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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 169 Thursday 1st March 2012

Well where do I start? So much happened yesterday, that if I don't give this some sort of order, it'll become a ramble. I need an agenda, and no, it isn't a hidden one, The Mozziah may well 'Keep Mine Hidden' but mine is out in the open for all to see!

1. Brazilian interview in which Morrissey denies authorship of MorrisseysWorld & calls it 'Dangerous'
1a. So-Lowers reaction to the interview & Uncle Skinny
1b. MorrisseysWorlders reaction to the interview
1c. Fake Boz Boorer's reaction to the interview
1d.'s reaction to the interview
1e. My reaction to the interview
2. Mendoza concert footage, reviews etc
3. Poll Fixing on MW
4. Twitter including Skinny & Mum
5. Any Other business

Right, now I've got some order, let's start. Item 1 on the agenda, 'that' interview.
1. As mentioned in my blog yesterday, The Mozziah conducted an interview of sorts by email with a Brazilian publication. I passed it off as an obvious dig at So-Low but the reactions from different sections caused quite a stir.
1a. The interview was posted in full on So-Low, but hardly anybody commented on it, and most of the regulars went straight off subject and started talking about race issues in America! None of the comments were taken down by the administrators, despite having nothing whatsoever to do with the interview in question. One of the few comments that actually did discuss the interview, was immediately taken down for being 'off topic', presumably because it pointed out that the 'official' Boz Boorer twitter account had tweeted MorrisseysWorld, and also, the comment pointed out a number of the 'co-incidences', such as; the Argentina dates, the US tour and Morrissey copying a pose on the Conan show, that he had previously shown on MorrisseysWorld. The comment also linked into MorrisseysWorld. It would appear that less and less comments are being posted on So-Low, it is a dying site.

One of the So-Low administrators, who I have mentioned a few times in my blog, is 'Uncle Skinny'. This is a man who has caused me much confusion because he tweets regularly with both '@banjaxer' and '@MorrisseysMum', so I have wondered if he has some involvement with MorrisseysWorld. I think it can at last be put to bed that he hasn't got any involvement, and in fact, he would appear to be panicking as he realises that MorrisseysWorld is bringing down his plaything. Yesterday, after a MorrisseysWorlder had suggested on So-Low that tour reviews should be posted on MW instead of So-Low, Uncle Skinny wrote, "Fuck off, you nauseating turd, and no one is fooled by your fake Boz account either. Wanker." Uncle Skinny's fan club, ie a user called 'CrystalGeezer', immediately told Skinny how funny he was, although another commenter pointed out to Uncle Skinny that he was making a bit of a chump of himself by dismissing MW, and explained to Skinny that even 'official' Boz had tweeted MW. Skinny reacted to this by saying, "Yes, he did, but only to call you out on being a fake. You should be utterly ashamed of yourself for duping, real, well-meaning fans, but I know you won't be." At this point, it would appear that Uncle Skinnyfitjeans, went straight to his twitter account and tweeted 'official' Boz Boorer saying, "Boz- someone's set up a fake Twitter account, the same person who did the fake Moz blog." 'Official' Boz replied, "Yes, we (Boz & admin) know." Notice there was no 'thank you' from Boz to Uncle Skinny for pointing it out, and also no 'it's a disgrace, don't worry Moz is onto it to shut it down', just a simple 'Yes, we know'.

An anonymous user on So-Low, then pointed out to Skinny that it was in fact 'So-Low' that Morrissey has denounced repeatedly, and also stated, "I would think you might be embarrassed tweeting at a person that wore a shirt saying 'Fuck Morrissey-Solo.'" At this point, So-Low owner, and one of a select group of three people banned for life from Morrissey concerts, David Tseng, jumped in to protect Skinnyfitjeans and more to the point, his precious site. Instead of trying to have an intelligent conversation, he merely accused 'anonymous' of being a troll. Anonymous retorted with the following, which perfectly sums up So-Low and David T*seng, and gives those of us who didn't really understand why Morrissey hated So-low so much, an insight into the history of the dispute. Is 'anonymous' Morrissey himself? Well, if it isn't, they put up a very good case. Here is their reply:

