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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 179 Sunday 11th March 2012

Bloody dog! He's got a splinter in his paw, so last night, he sat gnawing at it, ALL BLOODY NIGHT, and kept me awake. Mind you, I wasn't sleeping particularly well anyway, I was still wondering if The Mozziah had really, REALLY, sung 'Ratty' instead of 'Fatty' in Rio, and another thought was also playing on my mind. As I drifted in and out of sleep, it suddenly hit me. THE MOZZIAH CREATED MORRISSEYSWORLD AS A REAL LIFE, ONLINE SOAP OPERA, WITH A TWIST, IT'S ALSO A SOCIAL EXPERIMENT. It's Big Brother and Little Britain all rolled into one, but it's online and being played out for real, and not just with Brits. People are the same everywhere. MorrisseysWorld caters for real people, comedy charcters, real news, parody stories, it is a study of human behaviour, and all in all, it is a genius piece of living art. This has never been done before, the internet is still a relatively new thing and Morrissey, a man who previously claimed never to use the internet, has now done something completely new and original. He is also now integrating his online experiment with real life, by making signs on stage and even when out and about in the street. Sound far fetched? It's not, and what's more, it also allows for The Mozziah to confess to one day being behind it, without ridicule or blame. Genius. When will he reveal it's him? Perhaps in his book, perhaps, not at all, well not publicly anyway. He may hint and suggest, but might not admit.

"Nobody in pop history has done this before and it is more original than Bowie in make-up and slinky frock". What The Mozziah has done, is create a 'set' for a real life soap opera, but he is also able to use 'characters', just like Coogan has 'Alan Partridge', 'Paul Calf', 'Gareth Cheesman' etc and just like Walliams and Lucas have 'Vicky Pollard', 'Victorian Ladies' and 'Daffyd, the only gay in the village', so The Mozziah has created his own comedy characters, who can be found in both MorrisseysWorld and in his very own 'Rovers Return', a pub that I have conveniently labelled 'The Twitterdiily Arms'. These 'characters' of The Mozziah's are integrating and mingling with 'real' people and it's a guessing game as to who is real and who is not. Unless you get to actually meet up in real life, as 'HeatherCat' and 'Stillicling' have, and as 'RosyMires' and 'LoughtonLil' have, then nobody can be sure as to who is real and who is not. I'll say it again, this is a genius idea, and may not have even been the initial idea, but my guess is it was, and what is more, my hunch that Simon Goddard (the author of Mozipedia) is going to write about the whole thing, could well be true. This whole experience is very unique. The Mozziah is also able to introduce his own friends into the soap opera as various 'characters', and this has happened with Russell Brand and quite possibly others.

I have for some time wondered why Linder Sterling, Mike Bracewell, Julia Riley etc weren't involved in twitter and MW, but maybe they are, and it's just that nobody has 'found' them yet! If I were asked to say which 'people' are 'real' and which are 'characters', I would struggle. It is a thin line between reality and parody, and if you get into character, you can be anybody. 'Vicky Pollard' may be an exaggerated  'character' in Little Britain, but there are thousands just like her in 'real life', filling the streets of Britain. If 'Daffyd' is the only gay in the village of 'Llanddewi Brefi', then 'Broken' is the only gay in the village of 'MorrisseysWorld'. Is 'Broken' one of The Mozziah's characters, or is he real? Is 'GreyerGirl' real or a character? Is 'Girlwithout' really Linder Sterling? It is all smoke and mirrors as real world meets parody world and The Mozziah comes and goes. Is Brand still among us? He WAS Bucktoothedboy, he MAY have been JodyRoad, and Romina Ricci is no more an Italian housewife, than I am a Dutch Cheesemaker.

Tonight's concert in Sao Paulo is being streamed live, and The Mozziah has promised another sign. According to the comments left on my blog yesterday, he apparently said in the MW chat room last night, that he had been 'out and about' in Brazil, in a 'manufactured pop act t-shirt', and was hoping to be photographed. If he was photographed, could the photo then be used as a back drop at tonight's concert, for all the world to see? Could a photo of a rose appear on the backdrop? Will the hand signal be made in Alma Matters? Will 'Ratty' get another airing?

I haven't yet mentioned, that at the Rio concert, the band all wore tight yellow shorts and each had a suburb of Manchester written on their chest (Collyhurst, Harpurhey etc), except Boz of course, who once again donned his fetching blue dress. The Mozziah wore his 'trash' gold fingernail varnish, but there was no finger lingerie. There appeared to be no roses thrown, but I think any hope of roses has now gone, although an article today on MW, shows an online Japanese magazine with a fan holding red, white and blue roses. Could there be hope for roses at the Japanese concerts?

News on So-low suggests that the beautiful 'All Over the World' by Francoise Hardy is on the pre concert tape and meanwhile back in the Twitterdilly Arms, Romina has posted a great song called 'I'm Gonna Freeze' by Chelsea Cromwell. Romina also confirmed that she/he/Brazilian third sex, saw The Raglans play in Ireland last summer. The Raglans are Boz Boorers new proteges, who aren't really known yet, they sound superb from what I've seen on youtube, but HOW did an Italian housewife get to see them? Now, waar is dat melk? Ik heb wat kaas te maken.


  1. You are so right about the charades and you are one of them! One minute I am thinking it is you behind MW because, for example, I mentioned the social experiment in the chatroom last night... Then again you are so naive in your speculations at times (and I mean it in an affectionate way!) that I definitely think you are not involved. I so hope he will give one of the signs discussed as this is doing my head in!

  2. I'm Gonna Freeze is by Chelsea Crowell, daughter of Rodney Crowell and Roseanne Cash. Interesting factoid: Chelsea is the sister of Caitlin who is married to Morrissey's nephew, Sam.

  3. BTW the dog demands appropriate Paw Lingerie for his spelk....preferably color-coordinated to complement his collar. :-)

  4. Happy Monday dear Rat! I'm agree with Sabine, she said, with simple words, exactly what I'm thinking about Morrisseysworld. Anyway the past summer I went to Ireland for holiday and here I saw The Raglans for the first time and then I saw them on official Boz Boorer's timeline and I truly like them!

  5. Thank you Romina! Not many people seem to agree with me lately!


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