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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 181 Tuesday 13th March 2012

Today my mood is much lighter. I suppose when you write a daily diary, which effectively this is, not every day can be a good day and as I wear my heart (which at times is heavy) on my sleeve, I tend to spill everything out. It would be easy for me to blame my mood on the fact that yesterday, was the anniversary of the death of my brother, but that wasn't why I was feeling low, to be honest, until I happened to remember the date later in the day, I had forgotten. That may sound callous, but we were never particularly close, and when he died, I felt more sorry for his crap life than actual loss. After losing his business in the recession of the 1990's, his marriage soon fell apart as well, and he began to drink heavily. Add to the bottle or two of Southern Comfort a day, 60 JPS cigarettes and a daily intake of junk food, and his heart didn't have a chance, not so much heavy, as clogged, well the arteries were at any rate.

No, the reason I was feeling low yesterday was through self pity at the thought that I might have to go back to a 9 to 5 job, but having reminded myself of my brother's early demise, at the age of 37, it has reinforced, that I MUST do what I WANT to do, not what I feel I OUGHT to do. Life really IS too short and despite what the Jehovah's and others might promise you, there is nothing else.

So, back to The Mozziah and back to MorrisseysWorld, which on my return to the internet this morning, I find is closed, well, sort of, it's still all there, it's just there is a heading which reads, 'By popular demand this blog is now closed.' Having been away from the internet yesterday evening, I had no idea why it had closed but I guessed it was because The Mozziah had got bored. I was later to find out, (earlier today in the MW chat room) that The Mozziah had closed it due to some of the comments on the last article, an article about Freemasons. There have been a lot of articles about Freemasons lately, and it would appear that your average Morrissey fan has been struggling to get their head around it all, and they don't like it.

The Mozziah has been posting a lot of images of the 'All Seeing Eye', 'Freemasonary' and 'Illuminati'. To be honest, I too was struggling to get the relevance but I have spent the last few hours researching the subject and now understand why The Mozziah is bringing it to everybody's attention. I have never been a great one for conspiracy theories, and to think that there are 'forces' at work controlling the world, seems ridiculous to the extreme, but is it? Do Freemason's control the music business? The World IS run by 'boy clubs' all over the world. Governments, lawyers, public schools, corporate businesses, religions are all run by 'The Boys', so why not the music industry? Is Morrissey suggesting that Freemasons are behind all the major record labels, and this is why he can't get a deal? Rather than me harp on about it, may I suggest a visit to, it really is fascinating. Look at all the celebrities who openly admit to being Freemason's. Watch the Shaquille O'Neal video, he wears a freemason's ring and when asked about it, calls it "his business." It would also appear that Hip Hop is full of Freemasons.
    Or is Morrissey bringing Freemasonry to everybody's attention because he IS one? Apparently Oscar Wilde was a Freemason, and was fascinated with the whole order. He took his role seriously, but was eventually expelled for not paying his dues. I once read that one of the rings that Morrissey wears is a 'Tigers Eye' ring. Roman soldiers used to wear Tiger eye because they believed it was 'All Seeing'! So is Moz a Freemason? Could be! But I'd be surprised, he doesn't go out!

Last month, I went to see the screening of a new film called 'Papadopoulos and Sons', which was written and directed by Marcus Markou. It was a pleasant enough film, and I briefly met Marcus to thank him for inviting me. Marcus was very busy so I didn't try and take up too much of his time, but I did ask him if he believed that Morrissey was behind MorrisseysWorld. His reply was, "Oh yes, it has to be." What I didn't ask him was if he actually knew. The only reason I knew of Marcus was because MorrisseysWorld follows him on twitter, which is why I started following him. The only people MW follows on twitter are; 'the original MW followers', a few tedious celebs who he enjoys laying into (although Richard Madeley has now apparently blocked him), and a very few others, of which Marcus is one. It hadn't occurred to me that Marcus might know The Mozziah, but perhaps he does.

The reason I am writing about Marcus Markou, is because on MorrisseysWorld, just before it pulled up the shutters, somebody posted the following,

"Marcus Markou, the only person who is alleged to have met that idiotically secretive rodent, told me that the rodent confided in him that he was behind the blog."

     I obviously thought nothing of this silly stab in the dark by 'anonymous', but the comment that followed it, written by somebody calling themselves 'Sherlock', made for far more interesting reading, they wrote,

"Marcus Markou appeared out of nowhere into this MW saga recently. This minor, unknown playwright soon met 'The Rat's Back', who is otherwise highly duplicitous and deceitful in regards to his identity. Why would he readily meet Markou when he won't give anyone else even a first name?"

Sherlock then goes on to say,
"So what are Markou's plays about? 'Age-Sex-Location, his play about chat rooms and virtual worlds'. A review of another play: 'A bourgeois sitcom with a macabre heart and a central character who responds to stress by indulging in a satirical dream-life'."

Sherlock then finishes off by saying,
  "I'd be willing to bet good money his next play is going to be about paranoid types who believe in conspiracies and equate pop stars with messianic figures. I am arguing this has likely been one big, FREE experiment for him to study human behavior for whatever project he's working on. If it is indeed him, it's a good sign of a lack of imagination on his part."

Sherlock later returned (presumably after more detective work) and added a quote from Markou, which read, "If we could dramatise journalistic pieces, why not emails, chat rooms and websites? Richard and I worked on the script together for a year, researching the internet and developing the characters."

