silence) Are they any good?

(Moz is a dream like state and doesn't answer)

BOZ: Who?

BETTY: This Viva Moz?

BOZ: Oh, er, I've never seen them, but Moz did show me their version of Black Cloud on Youtube, it wasn't pretty.

(Moz snaps out of his trance)

MOZ: Come on Boz, as you're here, we may as well get on with the tour diaries for the blog.

BOZ: We haven't finished last year's yet.

MOZ: And who's fault is that Boz, who's fault is that? We need to inject some humour back into the blog, it's all gone a bit serious. I'm wondering if if wasn't such a good idea to do all the masonic signs, I don't think my fans like it, it might be a bit beyond them.

BETTY: It's your music they like Steven, your music. I do like your parody pieces though, does Russell write those?

MOZ: No he bloody doesn't, I'm far funnier than that old clothes horse, I bet he loves it that people think it's him. Bloody cheek.

BETTY: Language. There's no need. You don't swear in your songs, so don't swear here. Actually there was that one song about being dragged in the s-h-1-t, but I don't like to hear it. Go on, you two boys run along and play with your blog thing, I'll make us all some tea and toast.

MOZ: Thanks mam.

BOZ: Thanks Mrs D.



Monday, 26 March 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 194 Monday 26th March 2012

If ever I do meet The Mozziah, the one question I will never ask him, is 'Are you behind MorrisseysWorld'. I would never need to ask the question, because I know the answer. Many people continue to fight the idea that Morrissey is MorrisseysWorld, mainly because they don't want it to be true, they preferred the 'God' like image, to the real person, which is ironic, because although I 'Follow the Mozziah', I no longer see Morrissey as a God. Genius yes, God, no.

Among the many still fighting the obvious, is Lizzy Cat, who has today posted the following on MW, "This is not entertainment or funny", she continues, "Whoever is responsible for this site is going down the wrong route." It would appear that every time The Mozziah writes something that people are uncomfortable with, they convince themselves that it 'can't' be 'him', because they don't want it to be. They are of course completely fickle, because if it were ever 'proven' that Morrissey is behind MW, they would forget the uncomfortableness, and re-embrace their God immediately or would they? Would the likes of Aurora and Rosy Mires 'ever' be able to accept Morrissey, warts and all, or are the warts too ugly to bear?

So what are Morrissey's plans for MorrisseysWorld? I don't believe he has any, I think he's just letting it take it's own course. His mood changes from day to day, and on some days I believe he feels he wants to turn MW into a genuine Morrissey website, with news, pictures, reviews etc, and the next day he wants to close it all down, because either it bores him, or it annoys him that people cannot see what is in front of their noses. He certainly won't enjoy the hurt that some are feeling, but the hurt is only caused by their own interpretations.

Today, MorrisseysWorld has published an article by the long forgotten, 'Log Lady'. She has re-appeared to remind everybody that on October 9th last year, she predicted the following, "When the blood runs, the white rose becomes a red rose. When the truth settles down, nothing will remain." Log Lady, aka Margaret, also goes on to point out that in the song 'You Have Killed Me' (In Bogota, Columbia), you can see in the Youtube footage, that Morrissey takes hold of a WHITE rose, but when the blood runs, ie 'You Have Killed Me', the white rose becomes red, as seen in the photograph that first appeared. It was the lighting that made the rose appear red. "THE WHITE ROSE BECOMES A RED ROSE."

Log Lady foretold the future, so what of the next part of her prediction, "when the truth settles down, nothing will remain." I think that this means, that when 'eventually' everybody finally realises that Morrissey is behind MW, it will all disappear, as though it were never there........or of course, it'll become a proper Morrissey website, depending on his mood!

Log Lady has also said today, "SOMEONE HAS WHISPERED of this blog and that person is 'known across the oceans. All we await now is the 'CASCADE OF EVENTS.'" Are we about to see a famous person talk publicly of MW, or is Log Lady referring to Boy George? What will be the 'Cascade of Events'? Could 'Trouble Loves Me' be added to the set list in Japan? Will a Blue Rose be given?

