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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 196 Wednesday 28th March 2012

This morning as I walked the dog in the beautiful Spring sunshine, I had a smug grin on my face, thinking how clever I am that I have managed to work out the whole MorrisseysWorld phenomenon, but it was a silly smug grin really, because I'm not clever, it's ridiculously obvious, in fact, it couldn't be MORE obvious. Morrissey publicly declares the site 'dangerous' and then makes 'blatant' 'O' signs on stage to prove the site is his. He even switches it into a different song after the non-believers claim he only does it in 'Alma Matters'.

As I walked along, I wondered where the blog would 'go next', and what would I do if I were Morrissey. I then laughed out loud (honestly) as a thought occurred to me. MorrisseysWorld has given the 'real' Morrissey an ultimatum, which is, "If the seminal artiste HM Morrissey would like this site to be erased from the web, a simple statement on True To You would ensure this happens expeditiously. Morrissey has until the end of March 2012 to request this site be deleted; after this date, it cannot be guaranteed."

I desperately, desperately hope that Morrissey issues a statement on TTY, as then everybody would rejoice that it wasn't Morrissey. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the non believers would take Morrissey at face value, and dismiss MW as a fake, and the matter of who else it could possibly have been, would be irrelevant. The witch would be dead. Of course, the few of us who have NO DOUBT that it is him, would laugh at the TTY statement, it would mean nothing, it would be deliciously funny. MW could then put out a statement saying that they don't believe Morrissey to be the author of TTY, (which of course he actually isn't) and refuse to close. God, I wish it were my blog thingy, well actually, many people think it is, which flatters me enormously.

Another alternative is for TTY to issue the statement the day 'after' the end of March, which ironically is APRIL 1ST, and MW could then say 'Morrissey missed the deadline', and refuse to close. I am laughing out loud at the very thought of the games he can play, and in fact, I'm probably ruining his fun by even mentioning these things (sorry Sire. No, not the record label, I offer them no apology).

So, as I walked the dog in the glorious early morning sun, I had my ipod on shuffle, which 9 times out of 10 will throw up a Moz song, but today up popped a song that I didn't recognise. I was just about to forward to the next track, when my ears suddenly sat up and listened. I had no idea what it was, but it was new, fresh and exciting. I looked at my ipod and read that it was a song called 'Not Now' by Raglans. I'd forgotten that I'd added this to my ipod a few days ago, having downloaded 5 of their songs when they were posted on twitter. I immediately replayed this song, and then again, and then again. It is the first time I have had this feeling about a new song or new band for a very long time. I flicked to the other tracks, and before I knew it, was singing along to 'Home'. I was already aware of the song 'The Man From Glasgow', although I hadn't realised just how good that song was either (Betty had). I now wish I was 18 again, I'm sure the Raglans target audience isn't a slightly receding 46 year old. Tough, I like you.

Yesterday I had a brief chat in the MW chat room with Morrissey1959, and he said that he "should close the blog down", due to the criticism, but he went on to say there is a mission. He has never said or done anything wrong, and if he can't use his own blog to air his own views, then what can he do? He has always been outspoken, so why should people expect anything different from him on his blog? I hope he continues. The mission? Who knows, but he did once say that eventually everybody would leave, so perhaps that is it. Unfortunately for him, some of us won't!

And now for an internet free day in the sun. Busy scissors.


  1. Hi Rat, Morrissey will never post a statement about MW on TTY and you know it, but maybe an April fool could be very very funny! The Raglans? Simply delicious! I love them to! Enjoy your day in the sun and don't waste your time in the chat, I never been in a chat in all my life! Cheers!

  2. Your ipod does that too? Hmm it could be catching! Thanks for the Raglan songs btw
    MW hasn't been on twitter as of late hopefully he comes back soon what exactly was the mission to begin with? To blog about the things that mattered to him and fool us all while a handfull of us actually respond back with that spark of wit and charm he's so very fond of? I do not think he would want to give that up so easily. Even now as those who do not believe spout nothing but negitivity on the Mw blog i do not think he will close it more is sure to come and i just friggin got here lol

  3. Very disappionted by the negative vibe on the MW blog & can only hope that Morrissey1959 continues with his mission, what ever it maybe.
    I hope he knows that he still has some support & can continue to count his blessings that he is not Elton John.

    I agree about the Ragans, it is exciting to see a new band like this on the horizon, I hope to see them when they tour. I wish them luck.

  4. Ragans????.... Raglans, sorry about my poor spelling/typing!


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