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Monday, 26 March 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 194 Monday 26th March 2012

If ever I do meet The Mozziah, the one question I will never ask him, is 'Are you behind MorrisseysWorld'. I would never need to ask the question, because I know the answer. Many people continue to fight the idea that Morrissey is MorrisseysWorld, mainly because they don't want it to be true, they preferred the 'God' like image, to the real person, which is ironic, because although I 'Follow the Mozziah', I no longer see Morrissey as a God. Genius yes, God, no.

Among the many still fighting the obvious, is Lizzy Cat, who has today posted the following on MW, "This is not entertainment or funny", she continues, "Whoever is responsible for this site is going down the wrong route." It would appear that every time The Mozziah writes something that people are uncomfortable with, they convince themselves that it 'can't' be 'him', because they don't want it to be. They are of course completely fickle, because if it were ever 'proven' that Morrissey is behind MW, they would forget the uncomfortableness, and re-embrace their God immediately or would they? Would the likes of Aurora and Rosy Mires 'ever' be able to accept Morrissey, warts and all, or are the warts too ugly to bear?

So what are Morrissey's plans for MorrisseysWorld? I don't believe he has any, I think he's just letting it take it's own course. His mood changes from day to day, and on some days I believe he feels he wants to turn MW into a genuine Morrissey website, with news, pictures, reviews etc, and the next day he wants to close it all down, because either it bores him, or it annoys him that people cannot see what is in front of their noses. He certainly won't enjoy the hurt that some are feeling, but the hurt is only caused by their own interpretations.

Today, MorrisseysWorld has published an article by the long forgotten, 'Log Lady'. She has re-appeared to remind everybody that on October 9th last year, she predicted the following, "When the blood runs, the white rose becomes a red rose. When the truth settles down, nothing will remain." Log Lady, aka Margaret, also goes on to point out that in the song 'You Have Killed Me' (In Bogota, Columbia), you can see in the Youtube footage, that Morrissey takes hold of a WHITE rose, but when the blood runs, ie 'You Have Killed Me', the white rose becomes red, as seen in the photograph that first appeared. It was the lighting that made the rose appear red. "THE WHITE ROSE BECOMES A RED ROSE."

Log Lady foretold the future, so what of the next part of her prediction, "when the truth settles down, nothing will remain." I think that this means, that when 'eventually' everybody finally realises that Morrissey is behind MW, it will all disappear, as though it were never there........or of course, it'll become a proper Morrissey website, depending on his mood!

Log Lady has also said today, "SOMEONE HAS WHISPERED of this blog and that person is 'known across the oceans. All we await now is the 'CASCADE OF EVENTS.'" Are we about to see a famous person talk publicly of MW, or is Log Lady referring to Boy George? What will be the 'Cascade of Events'? Could 'Trouble Loves Me' be added to the set list in Japan? Will a Blue Rose be given?

Log Lady has also warned that, "Soon people will be hurt in America, this I know. This I know." Is this a 'physical' hurt, or a 'mental' hurt? Is Log Lady predicting civil unrest, or a terrorist attack, or could it be a 'feeling of hurt', caused by financial meltdown? Time as ever, will tell. I personally take these predictions to be Morrissey's own thoughts on what will happen in the world. If Morrissey himself were to come out with such statements, he would be absolutely 'hammered' in the press and even 'he' wouldn't want to face the backlash of the American's, he's not stupid! Mentioning the Falklands is one thing, upsetting the Yanks, and the 'Powers that be', is another, he has a career to think about, but is it far fetched to believe that Morrissey thinks what many of the rest of us think, that the world is a very dangerous place at the moment, and with the recession showing no signs of easing, unrest could come to America? Your average 'meathead' Morrissey fan won't want to contemplate such thoughts, they just like his music.