Log Lady has also warned that, "Soon people will be hurt in America, this I know. This I know." Is this a 'physical' hurt, or a 'mental' hurt? Is Log Lady predicting civil unrest, or a terrorist attack, or could it be a 'feeling of hurt', caused by financial meltdown? Time as ever, will tell. I personally take these predictions to be Morrissey's own thoughts on what will happen in the world. If Morrissey himself were to come out with such statements, he would be absolutely 'hammered' in the press and even 'he' wouldn't want to face the backlash of the American's, he's not stupid! Mentioning the Falklands is one thing, upsetting the Yanks, and the 'Powers that be', is another, he has a career to think about, but is it far fetched to believe that Morrissey thinks what many of the rest of us think, that the world is a very dangerous place at the moment, and with the recession showing no signs of easing, unrest could come to America? Your average 'meathead' Morrissey fan won't want to contemplate such thoughts, they just like his music.

And on a lighter note....twitter! After my long weekend away from the internet, (spent shopping in Chichester with Mrs Whiskers, as she celebrated her birthday and cricketing in Southampton with one of the mini rats) I returned today (alright, I popped into the Twit Arms very briefly yesterday) to work my way through my timeline, which is located on the wall of the Twitterdilly Arms. My timeline these days is a little different, as many of the original people I followed have gone, having lost the faith. Most of the people I follow are MW 'believers', although because the likes of Lizzy Cat and Girl on Bike change their minds every other day, it is hard to know whether to follow them or not. Lizzy Cat has convinced herself that it 'can't' be Morrissey, based on the fact that he has opened a parody shop selling 'MorrisseysWorld IS Morrissey' t-shirts (plus other items such as baby bibs, laptop covers etc). It is an obvious joke, nobody in their right mind would buy anything, and I don't think you even could.

In the next breathe, Lizzy was 'back on board' as she tweeted, "@MorrisseysWorld Nobody can explain the tweet from you to me in December about Years of Refusal and the next day the info appearing on TTY." This was Morrissey's personal proof to Lizzy that he is behind MW, but still she fights it, not based on logic, but based on what she doesn't like on the blog. Today she has written, "I don't like the prediction about people being hurt in America. Also the merchandise shop idea is a rip off!!" Because Lizzy doesn't like the idea of 'hurt', and doesn't see the parody of the 'shop', she dismisses MorrisseysWorld as NOT Morrissey, because it doesn't fit in with her 'picture' of what Morrissey should be like. Rosy Mires, Girl on Bike and Aurora, to name but a few, have fallen into the same trap, because the Morrissey they have pictured in their minds, is not the one they are now seeing, so they are fighting tooth and nail to try and reason why it 'can't' be him. Some of them are even trying to blame me, but Rosy certainly knows I'm not behind MW, after all, how could I be? but they cannot find a logical explanation, so they are all grasping at straws. Morrissey is plucking roses from the audience and writing about it, there is no other explanation, MORRISSEY IS MW.

Well, actually, the ONLY other explanation, is that somebody who works for Morrissey is behind MW, an explanation offered up by the latest recruit to twitter, '@sweetestflower' aka 'wildnatureyields'. '@sweetestflower' first appeared on twitter on March 17th and tweeted, "One more night. Looking forward to returning to Blighty in spring." This tweet set the scene that this person was implying they were Morrissey. It was followed up with some Mozzian type tweets and then yesterday, this statement:

"After watching the circus of the past few months, I am compelled to kindly advise that I have not made or endorsed the gauche words on the blog and twitter that's been ascribed to my hand, nor would I lead on the fans I cherish deeply and hold dear in my heart. If this is being perpetrated by someone I employ, it is without my knowledge or permission. The two avenues available to me in ceasing this embarrassing nonsense are to go through ridiculous hoops with twitter to have the imposter's account shut down or to play mind games this person would love for me to play. Ultimately the sustenance of this charade is the attention it's fed, so I ask you please not patronise what is causing many people hurt and frustration. With sweetness, MORRISSEY."