So, is Marcus Markou behind MorrisseysWorld? Well he can join me and a number of others who have been accused of it, but no, Marcus isn't behind MorrisseysWorld, "MORRISSEY IS BEHIND IT!!!!" I have wondered what the link was between Marcus and Moz, and I would guess that Morrissey knew of Markou's work, perhaps introduced by Boy George, or the other way around? Boy George has also attended a screening of 'Papadopoulos and Sons', so perhaps 'Boy' is behind MorrisseysWorld? Back to work Sherlock, and when you and all the others stop looking for somebody else to point your finger at, you'll see the answer right in front of your face, where it's always been.



How did Bieber get to Number 1 in The Mozziah's own pub Top 10? Bloody Illuminati.


  1. Are you aware of the Bilderberg Group, Rats? It is obvious that the mainstream music industry is nothing more than another arm of the corporate-military complex. I can understand Morrissey being unwanted by those in power. He is too against the grain and politically conscious. I don't know about the whole Freemason/Illuminati business. It, to me, seems like a scapegoat, when there are definite persons in control (such as David Rockefeller and other corporate heads). Although, it is disconcerting that so many people in the realm of public popularity are involved in the order.

    As for Morrissey and his involvement, an odd web is being spun. Is he a high-ranking mason? Does he have a passing interest in the occult, like Bowie during his cocaine addled days in LA? Or, is he trying to bring attention to these secret societies? Interesting, very interesting.

    1. Reality can be stranger than fiction. After all, Aldous Huxley stated in his final lecture that Brave New World can be a reality in the 21st century. He called this a Scientific Dictatorship.

  2. Glad to see that you are feeling better today, but sorry to read about your brother. Friends and family can take a toll on you, esp when you can see what they are doing will harm them, but you are helpless to help, so maybe you did have that date in the back of your mind as you struggled with your own problems. As I said once before, things have a way of working out and I'm sure they will with you too. As for Freemasons and Morrissey, I wondered if the blog was closed---again, because the postings were being taken over by this possible conspiracy. I am inclined to agree with what Rutger blogged, that Moz is unwanted by them because he is too outspoken in his beliefs and normally against the grain related to politics. But then the question remains, is this a campaign to alert us to this or to discredit Moz? Since many of the postings were by anonymous, I didn't pay much attention to them anyways, I follow MW because I enjoy his music and the site kept you up to date on his goings-on and did so in a pleasant way unlike another site, plus you got to communicate. if you wanted, with people of like mind. Good luck with whatever you decide Ratty.

  3. Sorry for the loss of your brother. Even though you weren't close to him, he was still a part of your family. Hope you're feeling better.

    I think the site is 'closed' because there are no tour diaries and I wish MW would stop saying they will be posted. Very frustrating.

    Oh and about Marcus knowing MW... I don't think he does. I remember MW re-tweeted Marcus' tweet. He asked if MW would follow him and then MW did...that's all!

  4. Glad you are feeling better Rat. I was so sad when I read MW was was like a punch in the gut and made me really sad. I don't twotter...prefer facebook...but love the banter among the various players here. It has been a great experience in any event. I love how MW, this blog, twitter, and allyouneedismorrissey have created positive alternatives to solo which is definitely a step in the right direction.

    You are a great writer. Follow your bliss, sir. Life is too short to not make the most of it.


  5. Hi Rat, I'm very sorry for your brother, but I'm glad because you learned so much by him and because you're still writing! I don't know much about Freemasons, in Italy there were a lot of scandals about it and many politicians were raised in prison and the owner of bank finished his days hanged under the Black Frairs Bridge in London...These are really dangerous things, not to joke about...Anyway when Morrissey does'nt like something he uses to say it in very bad mood as the famous t-shirt....It's always a pleasure to read you!

  6. For the record, I don't know Morrissey. And I am far too minor an artist to be know by him! And I am not the author of MW. God... I wish I was that ascerbic and free but I certainly don't wish to be that tortured. I'm a glass is half full man. MZ's glass is drained, bone dry. MZ followed me because I posted a (rare) witty tweet on @PapaSonsFilm. I only wanted three things. 1. World Peace. 2. A Distribution Deal for My Film and 3. To be followed by MW. MW tweeted back to say one out of three aint bad! But it's 2012 and I'm still hoping for all three! Boy George followed me early on because I was tweeting about not caring who MW was - this person was funny. Boy George does follow 1000s. By coincidence a few months later, we were recording the score for my film at Air Studios. The musician playing bouzouki was the talented John Themis, a fellow Greek. He works very closely with Boy George (they wrote Taboo together - the musical) and they are great friends. So John brought Boy George to the cast and crew screening and Boy George started the clapping through the credits. Two lovely people. Coincidence. Or maybe some kind of divine synchronicity. Perhaps... John Themis, Boy George and Morrissey will help me stage the musical version of Papadopoulos & Sons. My connection with Rat is simple too. When I tweeted that I was holding a public test screening Rat emailed me to say he would like to come and he did. He's a lovely man that writes a great blog. I suspect that Moz is MW because of the self loathing, the wit, the sensitivity, the desire to engage but also be hidden - the inner beauty and darkness. I've always loved the Smiths. I was a teenager in the 80s. But I also loved Lou Reed, Bowie, Dylan, Sinatra. I have an extensive collection so I am not what you would call obsessive about a single group. I hate going to concerts because I can't deal with so many people but I am committed to Moz because he is a great poet. Probably, our greatest living English poet. But he is also just a man trapped in a vaccuous music business.


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