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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 190 Thursday 22nd March 2012

Is Banjaxer in Portsmouth? And has he got Morrissey with him?
Yesterday morning, @Banjaxer tweeted, "Heading south."
At 4pm he tweeted, "That London."
At 5pm he tweeted, "LBC." Now LBC is the radio station that Duncan Barkes apparently works for. Duncan Barkes is the guy thet Banjaxer tweeted about the other day when he said, "Ever seen @TheRatsBack and @DuncanBarkes in the same room? Funny that." Banjaxer has since deleted that tweet. Why did he tweet it, and why has he deleted it? Bizarre.

At 5.30pm, @Stillicling asked Banjaxer if he was having a good day, to which Banjaxer replied, "busy....very busy." He then added, "just a bit of research here then an evening by the sea."
@Rosymires texted, "The sea???Hope you're not in Brighton this evening without telling me! Tea and Buns."
Banjaxer replied, "Sadly my accomplices will not allow me to stray for tea and buns, not today anyway."

At 8pm, Banjaxer tweeted, "If one were in say..Southsea, where could one watch the mcfc v chelsea match?" to which RosyMires replied, ";)".

At 9pm, @SpecialHalfHour tweeted, "OMG Morrissey spotted in Southsea? Eating chips." @SpecialHalfHour used to be called @August1963 and has tweeted a number of times about Morrissey being spotted in an airport. Banjaxer is no longer following '@SpecialHalfHour' as it would appear from their profile that they have recently moved away from Manchester(?) to Portsmouth. '@SpecialHalfHour' IS followed on twitter by @i2177, also known as 'Me Is Sorry'.


Meanwhile, back in fake Morrissey land, MorrisseysWorld has posted a heading saying 'France', but there is nothing else. Does this mean concert dates in France? Has he gone to France with Banjaxer? MW has also returned to twitter and a new mystery character called @sweetestflower has also arrived, sending tweets as if they too were Morrissey! Will the real Morrissey please stand up?

The red rose that was handed to Morrissey on stage in Columbia was....WHITE! The photograph that had appeared, showing a red rose, had deceived everybody because it was the lighting that made it appear red. You'd have thought The Mozziah might have noticed, but perhaps he was teasing. The rose appeared during 'You Have Killed Me' and according to MorrisseysWorld, it was a 'plastic' rose. Oscar Wilde will be turning in his grave.

No more to say today, so why was Banjaxer in Portsmouth, and was Morrissey really walking along eating chips? Will we ever know?

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