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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 175 Wednesday 7th March 2012

It is hard to know what to write today, after yesterday's article proved once and for all that Morrissey is behind MorrisseysWorld. The Mozziah himself has thanked me for my support in the comments section of my blog of 5th March and has closed MorrisseysWorld, with a statement saying:


Our Mozzer would like it known that this blog and associated twitter account will be frozen forthwith. The principal reason for this decision is recent criticism by HM Morrissey of this blog during a published interview in Brazil. This blog takes its pledges to Morrissey seriously; we once stated that we would stop posting messages should Morrissey criticise the site. We also stated that this site could be closed and erased from the world wide web, should Morrissey place a short note on True To You to this effect. This pledge will remain open until March 30th 2012 when we will no longer be able to enforce such a guarantee, and therefore Morrissey has over three weeks to post such a notice, should he so desire.

This will be the penultimate article posted on this blog. The final article will, of course, be the long-awaited tour journal from the US/Mexico. This will herald the beginning of detente.

Only one of the following signs will bring the blog back:
1. Morrissey to appear with a white, blue or red rose
2. Morrissey to wear Justin Bieber, The Cure, Britney Spears or Atomic Kitten t-shirt
3. Morrissey to state the words 'MorrisseysWorld' at a live concert

Mystery is the soul of art, just as certainty is the soul of science.

If one of the three signs above should occur, it would be interpreted as a sign from HM Morrissey of his support for this site, the Blue Rose fraternity and Our Mozzer.

With eternal thanks for your support and in the faint hope that red and white roses might line the stage in 2012.
While this blog is away - possibly forever - we leave you with the umbilical cord that is Following The Mozziah.

Our Mozzer"


I've added the Hawaii tour poster and The Mozziah's picture of a Blue Rose to brighten my page up.

My parody piece yesterday proved beyond ALL DOUBT that Morrissey is behind MorrisseysWorld. It is obvious that he is carrying out the predictions of MorrisseysWorld, particularly by making the OO sign on the Conan tv show, so the 'dangerous' statement, made in the Brazilian interview, just isn't true, and was just another opportunity to advertise the blog.

Following my piece yesterday, you'd think that nobody in their right mind would still question the authorship of MW, and yet, two people STILL do, they are, Judge Manc Lad and Rosy Mires (pronounced Mirez). I can understand Justice Manc still questioning it, because he has absolutely convinced himself that it is me behind MorrisseysWorld and there is nothing, absolutely nothing that would convince him otherwise. Manc hasn't even stopped to think that, if I were behind it, I'd have to KNOW Morrissey, to get inside information before making all those predictions. I don't know him. 

Also, why would Morrissey copy 'my' articles, such as the Conan 'OO' ? Morrissey doesn't do anything that somebody else suggests. As I say, I can get my head around Justice Manc, but not around Rosy Mires, she has questioned it, questioned it, questioned it, to the extent that I parodied her yesterday saying that even The Mozziah's own mother was wrong. Why does this seemingly intelligent woman not get it? This morning, the penny dropped, and I actually laughed out loud at my eureka moment.

A number of weeks ago, Banjaxer sent a tweet to Rosy saying something along the lines of, "I have a strange request of you, I will DM you." I have searched for this tweet this morning, but cannot find it, so I presume it's been deleted. I'm sure I mentioned in my blog at the time about the tweet, as it seemed strange, but I can't remember when it was and certainly can't be bothered to plough back through my blog. I now have no doubt, that Banjaxer, who has struck up a real friendship with RosyMires, felt guilty about continuingly telling her she was deluding herself about MW being real. I think Banjaxer asked permission of Morrissey to let Rosy Mires in on the truth. Don't forget, Banjaxer "knows you know" and is either involved or at the very least is so devoted, he would do anything for Morrissey, above ALL others, mind you, most of us would. Morrissey has either given permission or, more likely, he has suggested to Banjaxer, that he asks Rosy to help him put people of the scent, which is the role Banjaxer has in all this. That is why Banjaxer tweeted Rosy with the 'strange request' and that is why she denies in the face of the undeniable. Phew, glad I cleared that up!

With all that has happened, I have not really reviewed the last two concerts. For the concert of March 3rd in Rosario, I mentioned in my blog, that the set list showed NO Ouija Board. The set list, which is on MW, is also completely different to the one on both So-Low and How can this be? I have checked youtube, and YES, Ouija Board WAS played, which can mean only one thing, Morrissey isn't behind MW! Ignore the whole of everything I've ever written and all the evidence to the contrary, this must surely prove that the person behind MW isn't Morrissey. Phew, glad I cleared that up! Can anybody throw any light on this? (comment underneath)

Before temporarily closing MW, 'Uncle Skinny' was added to the 'Utter Bastards I'd Cross the Road to Avoid' list. The list is full of people that Morrissey doesn't like, but also includes both Boz Boorer and Russell Brand, so this still doesn't prove if MW likes Skinnyfitjeans or not. Is Skinny, who is a mate of Banjaxer's, also in on the whole thing? MorrisseysMum also converses with Skinny, but 'unofficial' Boz tweeted Skinny the other day saying, "Aren't you that sod who allowed libel about Morrissey's sex life in the forums? Shame on you son." Now I'm not a So-low regular, so I wouldn't have a clue if Skinny did or didn't put some libelous comment, but from what I've seen of him on So-low, he seems a scum bag, so  why is MorrisseysMum connected with him, and before Girl On Bike shouts to me that 'Mum' isn't Moz, I KNOW for a FACT it is, because I have a picture of his diary as my twitter background photo, posted by 'Mum' (and since deleted) way back in November. Mind you, Girl On Bike has apparently left twitter after my parody piece yesterday, it would appear she missed the joke...IT WAS A JOKE!

Morrissey repeated his 'Falklands' speech at the concert in Buenos Aires and the band all wore the WE HATE WILLIAM AND KATE t-shirts. The outraged right wing (?) newspaper 'The Daily Mirror' has today run an online poll, asking what shirt would you rather wear, a 'We Hate Morrissey' or 'We Hate William & Kate'? I of course voted for the Moz one, in fact, I may even get one made.

Anyway, todays blog is waffly nothingness, in truth, we're all waiting for tonight's concert in Belo Horizonte Brazil. Will there be one of the three signs mentioned on MW? Time, as always, will tell. *Goes off singing* Ouija board, won't you work for me? 


  1. I had wondered if somebody was being primed to be a "doubting thomas" - a sort of Secret Task - but I don't think it's Rosy, if there is somebody. I do remember that DM tweet though so you're not going doo-lally yet.

    I think the 3rd March setlist was a joke anyway - I didn't take it too seriously.

  2. There are more conspiracy theories regarding our Moz than the Roswell Incident.

    Slow news day Rats ?? Glad that you are keeping up the momentum.
    You must have an encyclopaedic memory with the things that you
    remember !

    *Sits back singing* 'The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get'

    1. What we need now is a MorrisseysWorldipedia. Bit long for a book title though.

  3. Lol!! At The Mirror's poll, I thought you may have been joking until I checked it out.

    Of course, as we live in a democratic country I used my vote wisely.

  4. The truth will never be revealed about the authorship of my blog, though there will be a hint in the final tour journal.

    1. If it's ever released that is!

  5. You just don't get it Rat, do you? You once stated yourself that being on twitter is about following Morrissey. The one reason why we are all here. Lately it seems to be less and less about Moz (unless there is a live streaming of his concert) which is why I am taking a break. I am not offended by your writing at all. You should have got to know me well enough by now to know that I can laugh about myself!


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