Funnily enough, the ones who don't want to believe that MW is Morrissey, didn't now want to believe 'real' Morrissey, with G.O.B in particular, arguing straight away with 'Sweetest Flower'. GOB seems to be able to upset anybody at any time. 'Sweetest Flower' tweeted to GOB, "GirlOnBike, you have believed I am who I say I am for these past few days. If you now doubt my words because they don't match what you've already decided to be true, there's little I could have ever said or done. I'm rather insulted." Poor old GOB, she doesn't either 'want to believe' or 'not want to believe', she just wants to argue.

So, what do I make of 'Sweetest Flower', is it Morrissey or not? Well, in the MW chat room last night, myself, Air Raid and 'a guest' chatted with Morrissey1959 and when asked about 'Sweetest', Morrissey replied, "Come now, a person appears on Twitter claiming to be Morrissey and you believe it is him? The irony. I fulfil all these pledges, a rose is plucked out of the moshpit and this individual wins hearts and minds by posting an old picture and lambasting me."................Yep, it's him! The old double bluff game, although in The Mozziah's case, I think we're up to about a dozen different personas.

And speaking of personas, as I worked my way through twitter, I cam across a tweet from my favourite Morrissey persona, 'Romina Ricci' aka @caterita2008. On March 19th, Romina tweeted, "Well! Maybe the last show was the best, what do you think?" Four days later, on True To You, the show in Bogota (the last show) is listed as the best. On March 22nd, Romina tweets, "Is the sweetest flower a rose? Maybe..." Hmmm.

Also from twitter, at 4.45pm on Friday, Romina, who usually only tweets in the mornings, retweeted somebody called @GillyBee763, who had sent a tweet about her sister sharing a flight with Morrissey. Moments after Romina's 'out of hours' retweet, the mysterious '@i2177' aka 'Me Is Sorry' tweeted in reply to '@MorrisseysMum' (who had earlier tweeted, "Please close down the site known as Morrisseysworld.blogspot.") "Do it yourself." This is a clear indication that The Mozziah is just playing around with his different twitter accounts, to see who is awake and paying attention. I am sure he gets bored and just changes personas to amuse himself. One minute he's 'BrokenMorrissey', the next 'Romina', then 'Mum', then 'MW', then 'sweetestflower', then 'i2177', then 'BozBoorer', occasionally 'dotdotdotpause', and not forgetting the ones that haven't been used for ages, like 'OldOscarWilde', 'MissKateRyan', 'DollyWilde', and I'm presuming, 'GreyerGirl', 'RoadHog'and 'Jeane_Morrissey'. There could of course be loads more, and perhaps some of those I've listed aren't Moz, but as Marcus Markou once said, "If Morrissey didn't have all these twitter accounts, where else would his personas go, twitter is made for Morrissey." (Sorry if the quote isn't word for word, but you get the gist.)

And finally Esther, and finally Cyril, guess who tweeted MorrisseysWorld AGAIN on Saturday? Only KRISTEEN YOUNG! She tweeted, "@Morrisseysworld Well, thank you, Mr. World. I know I must....the other option is Walmart greeter." And if THAT isn't an endorsement, then I don't know what is.

Ps. Philip Schofield has blocked MW on twitter, mind you The Mozziah only has himself to blame, seeing as he tweeted Schofe the following, "Though twitter makes us all seem slightly less dreary, you are the exception." He IS The Mozziah, AND he's a very naughty boy!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 193 Sunday 25th March 2012


On August 22nd 2011, the website, asked for fans attending Morrissey concerts on his US tour, to wear either a single red rose or a single white rose.

On September 1st 2011, this request was re-iterated and it was stated that it was in honour of Oscar Wilde, because of the roses being a recurring motif in his work. It was also stated that Wilde lives on today in the artiste Morrissey. 

