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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 186 Sunday 18th March 2012

Yesterday was the first day that I failed to make a blog entry for many months, I just had nothing to say. I am so numb that I am finding it hard to do anything, I just keep staring into space. As usual, it is the music of Morrissey that is pulling me through, it always does.

I have taken a peek into Twitterdilly, the addiction runs deep, even in these numb times, but all I see is nothingness. Without The Mozziah, or the interaction of Morrissey fans discussing his music, or concerts, twitter looks as bland a place as I always thought it was. RosyMires has created a blog that reasons why Morrissey isn't behind MW, and Gob has jumped straight in to thank her for clearing everything up. Nobody has posted any footage from the concert in Columbia. I am missing nothing.

I have just held my mother in a way that I don't ever remember doing before, well the last time was probably when my brother died. We held on, cried our eyes out and then I told the soft mare to get off. It has helped us both.

Tomorrow, if I can face it, I will try and get back on the bike again, and this time stay on. Following the Mozziah gives me more pleasure than I ever expected. The well wishes from 'virtual' strangers has been overwhelming, and appreciated. I still can't work out what my former 'Spirit of Nico' is about, and as GOB has warned me that I am being played, I suppose I should not be so naive as to think it was anything other than a bit of silly fun. Talking of silly fun, I drove along with my youngest child yesterday, and we both shouted silly childish things out of the window at the top of our voices. We laughed and laughed. My children know nothing of the pain I am currently going through. I hope I NEVER grow up.
My song on repeat is 'Rubber Ring', which reminds me, I need to help wake people up. Tomorrow, I have to locate my Mozziah and follow him.


  1. Thanks for this Ratty - in your own time come back to us.

  2. Glad to see your post, as johngill stated, do it in your own time, and wish you mum a Happy Mother's Day from your T Arm friends, O Heck, that goes for your wife, sister or any other important female in your life and enjoy the day.

  3. You stick in there Rats but don't invest as much time in your blog.

  4. Cheers rats, I was very moved by what you said about you & your mum, it is heartening to see you can be there for each other. I do miss you, whilst your contribution to this journey has been invaluable, you should take all the time you need.

    I feel I need to explain my absence from twitter the past few days.
    I am not 100% confident of my reactions & feelings at present as I recognise real world air raids are making me over sensitive which is why I took time away. I have tried to rationalise my thoughts -
    It feels like MW has been dismissed in recent days as people have drawn their conclusions that Morrissey isn't involved in the blog.
    Of course people should make their own decisions , but irrespective of who MW is, it appears that it has been forgotten that it is MW that brought us all together in the first place which along with all the hard work involved in the blog deserves huge recognition.

    This experience means so much to me & at the moment it feels like my sunny oasis has been hit by a tsunami.

  5. Dear Rat, dear Air, dont' feel bad, I don't know exactly what could be MW, but yes, he brought us all togheter and I'm happy for this! I just discovered Rosy's blog and it is another way to talk about Mw or just about Morrissey! It's very late for me, I got a lot of things to do, but I truly care about you all! Cheers!


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