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Friday, 2 March 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 170 Friday 2nd March 2012

Orfeo Arena, Cordoba, Argentina 1st March 2012

1. First Of The Gang To Die
2. You Have Killed Me
3. You're The One For Me, Fatty
4. When Last I Spoke To Carol
5. Alma Matters
6. Maladjusted
7. I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
8. Black Cloud
9. I Want the One I Can't Have
10. Everyday Is Like Sunday
11. I Know It's Over
12. Let Me Kiss You
13. Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
14. Speedway
15. There Is A Light
16. I Will See You In Far-Off Places
17. Meat Is Murder
18. Ouija Board, Ouia Board 
19. How Soon is Now?

ENCORE: 20. One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell

If the British press were doing their job properly, then tomorrow Morrissey would probably be headline news, not that it would be for the right reasons of course, they would twist and spin his words! Let me explain. During last night's concert in Cordoba, before singing 'Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want', Morrissey said to the audience, "You know of course, the Malvinas islands, everybody knows they belong to Argentina, so please, do not, do not, blame the British people, we know the island's belong to you." I am fairly sure that none of the lazy press will pick up on it, unless The Mozziah's own publicity machine draws attention to it. Does he even 'have' a publicity machine these days, or is that another of Boz's jobs? Hmmm, I can see a parody piece coming, it's just a question of who writes it first, me or MW?
For the record, my headline's, if I were the editors, would be as follows; Daily Mail - "Singer Of Former Eighties Band, 'The Smiths', Turns His Back on Britain." The Guardian - "More Racist slurs From Morrissey?" The NME - "Morrissey: British or Anti-British? We cannot tell, but Johnny Marr is our friend."

Talking of Johnny Marr, I am still really disappointed that he accepted an award from the NME, as I'm sure The Mozziah must be, but so far, The Mozzaih has kept silent on the issue. Joyce congratulated Marr on 'receiving' the award via twitter. Not congratulations on winning the award, but on 'receiving' it, which is surely a dig at Morrissey, or is Joyce just an illiterate c*nt as well as a Judas?

Apart from the 'Please Please Please' Youtube footage, there has, so far, been very few other Youtube postings of last night's concert, in fact, as I write, there is just 'Let Me Kiss You' and 'Everyday Is Like Sunday', both of which are as brilliant as ever. It's funny how those two songs get posted the most, I guess it's because they are so good, and they both seem to feature every week in the 'Twitterdilly Arms' Top 10.

MorrisseysWorld has at last posted a special article for fans to post concert reviews, and the response has been really good. We can't really expect many Argentinians to post, although it would be nice, but if nothing else, the US & UK fans can post their observations from Youtube, which is what has already started to happen. I am guessing there were no roses thrown last night, but eventually they will come, slowly slowly, catchy monkey (and then obviously release the monkey back into the wild without any harm coming to it! Phew.)

Twitter has also been busy, with the main topic of converation being the outfits worn by the band last bras! Although in Boz Boorer's case, a beautiful sparkly blue dress and wig! It would appear that The Mozziah is having a little bit of fun with his band again, although it was half expected, as '@MorrisseysWorld' returned to twitter last night and tweeted, "There will be a small surprise." '@MW' also tweeted, just 20 minutes before going on stage, "I'll see you on the other side - assuming the Falklands aren't invaded and I don't get bombed by a malfunctioning British missile." And then of course, The Mozziah gave his Falkland islands/Malvinas speech...just a coincidence you understand.

Twitter today has seen '@MW' asking Boy George if he fancied, "jazzing up one of my songs for a single release?" He also added, "I'm going reggae and require someone who can at least clap in time." George replied, "Are you looking for reggae remixes? I can't believe any of this!!!?" I do believe that at this point, Boy George may have actually believed that MW was serious! George went on to say, "I know the best person for reggae and it ain't me but could point you in that direction!" 'MW' replied, "I would rather work with you, Boy. Let us keep it between musical icons." Another tweeter jumped in and said to Boy George, "I'm sure it's not the real Morrissey, aren't you?" To which Boy George replied, "The only thing I'm sure of is that I'm not sure of much!!" Join the club Boy, you're not the only confused one out there...although of course, I'm not one of them. Boy George signed off by saying to MW, "You crack me up. x" As I type, Boy George and Our Mozzer have re-opened twit talk, and the crowd are loving it!

Today I managed to post a comment or two on S0-low, but now, I have  once again been banned. Oh well.

Finally, I have today had my 20,000th hit on this little blog thingy and MorrisseysWorld has had it's 200,000th. I also feel that momentum is picking up, viral is coming soon to a blogsite near you.

Follow MorrisseysWorld on twitter @MorrisseysWorld and me, if you want, although I really don't mind if you don't, @TheRatsBack.


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