On October 16th 2011, MorrisseysWorld gave instructions that, "When Morrissey leaves the stage after the end of the set, he will pause prior to coming out for the encore. During this period, you should throw your rose on to the stage."

On November 4th 2011 on MorrisseysWorld, it was explained that the 'Secret Rose Society' was to mirror Oscar Wilde's 'Green Carnation', a secret society formed by Oscar Wilde for his followers, who would all wear green carnations to his performances without anybody knowing why. 

On November 14th 2011, Morrissey's tour of the US and Mexico got underway, with a concert in San Antonio, Texas, and a small number of the audience were reported to have worn roses, but none were thrown to the stage.

There were seventeen more concerts played on the US and Mexican tour and at various concerts, some members of the audience wore white or red roses, but very few were thrown to the stage.

On February 24th 2012, Morrissey started his tour of South America and again MorrisseysWorld gave instruction to wear a red rose or a white rose and to throw it to the stage. Two concerts were played in Chile and although it is rumoured that roses were worn, none of them made the stage. Four concerts were then played in Argentina, three in Brazil and one in Peru, and once more, it is said that some of the audience wore roses, but only one white rose was rumoured to have been thrown on stage and there is no video evidence on Youtube.

On March 17th 2012, Morrissey performed the last show of his South American tour, in Bogota, Columbia. During the song 'You Have Killed Me', Morrissey reached into the crowd and took hold of a white rose, a photo of which can be seen on MorrisseysWorld, although it looks like a red rose because of the lighting. The video can be watched on Youtube and shows clearly how Morrissey purposely leans into the audience to grab the rose.

Followers of MorrisseysWorld have vowed to wear roses at future concerts and to throw them to the stage, just before the encore, IT IS WHAT MORRISSEY WANTS.

Followers of MorrisseysWorld have been labelled 'Blue Rose', as blue roses, just like green carnations, are not natural flowers.

Blue roses have come to symbolise mystery and longing to obtain the impossible. Blue roses also represent unrequited love.

Followers of MorrisseysWorld should wear either a red or white rose to the concerts, but it has also been said, that if the song 'Trouble Loves Me' is sung, then blue roses should be thrown to the stage.

BLUE ROSE is not a limited club, it is just the name given to the MorrisseyWorlders who wear a rose to the concerts and throw them to the stage.
  Trouble loves us all.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 191 Friday 23rd March 2012

The umbilical cord has been cut, and I am therefore back to being unemployed. MorrisseysWorld blogsite thingy has not posted any new items, but Morrissey tweeted for most of yesterday in various guises, including as @sweetestflower, which certainly does seem to be his account, although on twitter of course, you never can tell. From the number of tweets, I would guess that The Mozziah is completely and utterly bored. He has obviously arrived back from the tour and finds there is nothing to do. He mentioned in the MW chat room the other day that there is still no record deal, so between tours, he twiddles his thumbs or tweets.

JodyRoad turned up in chat room yesterday, with all the hallmarks of Rustle Brind, but was it? Again, who knows. Is Rustle actually controlling and running all the MW twit accounts while The Mozziah holidays in France? Who knows. This who fella knows a lot of things.

I am struggling to find anything to write about and am aware that people are bored of reading this nothingness. I can find no inspiration to write any parody sketches, so I have decided to have a long weekend completely away from the internet. There will be no Mozziah following for three days, and I'll come back Monday to see if I can find him.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 190 Thursday 22nd March 2012

Is Banjaxer in Portsmouth? And has he got Morrissey with him?
Yesterday morning, @Banjaxer tweeted, "Heading south."
At 4pm he tweeted, "That London."
At 5pm he tweeted, "LBC." Now LBC is the radio station that Duncan Barkes apparently works for. Duncan Barkes is the guy thet Banjaxer tweeted about the other day when he said, "Ever seen @TheRatsBack and @DuncanBarkes in the same room? Funny that." Banjaxer has since deleted that tweet. Why did he tweet it, and why has he deleted it? Bizarre.