"The fact is you sell Pizza Hut ads in Morrissey's name. You're the troll. He doesn't want this site and yet here it is. You know who I am, too. I'm not banned and I'm not trolling. I'm reacting to your moderator talking about trolls and fake sites. I'm making a legitimate reply to a post by your moderator. You think you can invalidate the truth by calling me a troll? That's a nice attempt to change the subject but you should stick to calling people trolls on the forums after you ban them, so they can't reply. The fact is, you allow people to flatter you by telling you how you saved Morrissey's career, and if you have ever offered a humble, "You're giving me too much credit," I never saw it. Now, in this thread, we had a suspect post that was followed up by your moderator blowing his cool and acting like a child, as he does from time to time, and the whole subject changed THEN. Not with my reply. I'm the same person that posted "thanks" right above to the person who posted the translated interview. That was before I saw Uncle Skinny's little meltdown. 
The idea of him tweeting to warn someone about an imposter *gasp!* to a person who wore a shirt saying "Fuck Morrissey-Solo" is laughable and if you don't get the joke it's because it's on you. It's pretty clear that you don't run the site for Morrissey. 
But hey, you get a 1/10 of a cent when someone watches a Pizza Hut ad to post here so I guess you have your reasons. 

Stay classy!"


There was no further comment from David T, well, what could he say, he's guilty as charged. Skinnyfit obviously didn't get the meaning of Boz's tweet, as he tweeted back to Boz, "Jolly good. This and the fake Moz blog - it's just so unfair on well-meaning fans. It ain't right. Anyway, thanks." Poor Skinny.

1b. MorrisseysWorld posted a new article yesterday entitled, 'Morrissey uses Brazilian press interview to label this site 'dangerous' and states for a 4th time he is not the author.' The article goes on to explain that until Morrissey issued the first denial in early 2011, there was virtually zero web traffic, and that with each subsequent denial, traffic has increased. Hmm, it reminds me of President Clinton's famous quote about Monica Lewinsky, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

    Despite the now ludicrous amount of evidence proving that Morrissey is behind MW, still many people don't believe it and even some of the old regulars have been taken aback by this fourth denial. The comments posted on the 'dangerous' article show that 'JohnGill' still has 100% belief that it's Moz, 'ConMorrissey Theorist' is also 100% sure, 'Girl On Bike' still believes, but doesn't believe '@MorrisseysMum' has anything to do with the site, dismissing mum as a fake twitter account set up by Uncle Skinny (more about that later). 'Lizzycat' still believes, quite a few anonymous's have appeared saying that they had initially dismissed MW as fake, but now believe it's real but poor 'Manc Lad' still seems really confused by it all. 'Angry Mozzerian' believes it to be real but long time believer 'Poetic Morrissey' writes, "I don't know whether to leave the blog now. Do you think Morrissey is serious or tongue in cheek?"

'Its_Only_Me_K' still believes, as does 'Emotional air raid survivor'. 'Andy' doesn't say whether she believes still or not, but merely asks, "Dangerous to whom?" She also brings reference to the red, white and blue shirts that Morrissey has been wearing on tour, but as he's also worn pink, black, yellow and pink, that may be a 'sign' too far! 'Heathercat states, "Each denial of this site only increases the viewership, which Moz is certainly aware of. Welcome to all the newcomers - you have found the best website on the planet. Enjoy!" She's right of course, on all counts, she's a clever cat! 'Comrade Harps' (who I once thought might have had something to do with MW due to the links to his blog) still believes, and wrote, "I recall an old Morrissey quote that goes something like this: "I lie a lot, it's really useful." Enough said.

1c. '@BozBoorer' is the twitter account used by The Mozziah when pretending to be Boz, it is the parody Boz if you like. Parody Boz doesn't tweet very often, but today, following on from '@UncleSkinny's' tweet to 'official' Boz about the 'fake' account, parody Boz tweeted to Skinny, "aren't you that sod who allowed libel about morrissey's sex life in the forums? Shame on you old son." 'Fake' Boz then followed this up with, "I call on Moz to ban @uncleskinny/Peter Finan from live concerts!" Now this could get interesting.

1d. The website is the website that first directed me to MorrisseysWorld. It gives an excellent summary of all the 'clues, signs and coincidences' that prove Morrissey is behind MW. Yesterday, in response to the 'dangerous' interview, 'IsMoz' wrote:

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

unbelievable - a 4th denial! Are there any lengths Moz will NOT go to publicise his blog?

Morrissey issued another denial he is MorrisseysWorld. This makes FOUR in total. Read between the lines, people. Denying it once is credible. Twice? Strange. Three times? Suspicious. Four times? It's him.

