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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 176 Thursday 8th March 2012

Chevrolet Hall, Belo Horizonte, Brazil 7th March 2012

1. First Of The Gang To Die
2. You Have Killed Me
3. Black Cloud
4. When Last I Spoke To Carol
5. Alma Matters
6. Still Ill
7. Everyday Is Like Sunday
8. Speedway
9. You're The One For Me, Fatty
10. I Will See You In Far-Off Places
11. Meat Is Murder
12. Ouija Board, Ouija Board
13. I Know It's Over
14. Let Me Kiss You
15. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
16. I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
17. Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
18. How Soon is Now?
ENCORE: 19. One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell

My beloved is away on business, and I am ashamed to say, that this morning, I visited a brothel, well a man does have needs you know! It was a common old whore house full of undesirables and dirty low life. There was a skinny one, one called Crystal, one quite Kewtie one, and one who, when I asked how much, said, "Free, yourself?" I was only there for Sue though, I've been to Sue many times before and I know what I'm in for. Her pimp is a guy called Mr T and he doesn't like people messing with Sue, so I got on with the job in hand and left quickly. I didn't pay, and afterwards I felt cheap and guilty, but I'd got what I wanted and if I'm honest, I'll probably go again. Sue Lowe has probably left me riddled with viruses and I wish I didn't keep dragging myself back there, but despite the horrible, vile atmosphere, it still remains one of the best whore houses in town. I do visit some other dizzy whore, but although she's cleaner, she doesn't give me the same goods and isn't usually as quick. Sue Lowe is cheap and easy, free in fact, everything is paid for by corporate clients such as Pizza Hut. I'd like to say that I won't go again, but as my beloved is firmly closed at the moment, I will probably return there Saturday morning.

My only reason for visiting So-low, was to see the set list from last night's concert in Brazil (see above), but while I was there, I read the various postings and was shocked to find some actual concert reviews, photos and videos. There were no nasty comments about Jesse, Morrissey or the set list, so I took the time to say well done to So-lo and reminded them that "this is what the site used to be like". I signed it Rat, just to show that I don't need to hide behind an 'anon', but guess what, they removed the posting! Unbelievable, Uncle Skinny doesn't remove lies about Morrissey's sex life, but removes a compliment about the site, what are these people made of?

Unfortunately, as The Mozziah has abandoned his own website, MorrisseysWorld, there are no concert postings there. One can only presume that the real reason he has abandoned his site, is not because of the 'dangerous' comment as stated, but because he just can't be bothered to maintain it while he is away touring. I'm sure he initially thought he could keep it going, but to be honest, it is very time consuming, and I am sure that he goes through periods where he just can't be bothered. I expect he is also disillusioned at the lack of roses, but as I've said before, how can we genuinely expect South American's to believe in MW, when most fans in the UK and US don't believe? And to top it all, the vast, vast majority of those following MW on twitter don't believe, they just think it's a parody site. It's no wonder our country is in such a mess, people 'believe' everything they are told, instead of asking questions. Even double agent Rosy Mires and her trusty side kick Still I Cling don't believe in MW, and they've been sat in the 'Twitterdilly Arms' for months. It's funny, I want people to believe, and yet I'm really very pleased they don't, I still pinch myself every day (every day?) that this is happening and that it remains beneath the radar. Morrissey can never admit publicly to MW being his, he would face ridicule, although 'after the event' it will be shown as pure genius. The truth 'will out', but not for a very long time. In the mean time, I will continue to savour every juicy second of the ride, and will one day look back on these times with the fondest of memories.

I have been trawling through the youtube footage from last night and there is nothing much out of the ordinary. The Mozziah is again wearing the 'trash gold' nail varnish, there is no finger lingerie, no string belt and the band are dressed in the 'Assad is Shit' t-shirts from the other day, so they're obviously back from the launderette. There is footage of The Mozziah outside his luxury 5 star hotel, chewing gum and signing autographs. Is he a juicy fruit man or something a bit mintier?

On twitter, there has been much activity, with Romina (@caterita2008), the Italian housewife, at one point saying, "I'll tell you a secret: I'm the nephew of a Carinal and so I can't leave my husband, it would be a scandal in Vaticano." Nephew!!! The bigger scandal will be when her husband finds out she's a fella, although as Joe E. Brown said to Jack Lemmon, in the final scene of 'Some Like It Hot', "nobody's perfect." I have always presumed that Romina is either The Mozziah or Rustle Brind, but as she/he was tweeting while Morrissey was flying from Argentina to Brazil, I think it's fair to rule out The Mozziah, but I'll throw in Jonathan Ross, David Walliams or Ricky Gervais into the mix, at least one of them must be aware of MW by now, and won't be able to resist getting involved.

Also on twitter, I have been unblocked by Banjaxer, I don't know why, perhaps he feels sorry for my delusion. Although, of course, he knows it isn't delusion. It's funny how so much has changed since this adventure started. All the evidence about the involvement of 'Banjaxer' and 'MorrisseysMum' is documented in my blog, right at the very beginning, but to add to the joke, their involvement is now completely denied, with mum tweeting today, "I won't thank you if you don't believe me. I am not Morrissey's mum and he is not MW. This game isn't funny anymore." Believe it or not, and I know people will laugh at me, but this tweet is a 'sign'. Not only does Mum refer to 'MW' as 'MW', which is 'our' nickname for it, but it re-iterates mum's involvement. How did we all first find out about Mum? From the blog, although all comments about the mum account have now been removed and she is never referred to. In fact, unless new people finding this whole MW thing bother to go and read the early days of 'my' blog, there is nothing to link mum or Banjaxer to MW. If anybody does bother reading back through my blog, and finds the bits about Mum's photo links etc, it makes for good reading, and paints a clear picture of the whole story, but of course, very few people will bother doing that....genius!

There are other things I would like to write about, which involve The Mozziah, but this blog is now no longer just a reflection of my thoughts, I have loyalties to The Mozziah, which is why I've pretty much stopped mentioning my 'Spirit of Nico', who I continue to trade private tweets with every day. 'Spirit of Nico' remains, NOT do so many other people, me included, I think!

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  1. Dear Rat, I'm glad that Banjaxer unbloked you! I don't know well him but surely is a devoted Morrissey's fan and i quite like him. About the "gender" incident, as usual, I love your sense of humor, but, belive me, it was just because I'm italian and, expecailly on twitter, I do a lot of mistakes and, anyway, english is a quite vague language about the gender, for exemple: (il, lo, la, i, gli le) italian=THE english! Anyway, thank you, now the woerd niece is well impressed in my brain!
    Who could be Morrissey's mum or MW at this point?! Oh, I don't know, when this funny game started I belived that it was something well planned by a Promoter Agency, now I belive that is more "artigianal" work and surely a funny work! Anyway I like your blog, MW, the misterious tweets of Mmum and so goes on!


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