At 5.30pm, @Stillicling asked Banjaxer if he was having a good day, to which Banjaxer replied, "busy....very busy." He then added, "just a bit of research here then an evening by the sea."
@Rosymires texted, "The sea???Hope you're not in Brighton this evening without telling me! Tea and Buns."
Banjaxer replied, "Sadly my accomplices will not allow me to stray for tea and buns, not today anyway."

At 8pm, Banjaxer tweeted, "If one were in say..Southsea, where could one watch the mcfc v chelsea match?" to which RosyMires replied, ";)".

At 9pm, @SpecialHalfHour tweeted, "OMG Morrissey spotted in Southsea? Eating chips." @SpecialHalfHour used to be called @August1963 and has tweeted a number of times about Morrissey being spotted in an airport. Banjaxer is no longer following '@SpecialHalfHour' as it would appear from their profile that they have recently moved away from Manchester(?) to Portsmouth. '@SpecialHalfHour' IS followed on twitter by @i2177, also known as 'Me Is Sorry'.


Meanwhile, back in fake Morrissey land, MorrisseysWorld has posted a heading saying 'France', but there is nothing else. Does this mean concert dates in France? Has he gone to France with Banjaxer? MW has also returned to twitter and a new mystery character called @sweetestflower has also arrived, sending tweets as if they too were Morrissey! Will the real Morrissey please stand up?

The red rose that was handed to Morrissey on stage in Columbia was....WHITE! The photograph that had appeared, showing a red rose, had deceived everybody because it was the lighting that made it appear red. You'd have thought The Mozziah might have noticed, but perhaps he was teasing. The rose appeared during 'You Have Killed Me' and according to MorrisseysWorld, it was a 'plastic' rose. Oscar Wilde will be turning in his grave.

No more to say today, so why was Banjaxer in Portsmouth, and was Morrissey really walking along eating chips? Will we ever know?

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 189 Wednesday 21st March 2012


THERAPIST ME (TP): Hello, hello, hello, what brings you here? Come in, kick your shoes off and sit down. In fact, lay down.

ME: All right, don't go overboard. Anyway, isn't it my turn to be therapist, you were therapist last time.

TP: How can you tell? What's the difference?

ME: Good point, I have no idea, it just makes it funnier for the reading audience.

TP: In your opinion that is, most of them probably just think you're a prat. Some think you're mad.

ME: 'We're' mad, not 'you're' mad. If I'm to be carted off to the looney bin, you're coming with me.

TP: Don't call it a looney bin, it looks like you're having a go at people with mental health problems.

ME: Oh for fuck's sake, can't you say anything anymore without it being taken in jest? The pc brigade have gone mad, sorry, not mad, they've gone doolally.

TP: You can't say doolally either.

ME: Eh? Why not?

TP: It's taking the piss.

ME: No it's not, it's a throw away comment.

TP: Well stop throwing comments away and keep them to yourself. If Morrissey had kept some of his thoughts to himself, he wouldn't be up in front of the beak in the summer.

ME: He's not the one who's up in front of the beak, it's the lying NME who have twisted his words. Next you'll be saying that he shouldn't have written some of the songs that he did.

TP: Well, certainly some of them have done him no favours.

ME: What sort of world are we living in for Christ's sake?

TP: Don't blaspheme.

ME: How can I blaspheme, I don't believe in any Gods? This is crazy.

TP: Anyway, the clock's ticking, I'm not cheap you know, what do you want? What's brought you to therapy?

ME: Well, as a matter of fact, I'd forgotten about these sessions and was only reminded of them because somebody has written a blog called and in the blog, besides numerous accusations, it mentions that the author of FollowingtheMozziah, posts, "Imaginary conversations between him and a therapist about having a Morrissey obsession." I therefore thought it would be nice for us to have a session.

TP: Fair enough. I read that blog too.

