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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 197 Thursday 29th March 2012

Last week, 79,000 people in the UK downloaded 'Part of Me' by Katy Perry, to send it to Number 1, which means, to keep my collection of ALL the UK number 1's going (in a physical format), I HAVE to buy it, but of course I can't! There is no 'physical' product. No record and no cd to buy, so I have had to rely on one of my radio station friends to give me a promo copy of the cd. This is now happening week in, week out, and it won't be long before record companies stop sending promo's out at all, they will simply email the song to radio stations, and my collection will be over.

'Boyfriend' by Justin Bieber was released three days ago in the USA(download only of course), and is set to sell 400,000 downloads in it's first week. It will go straight in at No.1 on the 'Billboard (not so) Hot 100'. Luckily it only lasts for 2 Minutes 52 seconds, but it is another nail in the coffin of the music industry.

While the 'virtual'/plastic pop of; Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, The Wanted, One Direction etc is the new god to the pre-teens of the western world, Morrissey, the true and proper poet (of not just our generation, but of the whole of the 'popular music' era), cannot get a record deal. When MorrisseysWorld hints of Masonic forces acting against him, nobody wants to believe it, it is beyond their comprehension, but even if it isn't masonic forces, why oh why are the heads of the major record labels ignoring him, and instead, bombarding us with bland nothingness? Is the teen industry the only one they are interested in, and why do they only want to give us manufactured pap, just so that they maintain control? It doesn't make sense, and it's wrong. Will the exciting and fresh guitar music of the Raglans be as commercially successful as Katy or Justin? No, of course not, because our teenagers won't be given the opportunity to listen to them, instead they will be continually force fed the bland nothingness, which has been going on for so long now, it has numbed their musical senses. I have tried to get my own children to listen to 'proper' music, but they won't, they just dismiss me as an 'old fart' and mock me. I feel I am failing as a parent, but the radio stations are too scared to play 'real' music, and the kids are all listening to what they are told to. If ever another music revolution were needed, it's now, before it's too late, and a generation is lost.

Two days ago, The Mozziah became so disillusioned with all the bitching on MorrisseysWorld, that he issued a statement. There were no words, he simply posted the song 'All You Need Is Me'. Here are the words, please take a moment to read them:

You hiss and groan and you constantly moan
But you don't ever go away
And that's because
All you need is me

You roll your eyes up to the skies
Mock horrified
But you're still here
All you need is me

There's so much destruction
All over the world
And all you can do is
Complain about me

You bang your head against the wall
And you say you're sick of it all
Yet you remain
'Cause all you need is me

And then you offer your one and only joke
And you ask me what will I be
When I grow up to be a man
Me?  Nothing!

There's a soft voice singing in your head
Who could this be?
I do believe it's me

There's a naked man standing, laughing in your dreams
You know who it is
But you don't like what it means

There's so much destruction
All over the world
And all you can do is
Complain about me

I was a small, fat child in a welfare house
There was only one thing I ever dreamed about
And fate has just
Handed it to me - whoopee

You don't like me, but you love me
Either way you're wrong
You're gonna miss me when I'm gone
You're gonna miss me when I'm gone

(words courtesy of Morrissey, music non applicable)

It's a simple song, that was probably originally written in response to all the negative comments that are posted on So-low. With all good intention, Morrissey starts his own website/blog thingy, and within months, his fans start behaving in the same way as the so-lowers. He must despair, truly he must, although he is probably so used to it by now, that he won't be surprised, but deep down, somewhere, I bet he'll feel disappointed, and it's true what he says, we WILL miss him when he's gone, which is why I continue to visit MorrisseysWorld on a daily basis, we are SO lucky to have this experience, but just like JC's temple, that was turned it into a den of thieves, MorrisseysWorld is turning into a den of bitches. "You're gonna miss me when I'm gone."

On Monday, I wrote about a number of 'personas' that I believe belong to Morrissey. One of the persona's, Romina Ricci aka @Caterita2008, often leaves comment on my blog entries, and on Monday, she/he/Moz, left the following:

Well, Dear Rat, how can I start my comment? I got a lot of things to say, be patience and forgive me for my grammar or orthographic mistakes. First of all I'm not a Morrissey's persona, I'm just Romina and all that I said on my twitter's profile it's absolutly true. Then, MorrisseysWorld is not Morrissey's blog and twitter account, he denyed it to many times and in the brazilian interview he was not joking! He is in a cul de sac, he'll never write a statement on TTY because he is to clever for doing a so fatal mistake. In Italy a brillant politician called Massimo D'Alema denounced a famous comics drawing and all the people said that D'Alema was a dictator against the freedom to speak! Now Morrissey is in the same pair of shoes, the blog is a parody site and he does'nt want to be slave of a parody, I think that sometimes he's very tired to be Morrissey, because his fans got an idea of him probably untrue. He is a prefect singer songwriter, he loves to be on the stage, but surely he want to be a free man. You're a brillant writer Rat this blog is not wasting time, but some people take to seriously your words and some others are so vile and presoumptuos...Now it's to late, I'll return to this theme, now you're waiting for me to the Top Chart! Viva Morrissey and stop with MorrisseysWorld!