I wonder when the press will finally wake up?

four denials, unbelievable coincidences. The line, "morrisseysworld is dangerous' almost looks purpose-designed to get in the music press - Morrissey labels his own fan site 'dangerous!'





1e. My reaction to the interview. 'Dangerous' - definition: 'Able, or likely to cause harm' So-Low.

2. Mendoza Concert review. At last footage has started to make it's way onto Youtube and the video of the opening song, 'First of the Gang to Die', shows a very subdued audience, who look, well, stunned. There are certainly less camera phones being used than there were in Chile, but it is not a 'normal' Morrissey crowd. I have read quite a few reviews of the concert, and it would appear that things livened up when Gustavo spoke in Spanish to invite the audience to come closer. Morrissey opens the show in a beautiful blue shirt and the backdrop is no longer the two unknown 'affectionate musicians', but instead a copy of the 2008 Greatest hits picture of Morrissey with closed eyes. I've also seen footage of 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out', which is superb (the performance, not the footage), 'How Soon Is Now', which is equally as good, and such a fantastic song, 'Everyday Is Like Sunday', which HAS to be an all time top 3 (along with another fifty or so!), a snippet of 'Scandinavia', which just gets better and better, and reminds me that I am still unable to listen to it on my ipod as I walk the dog, because it STILL HASN'T BEEN RELEASED and finally, 'Meat Is Murder', which is as moving as ever. There is no sign of any roses in any of the footage. No surprises there then.

3. Poll Fixing on MW. From time to time, there are polls on MorrisseysWorld which allow us to express an opinion. Probably the most famous poll was when 'Log Lady' was elected to become administrator of the website, ahead of Alan Partridge. I had led a strong campaign to get Partridge elected and I was shocked when the wooded wonder won, in fact, more than shocked, I suspected foul play. Well there is a poll up and running at the moment about the 'dangerous' comment, and when you've cast your vote you can look to see which of the four options has the most votes. Well, according to the figures, option 1  currently has 12%, option 2 has 18%, option 3 has 87% and option 4 has 50%.Hmmm. At least the 'Twitterdilly Top 10' remains free of any rigging.

4. Twitter was incredibly busy yesterday following the 'dangerous' interview. '@MorrisseysWorld' tweeted, "Morrissey claims @morrisseysworld is dangerous. But then what does he know?" '@MW' then tweeted a number of 'twitticisms' before signing off by asking, "Will SOMEBODY not throw me a rose soon?" Perhaps if somebody actually threw one, he'd wear it?

There have been no new tweets from '@MorrisseysMum', but I still cannot work out why 'Mum' sometimes tweets '@uncleskinny', especially when 'Parody Boz' is calling for Skinny to be banned from concerts, and he is clearly not only anti MorrisseysWorld, but anti Morrissey! Is it a case of keeping your enemies close? Some of the Twitterdilly Arms regulars don't believe 'Mum' is anything to do with MW, but I have once again revisited all 'Mums' old tweets, including her introducing 'Log Lady' to MW. Mum = Moz, NO QUESTION, but why the Skinny link?

5. Any Other Business.
Johnny Marr last night accepted an award from the NME for his remastering of The Smiths back catalogue. Morrissey is suing the NME for accusations of racism. What the hell is Johnny Marr playing at? In an interview with the NME, Marr says it is the first award The Smiths have ever won and he is proud. Well Johnny, I'm glad you've already blocked me on twitter, or I'd have blocked you, what a kick in the teeth to The Mozziah. The only reason that Johnny is collecting an award is because he has not been able to come up with anything that has bettered his work in The Smiths, and so he is living off the memory of twenty five years ago. Most of Morrissey's modern day works have bettered The Smiths, I genuinely believe that. Yes there are some absolute classic Smiths songs, but there are far, far more classic Morrissey songs, such as 'Pigsty', 'Dear God', 'Sunday', 'Kiss You', 'Camden', the list goes on and on. Johnny Marr hang your head in shame.

Tonight, The Mozziah plays the 'Orfeo Arena' in Cordoba, Argentina.


  1. Just to correct you there Rat, I believe (and this is just my belief as I have got no evidence) is that @MozMum is in fact @banjaxer. Remember a while ago Lizzycat and myself had an argument with him over MW blog/twitter and he seemed to be running out of arguments when all of a sudden @MozMum popped up supporting him. It immediately made me suspicious and I went back to reading MozMum tweets with Banji in mind! That would explain why MozMum tweets UncleSkinnyJeans! Just my opinion!


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