ME: Well of course you did you schmuck.

TP: Ooh, how very Jewish of you. Anyway, from what I read from the deconstructing blog thing, it's your spelling and grammar you should be more worried about than anything, they even called you dyslexic.

ME: Hold on, you're the one who types 'Mozziah', not me, if anybody's dyslexic around here, it's you *mutters under breath* prick.

TP: I heard that.

ME: That's because you said it, we're the same person!

TP: Ah, but are we Dickie Felton as suggested by the blog's author?

ME: Well obviously we're not, I've only ever been to Liverpool twice, once to see Pompey beat Everton 3-2 in the league cup (cracking game) and once for a job interview (didn't get it, didn't want it). I have seen Dickie though, funnily enough it was on the infamous Great Yarmouth Pier, his book had just come out and he was selling them.

TP: What about this other guy who's being accused of being the author of 'Mozziah', Duncan Barkes?

ME: I've no idea who he is, although apparently he works in radio. I won't bother looking up anything about him, because he isn't me, I don't need to convince myself of that.

TP: So why is somebody going to such great lengths to try and find an alternative reason for Morrissey not being behind MorrisseysWorld, when virtually everybody, including Boy George, concludes it is?

ME: Simple, the truth is too painful for some to bear. Morrissey has stripped himself and he isn't what some hoped he would be. He's too, er, he's too, er

TP: Too er, what? too what?

ME: I don't know. Not normal, definitely not normal. And despite his stripping, he's still God like, he always will be.

TP: So what is he then? Give me a word.

ME: Approachable. No, that's not right either, I'm sure he'd still be a diver in real life. I can't find a word. Human?

TP: Shit word, try harder. What's the one thing that has surprised you about him more than anything else? Come on, inspire me with your thinking.

ME: Well, through his blog and twitter and the Morrissey's World chat room, he's shown himself as incredibly witty. His lyrics have always made me laugh, but through the contact I've had, I've just found him very funny. Mind you, I've seen other sides to him and I would guess he can be incredibly manipulating, but then I've been accused of being manipulating many, many times, and I find it a great compliment, it is a negotiating skill.

TP: Do you think fans are struggling to understand why Morrissey has revealed himself like he has?

ME: Definitely. Would Bono ever create a website like this and come among his fans? Would Madonna? Would Bieber? No chance, for a start, they wouldn't know how to do it. This idea is truly unique and ingenious, and because of that, the fans are looking for any reason they can to prove it isn't Morrissey, especially in light of the public persona that surrounds him. It's just unthinkable that Morrissey would do this, truly unthinkable, that's why the media haven't picked up on it, they just can't get their heads around the possibility of Morrissey doing it.

TP: Everybody thinks they know him so well, that they 'KNOW' he wouldn't do this.

ME: Exactly, but how can anybody think they know Morrissey even a little bit, let alone well? Even Morrissey probably doesn't even know Morrissey. Who is Morrissey? Who am I? Who are any of us? Do any of us really 'KNOW' ourselves?

TP: Oi, I'm the therapist, I'll ask the deep and meaningful questions *mutters under breath* cunt.

ME: I heard that.

TP: You were meant to. What else does the 'deconstructingMW' blog thingy say?

ME: Nothing logical, I'm also accused of being Marcus Markou, but seeing as a room full of 250 people saw us talking together, it's a bloody miracle. The whole 'deconstructingMW' blog is just a rant from somebody who desperately doesn't want Morrissey to be behind Morrissey's World. Funnily enough, it doesn't deconstruct MW at all, it just tries to deconstruct TRB.

TP: Do we need deconstructing?

ME: I don't think we've finish being constructed yet, we're only half built.

TP: That's a valid point actually, now that Morrissey has appeared with the rose, and there is no longer any doubt in 'most' people's mind's that he's behind MorrisseysWorld, are we going to continue with 'Mozziah'?