So what am I to conclude from this? On the face of it, it would appear that Romina, just like so many other MorrisseysWorlders, has given MW up as a fake, but on twitter she/he/third sex/Moz, still wears the rose of the MorrisseysWorlders. I decided to google 'Romina Morrissey' and a new world has opened up to me, for all over So-low and the website '', is 'Romina', the 'Italian housewife from Rome', who it would appear has a dislike for Kristeen Young...or does she? IS Romina in fact Kristeen? I won't even try to work it out, but here are some Romina posts from So-low & AllYouNeedisMorrissey:

Romina - 
I'm truly disappointed to see no Italian date and to see once again Kristeenyoung as supporting act! This is too much for me! I got nothing against Kristeenyoung, but her orrific songs, I just think that to choose a singer for rumors and gossip around her it's pathethic...I'll became a Michael Bubble fan, as soon as possible!

romina - 
Quote Originally Posted by celibate View Post
yeah and no Ukrain gigs, no Egypt not even in Albanian ones

so unfair

No, it's not unfair, it's simply unprofessional, childish and silly...just like Moz...

romina - 
Today I got nothing to do and I read a lot of things on this site thinking that it's just like a guide to hate Morrissey and all the Moz's fan...Someone try to involve me in a racial debate, someone try to propose an horrific singer like a great star...Once upon a time I choosed Mossissey as my favourite singer and songwriter just because he was so different to all the others pop star, now he looks more and more like Madonna and Brittney Spears, he trys to catch rumors and gossip! Waiting for "Boro" gig where we'll listen to another "rude "statement or another cancellation! Hello Celibate...Pasolini, Fellini and Anna Magnani are on mine!

Romina - 
Well, well, well....The matter is always the same: Kristeen Young-Old-! I never belived that Morrissey was angry with her, it was all concorded for publicity. Now they will touring again togheter, well, European audience was always very polite with her! Anyway I dont't like her songs and the way she sings, is it a guilty? For my point of view she's to much "didascalic" and redoundant and no more. Good luck to her!

Romina - 
There is a little difference between Kristeen Old and Doll and Kicks: Doll (Hannah?) is a young and lovely woman and she used to go on the stage pratically with lingerie...Where is the talent? Oh, I don't know! Anyway I prefer Doll and Kick, they play better than Kristeen...obviously! I'm not cool and I like to dance!

Thu 19 May 2011, 08:28:09
It's very well written and full of irony. Let's be reasonable: if a famous singer, with a tour planned and with an autobiografy ready to go on the press, finds a fake blog about himself with a lot of autobiografy extract totally false, just alerting, by his favourite fanzine, all his fans and no more?! Did'nt need to alert his lawers or some others to remove this blog?

Fri 13 May 2011, 14:39:14
No, he did'nt, he was completely ignored in his life, but after the dead he became very famous, now is one of the favourite author for the italian students, expecially for the text "The last cigarette" from "La coscienza di Zeno"...He was very in touch with the great irish writer James Joyce, I suppose he transleted some text. I suppose Morrissey feels himself just a little bit like Antony Franciosa in the movie, he loves to take in turn himself and I adore him for this!

Also on Monday, I mentioned the twitter user @sweetestflower, who has appeared from nowhere, claiming to be the 'real' Morrissey. The mission of sweetest is to convince everybody that MW is fake, as I believe he is determined to try and drive everybody away. Sweetest gave me a little bit of abuse on Tuesday, likening me to Tseng, telling me I had a diseased mind and also claiming that he had "no doubt" that MW is my scam, which actually goes against what he said on Sunday when he thought it was "someone working for me". Whether sweetest IS or ISN'T Moz,  he's blocked me, either because he doesn't want me getting in the way of his 'mission', or he ISN'T Morrissey, and he just doesn't like me! The only thing that leads me to believe that sweetest IS the real Morrissey, is because Romina tweets with him. Time, as ever, will tell, but I hope sweetest hangs around, and I wish him luck in his mission. The less who believe, the more likely that MW stays.

My twitter timeline has been virtually empty in the last few days, as MW hadn't been tweeting and I'd unfollowed all the non believers, but this morning I have started to re-follow RosyMires, GOB and Lizzy Cat, because they aren't 'really' non believers, as they keep posting on MW. If they 'really' believed that the site was 'dangerous' and hurt Morrissey, they wouldn't go there, but deep down, they DO believe, they just haven't admitted it to themselves.

MW did send out three tweets yesterday, two in reply to Kristeen Young, one of which said, "Blogging is a job I'm growing to hate" and the other to recommend that Kristeen block the tweeter @certifiabletoe.

MW's other tweet was this simple message, "Peace of mind is the aspiration of the intelligent and the curse of the ignorant." How very true.


  1. Spy Rat, wow..It's to late, I've to go to pick up children at school, and you know that I'm not a Morrissey persona, I'm just Romina and don't know who is Sweetestflower, I took is part because he was banned from the chat and that's is truly unfair! I love to joke and you know it1 P.S.I'm to lazy for changin my avatar, all my pic are to big and Rosy was very unfair with me. Ciao see you tomorrow!

  2. You are right on about the music. I'm in my car a lot for work and you can count on at least 2 Katy Perry, 2 Adele, Flo Rider, Adam Levine and maybe LMFAO or Foster the people, plus now a new one--'Fun', every hour,(in the states at least) You can't change stations, because they're playing the same songs,often at the same time. I like the artists, but it often gets tiring. I listen to the alternate station or some talk radio instead. There is hope for the younger kids, I noticed that many older teens pick out alternate bands, don't know most of them myself. The teens here were all excited last Sunday because they had met 'Black Dahlia Murder' band on the street. I didn't know who they were and when I checked on the internet, it sounds just like a bunch of noise to me(as my dad would say)but it's a start in the right direction. The teens I'm referring to, were like that over Katy Perry after they met her at Warp Tour in 2007? and she was just starting out.

  3. Hello Ratty, I can't belive it passed so much time! I'm saying it with joy, because it's a great privilege being a Morrissey's fan!🥂


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