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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 172 Sunday 4th March 2012

Metropolitano, Rosario, Argentina 3rd March 2012

1. First Of The Gang To Die
2. You Have Killed Me
3. There Is A Light
4. Everyday Is Like Sunday
5. You're The One For Me, Fatty
6. When Last I Spoke To Carol
7. Black Cloud
8. I Know It's Over
9. I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
10. Let Me Kiss You
11. Alma Matters
12. Speedway
13. Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
14. I Will See You In Far-Off Places
15. Meat Is Murder
16. Scandinavia
17. How Soon is Now?
ENCORE: 18. One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell

I will write very little today, as I am having my usual Sunday afternoon away from the internet.

Both Maladjusted and Ouija Board were left out from the previous concert, with no new songs added in. It makes me wonder if The Mozziah's concert contracts are determined by number of songs or length of time?

Morrissey's very brief mention of the Malvina's (Falklands) on Thursday had the desired effect of getting him into the newspapers, which proves he is still a relevant voice in the world, not that I thought any different! The British press headlines were all very predictable, with most of them accusing Morrissey of 'wading in' on the debate. Does he even own a pair of waders? I would very much doubt it!

I have been getting a hammering on both So-Low and MorrisseysWorld, with accusations that I am behind MorrisseysWorld. The comments don't make me angry or upset, they just make me laugh...a lot. I can only presume that people are so bewildered by this whole thing that they have to try and find a reason why it is not Morrissey behind MorrsseysWorld. So many people are still trying to fight it and resist it, but if they took just a few minutes to weigh up all the evidence, they would soon realise that there is nobody else it could possibly, possibly be. If it were me behind MorrisseysWorld, that makes me....Morrissey *looks in mirror* Nope, just the same old rat. (I didn't really look in the mirror, I already knew what I would see).

I tried to fight back and defend my good name on So-low, but I am still banned, which seems a little unfair, what happened to democracy? Other Morrisseyworlders are posting on So-low and they are now being accused of being me! How can they be, I'M BANNED!

Morrissey has been photographed 'out and about' in Rosario signing autographs. In the photos, he can be seen wearing the 'trash gold' fingernail paint, and also a t-shirt which says, 'Immaculate Conception', which has got the MorrisseyWorlders on twitter rather excited. Apparently, according to '@Its_Only_Me_K', Morrissey tweeted about this back in November. I'll have to take her word for it, because I can't be bothered to 'wade' back through all the '@MW' tweets. '@GirlOnBike1102' sees the t-shirt as a sign from Morrissey, telling us that he IS The Mozziah. I would tend to agree with Girl on Biciclette aka Sabine Maltby, but I think she's just a 'The Sun' reader, so perhaps we should take her comments with a pinch of salt. ; )

It is now Midday, and there is still no youtube footage from last night's concert, so I will post reviews tomorrow. Tonight's concert is in Buenos Aires, which is the place mentioned by '@MorrisseysWorld' on Feb 25th, when he tweeted, "We are rehearsing another Smiths song. It might JUST be ready for Buenos Aires." He may have been referring to 'Please Please Please', which was then played in Santiago, or maybe, just maybe, there is another one coming tonight, and maybe, just maybe, it could be 'Paint A Vulgar Picture'? No, surely not, surely not?

STOP PRESS: YELLOW FINGER LINGERIE, 'TRASH GOLD' NAIL VARNISH & BAND WEARING BLUE SHIRTS THAT SAY, "NME IS SHIT', which I take it, is Morrissey's response to Johnny Marr receiving their award.


  1. Seriously I'm so lost with these signs and proof and Idk what. Can someone give me the bottom line, whose who in this drama?

  2. Feel free to start reading my blog from the beginning, it's all there. Along the way you will find Russell Brand, but mostly, it's The Mozziah.

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