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Friday, 9 March 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 177 Friday 9th March 2012

It is a quiet news day for 'Mozziah Following', as a) there was no concert last night, b) MorrisseysWorld is still closed, pending a 'sign' from HM Morrissey, c)MorrisseysWorld isn't tweeting and d), there is no d). There is also hardly any footage on Youtube from the Belo Horizonte concert two days ago.

This lack of activity has given me some much needed time to catch up on other things, no, don't get me wrong, I don't mean 'real life' things, my 'real life' hardly exists anymore, no, I have been going through my own blog, and plan to re-master and re-issue some 'Following The Mozziah' classics.

Today's classic is from last October, and is the day we found 'Russell Brand' lurking in the shadows. You may wish to go back & read all of the early days of my blog, it's amazing what we have all forgotten, but if you can't be bothered, then let me bring you up to speed with where we were at before you read this piece; The Mozziah had stopped using his MW account for tweeting, and was using his '@MorrisseysMum' account, which actually, he had just changed the name of to '@ODyrbrm', which is one letter on the keyboard to the right of '@ISteven'.

Incidentally, since The Mozziah has gone into self imposed exile from '@MW', '@Mum' has started tweeting again, and has at last given a clue as to what the link is with Uncle Skinny, he's being strung along! Mum tweeted, "When one is lost one hopes to be found. Of course I am not Morrissey's mum, but the reclining fool keeps searching in the wrong place." Skinny is 'that' reclining fool, who has convinced himself that he is 'in' with Morrissey, despite the fact that he has crossed The Mozziah by defending a libelous accusation on So-low about Morrissey. If Skinny is reading this, ask yourself one question Peter (that's his real name by the way), do you really imagine Morrissey would be friends with you after what you did? Not only have you got MorrisseysWorld completely wrong 'Pete', you've got 'Mum' wrong too.

So, to the Classic 'Russell Brand' 'Mozziah' piece, which incidentally, according to my blog stats, has been read an awful lot lately, are the journalists closing in? Tick tock, tick tock:


0530 BST That bloody dog. So, where were we before the whole Johnny Marr thing kicked off? Oh yes, I won two euros off The Mozziah. Let me explain.

The Mozziah had taken a flight Monday, documented through twitter, from Manchester, wearing a blue suit, God nothing's secret. He was off twitter for a couple of hours and then tweeted to say he'd arrived. He later posted a photo of a beautiful sea view and asked who could guess where it was, offering a prize to the winner. Well, it isn't rocket science to guess he'd taken the short flight to Ireland. I presumed Dublin but then I googled to see where the best places to visit in Ireland were, (having never been there myself) & the answer appeared to be County Clare & Kerry. I therefore presume he flew in to Shannon from Manchester. The Gilbert O'Sullivan in me chose Clare (different spelling, anal I know to even mention that but, well...) and so I tweeted Clare. The Mozziah tweeted that I was right, lucky guess huh? I asked if my prize could be a Stateside promo copy of Glamorous Glue, (only 150 were made and they're over £100 on ebay) which he chose to ignore, and offered me a Euro instead. He then amended this to two euros, which one day I will claim. He even drew a smiling face on the euro, hope he's kept it for me. So, it would appear The Mozziah stayed in Clare for a couple of nights and yesterday he departed twitter by saying that he'd better go for his flight or he'd have to swim. New York?

He also signed off from the Odybrm site by saying he'll be gone for quite a while and that @banjaxer was now in charge. I've no idea who he is, although from his profile he's a Man City supporting writer. I'd had a sneaky suspicion he was involved somewhere along the line, and I'd been following him for a while, to see if I could work out his involvement. It is now clear he is a trusted, close friend of The Mozziah who is somehow involved in the website. I have made contact with Banjaxer via twitter and have had replies. He's also posted a message on behalf of The Mozziah. So The Mozziah has gone. A holiday, rehearsals and tour. It will be interesting to see if he keeps away from twitter, or sneaks in occasionally. He may have a rule not to read any press while touring and perhaps twitter could count as that.

The eagle eyed among my blog readers, will have noticed that, at the end of my blog yesterday, I said I wouldn't tweet The Mozziah again, as I had decided to wait and see if he tweeted me first, just to let me know if he still reads my blog, and to see if I had been ostracized. Well, The Mozziah's first tweet of the day read as follows:

  A N Other 


 Your blog is bonkers. But brilliant bonkers, the best kind.

I can now die happy! He didn't comment on my song though, obviously jealous that I nicked his title *Goes off singing and 'air whipping' an imaginary mic (air guitar is so last century) * "Boredom is a Plague, and the way that it grips, it sends my mind to decay."

0850 BST: HOLY SHIT, HOLY FUCKING SHIT! I forgot to mention earlier, but before The Mozziah went off on holiday, he left a 'Welcome' message on his blogsite, welcoming "@bucktoothedboy to twitter." I was already following @bucktoothedboy, because I'd seen that The Mozziah had exchanged tweets with him, but at the time, I had no idea who it was. I have now read all bucktoothedboy's tweets, and it is 'blindingly obvious' as to who it is! I immediately went to 'Buck's' main 'RR' twitter account, and my suspicions were confirmed, well, between the lines at least! At this point, I don't really want to say who 'Buck' really is, because by me writing it, this whole thing will go viral. He has over 3 million followers for Christ's sake, still, as this blog of mine has only had 644 hits, and to be honest, most of those are from me and The Mozziah, I don't suppose it matters that I mention who Buck is. But hold on, let me think this through. Other followers of The Mozziah read this blog, and so they'll blab. RR will of course deny that it's him, but he isn't as clever as The Mozziah, (no offence RR, but The Mozziah's the best) and has already left a paper trail. GirlOnBike1102 asked him on twitter if he'd been asked to remove a tweet referring to MorrisseysWorld and RR replied, "Yes". Schoolboy error RR, everything is traceable in twitterland. RR, in his role as 'BucktoothedBoy', has also started following '@ukUncut', a cause he is backing on his 'RR' twitter page. He's going to make this far too easy for even the laziest of the hacks, who have so far, failed 'miserably' to find notice The Mozziah's website.

