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Friday, 16 March 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 184 Friday 16th March 2012

 I have my health, I'm not Elton John, and I have a Mozziah to follow, so it's back on the bike!
   As I said the other day, when you write a daily diary, certain things are going to happen and yesterday was one of those body blow days. I won't go into detail, but it's my mother I feel sorry for. My mum is one of those people who will do anything for anybody and sees nothing but good in everybody. She was born a year before the second world war started, so grew up in air raid shelters, (not literally, but you get the picture) and she then suffered the post war hardship, but maintains that her upbringing was happy. In those days, they didn't have much, and they didn't need much.

 If you were to ask my mother, she would no doubt tell you that she's had a good life, and she would thank God for that, something that I can't get my head around, but would never knock her for it, she's needed him at times. In the early 1970's, her brother committed suicide due to gambling debts, he was in his thirties and left a wife and very young child. A couple of years later, my mum's own mother died, and two years after that, my mum's husband died (my dad) at the age of forty. My father had been in the RAF in the 1950's, and was sent to Christmas Island to test nuclear bombs. The servicemen were given no form of protection, they were just told to close their eyes. My father died of cancer twenty years later, but was ill for seven long years, but he wasn't alone, many of those servicemen on Christmas Island died of cancer, but the British government, to this day, deny there is any link with the bomb testing.

A few years ago, my elder brother died, at the age of thirty seven, and yet another part of my mum's heart was ripped out, you aren't supposed to outlive your kids, that's not how it's supposed to work. Yesterday's news ripped another hole into my mum's poor heart, but she remains strong, and will get through it. She too, is not Elton John, and despite it's poor style, her hair is all hers.

So, where were we? Well, I was going to start by posting a review of the concert from Lima, Peru, but instead of me doing it, let me post the review from somebody who was actually there. I have copied this from So-low, from a user called 'iloveumoz'. You may recognise (recognize) the writing style, and no, it's not me, I can assure you, I wasn't there. 'iloveumoz' has only been registered on solo since February, and is presumably Peruvian, although as you'll read from the review, this Peruvian girl's(?) knowledge of the pre-concert videos is superb. The 'fall off my chair' laughing moment for me is the description of the 'nearby Mall', where 'iloveumoz' describes it as "similar to Bayside Mall in Miami, near the coast". However 'down' I felt yesterday, this review has picked me up. I Love U Moz:

  1. iloveumoz's Avatar
    iloveumoz - 
    THIS HAS BEEN EPIC!!! I went tuesday night to the hotel and saw him stroll by the lobby into the hotel bar. The people who were already inside the bar were told to leave so I quietly stayed at the lobby my drink until he came out again. He never did. He actually went up some hidden stairs inside the bar and to his room. The rest of the band stayed @ the bar for a little longer and then were taken to their hotel. (A different hotel than Moz) They came in and out of the bar to have a smoke @ the hotel door. I was there a little longer and had the amazing opportunity to have a brief chat with his personal security guard. He is the man who appears in the pictures in Chile, right behind him. (Tall, blonde, short hair). He has been travelling with Moz for 9 years already. He told me they spent the day at the hotel, did some excersise, sunbathed for a while and then went out to a nearby Mall (similar to Bayside Mall in Miami, near the coast). There, they went to starbucks (?) and went bowling but had to leave because there were too many fans. After that they went for dinner to a nearby Italian Restaurant. Then, they returned to the hotel (that's when I come into the story and what I saw at the hotel bar) The band looked unfriendly and didn't want to speak to anybody when having a smoke outside. Security came up to our tables and strictly prohibited we spoke, yelled, stood up or took pictures of morrissey when he came in. I also saw the man that is mentioned in other threads of this page, whom we think is Moz's "close" friend. (Who people presume he's from Scandinavia) He came in and out of the bar and to the front desk twice. Eventhough security was very strict, I still yelled his name. Morrissey le looked at me in the eye and waved goodbye! <3 (I was with 2 friends o mine, that's it!!)