And on a lighter note....twitter! After my long weekend away from the internet, (spent shopping in Chichester with Mrs Whiskers, as she celebrated her birthday and cricketing in Southampton with one of the mini rats) I returned today (alright, I popped into the Twit Arms very briefly yesterday) to work my way through my timeline, which is located on the wall of the Twitterdilly Arms. My timeline these days is a little different, as many of the original people I followed have gone, having lost the faith. Most of the people I follow are MW 'believers', although because the likes of Lizzy Cat and Girl on Bike change their minds every other day, it is hard to know whether to follow them or not. Lizzy Cat has convinced herself that it 'can't' be Morrissey, based on the fact that he has opened a parody shop selling 'MorrisseysWorld IS Morrissey' t-shirts (plus other items such as baby bibs, laptop covers etc). It is an obvious joke, nobody in their right mind would buy anything, and I don't think you even could.

In the next breathe, Lizzy was 'back on board' as she tweeted, "@MorrisseysWorld Nobody can explain the tweet from you to me in December about Years of Refusal and the next day the info appearing on TTY." This was Morrissey's personal proof to Lizzy that he is behind MW, but still she fights it, not based on logic, but based on what she doesn't like on the blog. Today she has written, "I don't like the prediction about people being hurt in America. Also the merchandise shop idea is a rip off!!" Because Lizzy doesn't like the idea of 'hurt', and doesn't see the parody of the 'shop', she dismisses MorrisseysWorld as NOT Morrissey, because it doesn't fit in with her 'picture' of what Morrissey should be like. Rosy Mires, Girl on Bike and Aurora, to name but a few, have fallen into the same trap, because the Morrissey they have pictured in their minds, is not the one they are now seeing, so they are fighting tooth and nail to try and reason why it 'can't' be him. Some of them are even trying to blame me, but Rosy certainly knows I'm not behind MW, after all, how could I be? but they cannot find a logical explanation, so they are all grasping at straws. Morrissey is plucking roses from the audience and writing about it, there is no other explanation, MORRISSEY IS MW.

Well, actually, the ONLY other explanation, is that somebody who works for Morrissey is behind MW, an explanation offered up by the latest recruit to twitter, '@sweetestflower' aka 'wildnatureyields'. '@sweetestflower' first appeared on twitter on March 17th and tweeted, "One more night. Looking forward to returning to Blighty in spring." This tweet set the scene that this person was implying they were Morrissey. It was followed up with some Mozzian type tweets and then yesterday, this statement:

"After watching the circus of the past few months, I am compelled to kindly advise that I have not made or endorsed the gauche words on the blog and twitter that's been ascribed to my hand, nor would I lead on the fans I cherish deeply and hold dear in my heart. If this is being perpetrated by someone I employ, it is without my knowledge or permission. The two avenues available to me in ceasing this embarrassing nonsense are to go through ridiculous hoops with twitter to have the imposter's account shut down or to play mind games this person would love for me to play. Ultimately the sustenance of this charade is the attention it's fed, so I ask you please not patronise what is causing many people hurt and frustration. With sweetness, MORRISSEY."

Funnily enough, the ones who don't want to believe that MW is Morrissey, didn't now want to believe 'real' Morrissey, with G.O.B in particular, arguing straight away with 'Sweetest Flower'. GOB seems to be able to upset anybody at any time. 'Sweetest Flower' tweeted to GOB, "GirlOnBike, you have believed I am who I say I am for these past few days. If you now doubt my words because they don't match what you've already decided to be true, there's little I could have ever said or done. I'm rather insulted." Poor old GOB, she doesn't either 'want to believe' or 'not want to believe', she just wants to argue.

So, what do I make of 'Sweetest Flower', is it Morrissey or not? Well, in the MW chat room last night, myself, Air Raid and 'a guest' chatted with Morrissey1959 and when asked about 'Sweetest', Morrissey replied, "Come now, a person appears on Twitter claiming to be Morrissey and you believe it is him? The irony. I fulfil all these pledges, a rose is plucked out of the moshpit and this individual wins hearts and minds by posting an old picture and lambasting me."................Yep, it's him! The old double bluff game, although in The Mozziah's case, I think we're up to about a dozen different personas.

And speaking of personas, as I worked my way through twitter, I cam across a tweet from my favourite Morrissey persona, 'Romina Ricci' aka @caterita2008. On March 19th, Romina tweeted, "Well! Maybe the last show was the best, what do you think?" Four days later, on True To You, the show in Bogota (the last show) is listed as the best. On March 22nd, Romina tweets, "Is the sweetest flower a rose? Maybe..." Hmmm.