Maybe that's the plan, perhaps The Mozziah is annoyed that the lazy hacks are taking so long to find MorrisseysWorld, and now wants it all to go viral. Or, perhaps RR has fucked up and is a useless c*nt, either way, welcome to my blog 'Bucktoothedboy' aka 'RR' aka 'Rusty Rockets' aka......Mr Russell Brand, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. A hello from 'Buck' on twitter would be most welcomed.

1040 BST ANOTHER UPDATE: No news from the Bucktoothedboy yet, but I have been looking at his RR account, which is a bit mystifying. It would appear that there is his main 'Rockets' account, with an 's', which has 3 million followers, and there is also an 'RR' account without the 's', which seems to have only started tweeting 6 days ago, and has 20 followers, one of which is Krusty_Brand, 'RR's cat, which has loads of personal photos, and must surely therefore be RR's account too. I now feel as though I'm opening up a whole 'underworld' twitter maze.

1100 BST SHIT! The cat is followed by @KatBPerry_x, who in turn is followed by @WeFoundRFenty, which would appear to be Rihanna!!! Yes, they could all be fake accounts, but I have to say, they all look pretty real to me, and I should know all about fake twitter accounts, I was Amanda Holden you now! If my theory is correct, then RR's involvement with MorrisseysWorld as Bucktoothedboy, is opening up the rest of his 'undercover' twitter world! I've even found a link to  '@biebsfaake', which might, just might......

For the record, the latest scores on the doors for twitter followers are:

MorrisseysWorld 3,459 UP 22 - performs better when not tweeting
ODyrbrm 417 DOWN 4 - Misunderstood
TheRatsBack 1,618 DOWN 3 - Twat
MikeJoyceDrums static at 2,338 - No comment
MorrisseysMum 7 DOWN 1 - Inactive 
Johnny_Marr 71,351 UP 143 - I had to look him up because I'm still blocked!
Amanda_Holden 716,152 UP 1,068 - I sent her a tweet today, for old times sake. No reply! I made her!
BucktoothedBoy 24 NEW ENTRY (8 of us disciples are following)
RustyRocket (singular) 21 NEW ENTRY
Krusty_Brand 10  NEW  ENTRY - Cat. What happened to his cat called Morrissey?
KatyBPerry_x 56 NEW ENTRY
WeFoundRFenty 11 NEW ENTRY
Biebsfaake 705 NEW ENTRY
Banjaxer 715 NEW ENTRY (Sort of)

1350 BST UPDATE: After some digging around on twitter by one of the regular followers, '@jo_beth_s', it would appear that the Rusty Rocket account is indeed fake, as warned by @Bucktoothedboy himself, and therefore, if Jo_Beth is right, the cat, Mrs Brand, Rihanna, Biebs, and all the rest are fake too, although I can confirm that, Banjaxer is real, RR is with us, Alan Partridge is still getting stuffed in the MorrisseysWorld poll to find a new presenter while The Mozziah is on holiday, and I really, really, must get a life!

                                END OF 'FOLLOWING THE MOZZIAH CLASSIC'


The 2 Euro coin, posted on twitter by '@ODyrbrm' in Monday 10th October. This photo can be viewed on the '@MorrisseysMum' account.

Photo posted on twitter by '@ODyrbrm' in October, but is it 'really' The Mozziah's diary? This photo is no longer available to view on '@MorrisseysMum' account, long since taken down! Was it 'really' ever there?

The mystery continues, and unless you happened to have documented everything along the way, which not many have, the brain becomes muddled and confused over time. Is Morrissey 'really' behind MorrisseysWorld? If you 'still' don't know, then you haven't been watching very carefully.


  1. This blog is a thriller. Deeper and deeper we go, peeling off layers. Trying to get to the truth. Who is he? And if it is him? Does he know who that 'him' is? Rat - you are living your own page turning thriller. In the film version, you would end up being Morrissey. It would finish with the line... "Oh God. I am him."

    1. I'm glad you are enjoying it Marcus. You, of course, are the only person to have met me and know my true identity, which, seeing as I've been accused of being behind MorrisseysWorld, and loads of other pseudonyms, will now mean that I am accused of being you, or indeed, you of being I, or possibly of the two of us being behind MW! Perhaps we are both in fact Morrissey! Oh what a web, is it Charlotte's web? Isn't Charlotte's Web about a pig that is to be slaughtered? Are we both behind that too? Are we both to be slaughtered? Life, is truly, a Pigsty, and if you don't know that, then what DO you know?

  2. Coincidentally, when I came across your blog way back then, the day I added it to my favourites thing was in fact Day 29, Thursday 13th October. So every day when I click on FTM this page comes up. I must ask Mam what it means the next time she's in the chat room.

  3. Ok what happened to the photos's? Or is it just me? Do I have restricted access?

    1. So now you're arguing that there are no photos?

    2. Can see the photos NOW. Think I was caught in the Bermuda triangle yesterday. Not Barry Manilow's triangle.


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