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Monday, 19 March 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 187 Monday 19th March 2012


Murine Boy

Yep, at last, after all the teasing and all the 'Is it him, isn't it him', two days ago, on stage in Bogota, Columbia, Morrissey finally took hold of a red rose. As I write this, there is no Youtube footage, but a still image has arrived on twitter. Morrissey is wearing a black shirt, so 'Rosegate' must have occurred during one of the first five songs, before the shirt change, and as I have seen footage for 'First of the Gang', 'How Soon is Now', 'Alma Matters' and 'Black Cloud', I am presuming it must have been during 'You Have Killed Me', although the footage for 'Alma Matters' is cut off before the end.

MORRISSEY HAS PROVEN, ONCE AND FOR ALL, THAT HE IS BEHIND MORRISSEYSWORLD. Now it is just a matter of which journalist picks it up first. Morrissey turned up in the MW chat room earlier today, and when I asked him why he'd at last held a rose, he replied, "The moment just took me." But does this mean that MorrisseysWorld will now go viral? The So-low moderators are hoping not, and are deleting all postings relating to the rose or MorrisseysWorld, because if the Solow readers realise that David T and Uncle Skinny have been duping them all this time, they aren't going to like it. The only reason David T keeps the site going is because he is making money from advertisers. Skinny just likes the power. All the homophobic and vile postings are being left, all the relevant information about Morrissey, is being deleted. Unbelievable!

Before the proof of the rose, I had already decided that, on my return to twitter, I wasn't going to bother interacting with the non believers, well, at least not the ones who have been around for 6 months, the new ones I can understand. I didn't come to twitter to make friends, I came because of MorrisseysWorld and although it is great to share the excitement of The Mozziah being among us with fellow believers, it is draining to keep reasoning with those who think that 25 'co-incidences' don't constitute 'proof'. Now that the rose has appeared, and there is NO doubt, if the likes of RosyMires and Stillicling refuse to believe, I feel I have nothing left to say to them. I've enjoyed their tweeting, but they have both remained friends with Aurora and Uncle Skinny, so they obviously don't particularly value my friendship, knowing the abuse I've had from both.

 GirlonBike is another who just brings negativity to everybody, and today The Mozziah (Morrissey1959) kicked her out of the MW chat room and apparently has blocked her from posting on MW. He sent her off with the famous, "Go, go, just go, we don't need you." GOB, like Aurora, has been argumentative from the very start, and even got herself quoted in The Sun, arguing against The Mozziah over the Falklands. Why would he want 'fans' like GOB? It is one thing not to believe that Morrissey isn't behind MW, it is another to actively fight against him and be hateful.

I feel it is time for everybody who 'truly' believes in MorrisseysWorld to stand together, with no more doubt, no more questions, just unity, love and respect. The Twitterdilly Arms is a place for those who wear the rose in their profile pic, and pledge to wear a rose to concerts. After today, without heavy heart, I will stop interacting with anybody on twitter other than 'rose wearers', it's why I came to twitter, for MW, nothing else.

Today, my day started with abuse from '@Banjaxer', another friend of Rosy and Stilli's. Bearing in mind that Banjaxer threatened me on twitter last week, today, knowing what pain I've been through, he mocked me by tweeting, "Perhaps your alleged 'pain' will prevent you from inflicting it on others. I doubt it though." Now whether this bloke is involved with MorrisseysWorld or not, he is being vile to me. The only involvement I've had with him is when I gave him the '@morrisseysmum' account, which I presumed was on behalf of The Mozziah, in fact, I'm sure it was. My only rationale is that The Mozziah uses him when it suits.

And who is Fancy123, the silent observer who is now writing hilariously witty comments on my blog? I'll leave that for another day.

Today, BLUE ROSE SOCIETY takes off in full, and according to The Mozziah, it will really take off in Japan.
Trouble loves us all.


  1. Remember Rats: It is virtuous to be magnanimous. Magnanimity is the gentleman's sword. I too have been slandered by Aurora, but I don't let it get under my skin, as her company isn't desired. It is your choice who you interact with, but there needs to be an affable, approachable buffer between the Blue Rose Society and passive onlookers. People will feel shunned and unwanted, if there is an exclusive group.

    I saw Banjaxer's comment, and I thought it was rather crude. The man is a nauseating nihilist as well. I don't know why these people feel the need to be so rude over such petty trifles. What difference does it make, if it is or isn't Morrissey? It would be nice, if it is Morrissey. If it isn't, oh well. I enjoyed the mystery, and I have met some brilliant, lovely people.

    I hope you are smiling, Rats. Peace, love, and harmony

    1. My goodness you write nicely. "Magnanimity is the gentleman's sword" - what a terrific phrase.

  2. Be careful dear Rat, please, be careful, Rutger, before me, used the right words. About Banjaxer I don't know him and I can't judge him, I'm following him just for my personal curiosity and because somentimes I think that he could know a lot of things about MW...Anyway curiosity drives me around you, Rosy's blog, MW...and as a poet ones said:"IL naufragar mi è dolce in questo mare" Have a nice evening Rat!

  3. "I feel it is time for everybody who 'truly' believes in MorrisseysWorld to stand together, with no more doubt, no more questions, just unity, love and respect. The Twitterdilly Arms is a place for those who wear the rose in their profile pic, and pledge to wear a rose to concerts."

    Listen to yourself man. You sound like a religious nut cult leader.'No more doubt. No more questions.' The antithesis of what most Morrissey fans are all about. I am NEVER rude to anyone. I don't try to control you. So don't try to control me. It won't work. Can't you see how divisive and manipulative you are being?

  4. We are calling for all MorrisseysWorlders - whether ConMorrissey Theorists or not - to stand together in mutual respect and humanity. We all love Morrissey. MorrisseysWorld is ultimately about respecting the artiste and his works.



    1. Dear Admin,

      You killed MW when you admitted that the 'trouble' I had with Broken was a kind of experiment to see how far you could push it. I am a Morrissey fan and have been for over 25 years and I cannot see that the real Moz would stand for any of it. MW is dead - so true!

  5. I have always (well, the last month or so since I have been there) felt happy to be in the Twitterdilly Arms because of its acceptance. I understand you feel frustration with people who do not believe as you.

    The most important thing is what brings us all together-love for Morrissey.


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