Also from twitter, at 4.45pm on Friday, Romina, who usually only tweets in the mornings, retweeted somebody called @GillyBee763, who had sent a tweet about her sister sharing a flight with Morrissey. Moments after Romina's 'out of hours' retweet, the mysterious '@i2177' aka 'Me Is Sorry' tweeted in reply to '@MorrisseysMum' (who had earlier tweeted, "Please close down the site known as Morrisseysworld.blogspot.") "Do it yourself." This is a clear indication that The Mozziah is just playing around with his different twitter accounts, to see who is awake and paying attention. I am sure he gets bored and just changes personas to amuse himself. One minute he's 'BrokenMorrissey', the next 'Romina', then 'Mum', then 'MW', then 'sweetestflower', then 'i2177', then 'BozBoorer', occasionally 'dotdotdotpause', and not forgetting the ones that haven't been used for ages, like 'OldOscarWilde', 'MissKateRyan', 'DollyWilde', and I'm presuming, 'GreyerGirl', 'RoadHog'and 'Jeane_Morrissey'. There could of course be loads more, and perhaps some of those I've listed aren't Moz, but as Marcus Markou once said, "If Morrissey didn't have all these twitter accounts, where else would his personas go, twitter is made for Morrissey." (Sorry if the quote isn't word for word, but you get the gist.)

And finally Esther, and finally Cyril, guess who tweeted MorrisseysWorld AGAIN on Saturday? Only KRISTEEN YOUNG! She tweeted, "@Morrisseysworld Well, thank you, Mr. World. I know I must....the other option is Walmart greeter." And if THAT isn't an endorsement, then I don't know what is.

Ps. Philip Schofield has blocked MW on twitter, mind you The Mozziah only has himself to blame, seeing as he tweeted Schofe the following, "Though twitter makes us all seem slightly less dreary, you are the exception." He IS The Mozziah, AND he's a very naughty boy!


  1. Shame that your blog has gone from being funny to just people bashing of those who don't agree with you! To make the decision easier for you, feel free to unfollow me. I certainly won't be following you anymore - enough of this nonsense! By the way, did you inadvertantly reveal all your twitter persona's above?

  2. We are all entitled to our opinion Rats and to be able to change our minds without censorship.
    I imagine that you have no definitive proof about whether it is the real Morrissey or not on Twitter etc.
    So please do not lambast folk who choose to disagree with you.
    I have been an adult for a very long time and like to draw
    my own conclusions on my way through life.

  3. This is all *very* ridiculous. People never cease to fascinate me.

  4. Well, Dear Rat, how can I start my comment? I got a lot of things to say, be patience and forgive me for my grammar or orthographic mistakes. First of all I'm not a Morrissey's persona, I'm just Romina and all that I said on my twitter's profile it's absolutly true. Then, MorrisseysWorld is not Morrissey's blog and twitter account, he denyed it to many times and in the brazilian interview he was not joking! He is in a cul de sac, he'll never write a statement on TTY because he is to clever for doing a so fatal mistake. In Italy a brillant politician called Massimo D'Alema denounced a famous comics drawing and all the people said that D'Alema was a dictator against the freedom to speak! Now Morrissey is in the same pair of shoes, the blog is a parody site and he does'nt want to be slave of a parody, I think that sometimes he's very tired to be Morrissey, because his fans got an idea of him probably untrue. He is a prefect singer songwriter, he loves to be on the stage, but surely he want to be a free man. You're a brillant writer Rat this blog is not wasting time, but some people take to seriously your words and some others are so vile and presoumptuos...Now it's to late, I'll return to this theme, now you're waiting for me to the Top Chart! Viva Morrissey and stop with MorrisseysWorld!

  5. Rat did you happen to the tweet from @morrisseysworld which read "you'll know i am not morrissey when this twitter gets shut down, you'll know i am morrissey when that never happens." I found that realy amusing it ought to have had a mention in your post and also i urge you to read "The nightengale and the rose" by none other than Oscar wilde it isn't very long and has to do with blood and white roses turning red, pehaps there is something there that i have failed to catch that you might.


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