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Friday, 23 March 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 191 Friday 23rd March 2012

The umbilical cord has been cut, and I am therefore back to being unemployed. MorrisseysWorld blogsite thingy has not posted any new items, but Morrissey tweeted for most of yesterday in various guises, including as @sweetestflower, which certainly does seem to be his account, although on twitter of course, you never can tell. From the number of tweets, I would guess that The Mozziah is completely and utterly bored. He has obviously arrived back from the tour and finds there is nothing to do. He mentioned in the MW chat room the other day that there is still no record deal, so between tours, he twiddles his thumbs or tweets.

JodyRoad turned up in chat room yesterday, with all the hallmarks of Rustle Brind, but was it? Again, who knows. Is Rustle actually controlling and running all the MW twit accounts while The Mozziah holidays in France? Who knows. This who fella knows a lot of things.

I am struggling to find anything to write about and am aware that people are bored of reading this nothingness. I can find no inspiration to write any parody sketches, so I have decided to have a long weekend completely away from the internet. There will be no Mozziah following for three days, and I'll come back Monday to see if I can find him.


  1. Enjoy your long week-end dear Rat! Have a nice time with your family! Kiss and hug!

  2. Have a great weekend!

  3. Have a great weekend, Rat. We still read your blog no matter what you write!

  4. Have a great weekend. Look forward to your next entry. I enjoy whatever you write!


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