    Onn Wednesaday morning I went back to the hotel and I "bumped" into the security guard again. He was leaving for a short walk along the coast. He told the fans Morrissey would not leave the hotel until 6:30pm (it was only 2:15 by that time). He turned around while he left and waved goodbye to me. I stood there, thinking "should I run and talk to him and ask him if he was serious about Morrissey, or should I just wait here and pray he came out earlier??" (6:30pm was already too late for me to be @ the hotel and then drive during rush hour to be on time in the concert. That would take me about 1hr 30min to get to the gig. Gates were going to open as early as 6pm) I finally decided to catch him up. He turned around a bit surprised because he heard my steps and my short breath! He told me he was serious and I told him I wanted to tell Morrisey to sing "I want the One I can't have" for us. He said it was not on the setlist and that Moz and the band decided to exchange it for Sheila Take a Bow. (WOW!!) I kindly asked him if I could send Morrissey a short note on a piece of paper. He accepted straight away, but he asked me to wait for him until he came back from his walk. I waited about 40min and when he came back, he recognized me straight away. I pulled away from the few fans outside the hotel and gave him my short love letter. =) He was so kind and very nice to me. (I hope he DID give it to him!!)

    The concert (space-wise) was smaller than other concerts I've been to, but it was very wide from left to right. My friend (who works for a gig-producer) went to Jockey Club earlier that week when people were putting up the structures and he was told that Morrissey's contract strongly emphasized that even all the peruvian crew who worked for the gig had to be vegetarian. Everybody who was related to producing the gig one way or another had to be vegetarian, also. Nice!

    Anway, gates opened at 6pm sharp. I managed to be right up front: 3 rows from the front. In the regular public and with us was this girl whom I supose is a lucky fan who has been travelling with Moz a while ago, since Morrissey's security guards went onstage several times and spoke to her. Kirsteen Young came onstage and did her thing. After her, we were happily amused by videos of a very young Elvis, Shocking Blue, The Sparks, Brigitte Bardot and finally The New York Dolls...

    9:04pm The Bells started ringing and BAM!!!!!! Ecram went down and there was Morrissey, saying "In the City of Kings I just want to sing!!!" The First of the Gang to Die was the first song. He was wearing a blue shirt with printed small white leafs (or something similar) denim pants and brown shoes. Thick white gold (platinum, silver or some expensive material) necklace with big catholic cross) He talked a lot (I can't remember exactly all the words) and I was very surprised about all he said. He mentioned Syria. He asked us if we believed in the UN, we all said NO! He said peruvians were beautiful, really really beautiful, and he also mentioned he was grateful to be in Peru.

    He gave his hand to the non peruvian girl in the crowd (fan). Seems they are friends already. Lucky girl!!

    During alma matters he had a beetle on his forehead which he didn't notice for about 1minute. He wiped it off his face and turned around and wouldn't turn back again. I guess he was embarassed? ='(

    Set list looked like this:

    1. “First Of The Gang To Die”
    2. “You Have Killed Me”
    3. “Black Cloud”
    4. “When Last I Spoke To Carol”
    5. “Alma Matters”
    6. “Sheila Take a Bow”
    7. “Everyday Is Like Sunday”
    8. “Speedway”
    9. “You’re The One For Me, Fatty”
    10. “I Will See You In Far-Off Places”
    11. “Meat Is Murder”
    12. “Ouija Board, Ouija Board”
    13. “I Know It’s Over”
    14. “Let Me Kiss You”
    15. “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out”
    16. “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris”
    17. “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want”
    18. “How Soon Is Now?”

    19. “One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell”

    Sheila Take a Bow was an enormous surprise. Epic Moment number 1,000 already.

    Like most peruvians, they didn't know the words to the songs. Most of them (I won't say all of them, but most) were just posers who were up front. They didn't sing much, and Morrissey wanted to feel our energy. He stoped during Black Cloud and all the band came upfront to hear our screaming, but they didn't start again until screaming was loud enough. Near the ending (I can't recall before what song) Gustavo Manzur (Keyboards) had to walk up to the microphone and asked us to please scream louder for Moz. He said he told Morrissey before the show that the peruvian crowd was very loud so we had to show off for him. People started shouting louder and we had a happier Moz.

    Let Me Kiss You. Epic moment, again. During "you phisically despiseeeee" he took of his shirt (purple-ish blue) and threw it to us. I had it in my hands for a millisecond!!!!! Someone took it and people were fighting over the shirt. I could only get hold on one button. A fight started and people started punching and kicking each other. People were already on the floor by the time "There is a Light that it Never Goes Out" started. Since I'm a girl, I decided to let go of the shirt since I was being terribly crushed and was nearly out of breath. Also, I was about to get hit!! Morrissey turned twice to see the fight that was going on. Anyways, an "asshole" got hold of the shirt which never fell apart!