ME: Yes of course, but maybe scale it back a bit. I'm off on holiday soon and I'm not taking the lap top with me, so I'll have a complete break and lay in the sun, but ultimately, I'd love to see 'Blue Rose' really take off. Hopefully it'll take off in Japan, and then naturally follow through to the UK and the rest of the world, but if it doesn't, I'll try and do my bit to help it.

TP: The holiday sounds nice, can I come?

ME: I'd prefer a masseuse to a therapist if it's all the same.

TP: I'm a dab hand at massages.

ME: Yes I know, but with all due respect, you're hardly any good to me are you?

TP: No, I suppose not, although there is a certain massage I can give you that you don't usually complain about.

ME: *blushing* All right, all right, no need for that sort of talk. Ok, you can come on holiday.

TP: I bet!

ME: Before this sinks any lower, perhaps we should call it a day.

TP: Hold on, back to the rose thing. Now that Morrissey has held a rose on stage, you'd have thought his blog and twitter account would be going viral, and yet his twitter account only has 6,249 followers, what's going on?

ME: I don't think that question constitutes therapy now does it? I hope you've stopped the clock, is this just an informal chat now?

TP: Yes, a little bit like the greet bit, pleasant niceties if you like. Why don't you put your shoes back on?

ME: I wasn't wearing any. In answer to your 'unmetered' question, the masses won't find Morrissey's World, even if he wears a Bieber t-shirt.

TP: Why?

ME: Because it's under the radar. I have today used one of my Moz mates as a test. He is your average 'meathead' Morrissey fan. He buys all Morrissey cd's, he goes to at least one concert per UK tour, and usually two or three. He goes to So-low and True to You to get his Morrissey information, but he won't read through all the So-low rubbish, he will only read an interesting article or reviews about UK concerts. When I alerted him to MorrisseysWorld a number of months ago, he dismissed it because of the denials and didn't even read it. Today, I sent him a text asking if he'd looked at MorrisseysWorld yet, and he replied no.

TP: So, you think that most Moz fans still have no idea?

ME: No idea whatsoever! If I hadn't happened to have stumbled across MorrisseysWorld while googling 'Morrissey', and then bothered to read it, I 'too' would be none the wiser. I, like my 'meathead' friend, only ever used So-low for reviews of UK concerts, and Morrissey playing in South America is of no interest to most Morrissey fans, so they'll know 'nothing' of Morrissey accepting a rose. Unless a UK newspaper runs the story, it will remain secret. Don't forget I was at the London Palladium when Morrissey said, "Welcome to my world", and it meant nothing to me, absolutely nothing. It wasn't until I discovered MorrisseysWorld that I realised the relevance. How would I have known that Justin Bieber talked about 'My World'?

TP: This could run and run then?

ME: Yep, or Kitty Empire, the Guardian bird who first mentioned it, could run a story saying that Morrissey 'IS' behind it, and it would go viral overnight.

TP: Don't call her a bird, that's very derogitory.

ME: It's derogatory, no wonder you're accused of dyslexia.

TP: Would it go viral though? And would Kitty actually have the balls to accuse Morrissey?, the media are scared of being sued by him now.

ME: Let's wait and see.

TP: Just one last thing on the Blue Rose front, a lot of people seem to have got it into their heads that you think it's 'your' club and 'you' decide who joins, what do you say to that?

ME: It's silly really but I suppose inevitable. Because I happen to be the one who writes about the 'Blue Rose Society', and because I write this blog everyday, people think I have this big ego, but they couldn't be further from the truth, I am the most laid back person anybody could ever meet. It wasn't me who started the 'Blue Rose Society', it was Morrissey. I would love to see 'Blue Rose' take off on it's own, not with me, or anybody else pushing it, but a natural phenomenon of word spreading until everybody is taking and wearing roses at Morrissey concerts. It would be great if in years to come, nobody could remember how or why 'Blue Rose' ever started. Beautiful.

TP: You're quite a nice, straight forward, simple bloke really aren't you?

ME: Have you ever doubted it?

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