    This is about all the info I can recollect from now!
    Cheers!! LONG LIVE MOZ!!!

One of the things 'not' mentioned by 'iloveumoz', is the one thing I touched on yesterday, the holding of the heart during 'There Is A Light'. Yesterday morning, before any Youtube footage of the Lima concert had been posted, I was in the MorrisseysWorld chat room with The Mozziah (Morrissey1959) and Airraid25 aka Emotional Air raid, there were also 3 'viewers', but as they hadn't signed in, I have no idea who they were. We didn't chat for long because my family crisis came up, but while we were there, and again, please bear in mind there had been no Youtube footage or reviews at this time, Morrissey1959 said, "When 'There Is A Light' appears, you just might see me slip my right arm inside my shirt." He then said, "But then again, you might not." I have now watched the Youtube footage of 'There Is A Light' and not only does The Mozziah hold his heart with his right hand for a full 10 seconds, he then does it again at the end, just like the masonic sign montage he has left on MW.

During 'Alma Matters', there is once again the 'O' sign, but I can confirm that The Mozziah IS NOT a Freemason, or member of the Illuminati, in fact he is very against it, and is just raising awareness of the existence of the New World Order through his actions. How do I know this, again, he told me in the MW chat room, it's amazing what you can learn from him in there! Months ago on MW, The Mozziah stated, 'Beware of the Owls, they are not what they seem.' The owls are the ones who are at the top of the New World Order, the ones who make the 'OO' sign around their eyes, just like Morrissey did on Conan. The easy option for most people, will be to ignore these signs, and ignore the possible existance of NWO, it's all too deep and too frightening for most average people to comprehend. I remain open minded, but if I'm honest, much as though I'm loathe to admit it, there does seem to be some substance to it. For now, pass me a bucket of sand for me to put my head in.

'@BrokenMorrissey' has returned to twitter, after I wrote about him on Wednesday. I've not really had a lot to do with 'Broken'in the past, but it would appear, that he is one of The Mozziah's many 'characters' on both twitter and in MorrisseysWorld. The characteristics he gave to 'Broken' were those of an openly gay man, in his early thirties, who was sensitive, but provocative. This afternoon, as I took a rest from the shit that the real world is currently throwing, I read back through 'Broken's' tweets, and I realised that The Mozziah has used this character, to show how shallow others can be. 'Broken' was also used to show how quick people are to judge others. It all makes for interesting reading, as one by one, most people turned on him. As I said on Wednesday, I wasn't involved in 'the big' argument, so I can't say if I would have been just as shallow, or perhaps 'Broken' disserved what he got? I only stopped following 'Broken' when he called The Mozziah's political views "half baked" and also called him "clueless". He insulted my Mozziah, he had to go. As to whether other people were too harsh toward poor old Broken, that's up to them to decide, but they may wish to re-read the tweets, and in the cold light of day, may feel differently.

After my blog of Wednesday, 'Broken' posted a comment saying, "I am not Morrissey", well that's the equivalent of Alan Partridge saying, "I'm not Steve Coogan". Of course he's not Morrissey, but there was no comment left by Morrissey saying, "I am not Broken", and even if there had been, "well he would say that, wouldn't he", not that he did!

As I trawled through '@Brokenmorrissey' s tweets, I found some gems, including this one about the Stone Roses: "Lyrically they're brilliant - very underrated. And musically they are probably the greatest band of all-time." It's only funny when you read this one that he posted a bit later, "They're reforming tomorrow which is probably the second most exciting thing musically short of a Smiths reunion for me." The contradiction seemed to be missed by his followers, if he had any by this stage!

 When I informed 'Broken', on October 18th last year, that I was no longer following him, due to his criticism of The Mozziah, he replied, "I'm glad to thin out the ranks. Fuck the crashing bores!" Ooh, the bitch! He later tweeted, which I don't remember reading at the time, but now makes me chuckle: "@theratsback - once you are aware of the truth, you can be secure."

At times, Broken's tweets sound quite 'Mozziahesque', as he discusses things with the only two friends not to abandon him, the Brazillian '@anandastrange' and '@EcubyanPoet'.  One particular tweet describes how he was good at athletics between the ages of 13-15. Hmm, ring a bell? (See Mozipedia if you were unaware of The Mozziah's athletic prowess at school).

If 'Broken' was part of a social experiment, 'The Mozziah' obviously wasn't very impressed with the MW regulars back in October, when he tweeted, via Broken, "Dear oh dear - these Morrissey fans are as dim and dull as Justin Bieber fans. To all intents and purposes they're the same - madly infatuated, and bothered only about the singer's body. Sad."
    Was The Mozziah hoping to find a little more intelligence amongst his fans, rather than just witnessing drooling women, or was he just playing devil's advocate? Only he can answer that, but I expect the answer lies (lays?) somewhere between. And has he now since forgiven them?, things have certainly changed since then.

Half way down the MorrisseysWorld homepage, on the right hand side, is a photo of a man with arms folded. I had no clue as to who this was, so asked 'Morrissey1959', but he didn't answer. A few hours later, I got a message from my former 'Spirit of Nico', '@dotdotdotpause', who informed me it was a man called Bobby Britt, and 'Former Nico' sent me an internet link.
    Bobby Britt's story is both fascinating and sad, he was a gay man who, in 1927, was arrested and charged with keeping 'a disorderly house', and I don't think the police meant messy! You can read the whole story about Bobby and the other 'nancy boys', by visiting

I have always presumed that '@dotdotdotpause' was The Mozziah, in fact I was sure it was. We have been in daily contact for the past three months, but an hour ago, having stayed away from interaction with anybody on either twitter or MW, I saw a message from 'Romina' on my blog saying, "I'm truly worried about you. Give me a sign." Now, as I also believe 'Romina' to be The Mozziah, I sent a quick private message to '@dotdotdotpause' to say, "I'm coping", it is the ONLY contact I have made with anybody today, and what have I just seen posted on twitter?, this message from '@Banjaxer': "@dotdotdotpause - the rat's back." The ONLY way that 'Banjaxer' could know I was around, was by having access to the '@dotdotdotpause' account, which means he either IS dotdotdotpause, or he has access to The Mozziah's accounts, ie, admin. Either way, I don't much like it or need it.

Back to the Pigsty.


  1. Good to have you back. Fascinating stuff about Romina, and the jaxer. Also the folded arms guy and the message from Nico.

    Tangled webs.

  2. I told you before that I got a DM from @dotdotdotpause when The Mozziah was definitely on his flight from Heathrow to South America. I was not lying about that. Draw your own conclusions. I also cannot and will not believe that the real Morrissey would have been involved in a 'social experiment' that caused so much hurt to people (GW, JG, HL and myself). If he was - and this is not said lightly - I am afraid I could no longer be a Morrissey fan!

  3. I liked the beetle on his forehead by the way! :)

  4. Very happy to see you back rats, even if you have left my head spinning!

    I do hope your mum will be ok, she sounds strong to have gone through all you have described.

    Take care of yourself & your family xx

  5. Girl On Bike continues to paint herself as the victim of some grotesque conspiracy. In fact she's a manipulative, self-pitying pain.

  6. Broken, that is so rich coming from you - it's really laughable! Goodbye!

  7. Ratty, has it ever occured to you that people are playing you?

  8. I wrote my earlier comment just as I was leaving work so I was pushed for time - I meant to add that you may be small, whiskery and bony but you have a big, big heart and the affection on here for you confirms that. I do hope that peace comes to you.

  9. Glad to see you are feeling better today and I hope your mom is doing well, don't know if she is like my mom (dad too), who would keep it all in and not want to "burden her children", until she had to tell us, then it was like Wham! and hit us twice as hard as it seem to come out of no where.(i.e. like telling us about my dad's surgery about an hour before, although they'd known it for some time.) You did have me worried over your blog yesterday, so I really am glad to see you are better. (For awhile I'd thought you might have been traumatized because Russell Brand had been arrested for taking an I pad away from a photographer)

  10. Yes Rat, welcome back! I'm truly hoping that you're feleeing well, and having care to your mum. I wrote you "give me a sign" just for joking and hoping thet you could laugh at it....I don't know Broken or Dotdotpause I got no connection with the "social experiment", I'm just one of the million Moz's fan on twitter and I hope to be your friend, no more, take care Rat!

  11. Rat, you were right. Half right anyway.


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