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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 207 Sunday 8th April 2012

Now, where were we?
Having spent the last six months tied to the internet and particularly twitter, 'Following the Mozziah', I have just had a complete week away from it all, laying in the Tenerife sun. No internet, no phone, and no contact with the outside world, let alone MorrisseysWorld. It crossed my mind that having broken my internet habit, I shouldn't return to this blog, twitter, or MorrisseysWorld, as they have all but taken over my life this past winter, and with the cricket season now here, I certainly won't have the time to write on a daily basis, but I 'had' to return, because the story hasn't yet run it's course, the outside world 'still' doesn't know that Morrissey is behind a secret blog site. Perhaps the outside world doesn't care, but 'I' care, so here I am.

I of course have never had ANY DOUBT what so ever that Morrissey is behind MorrisseysWorld, but until everybody accepts that, or the media run a story about MorrisseysWorld, or Morrissey himself mentions it in his book, then the story will continue. Although it is obvious to 'me' that Morrissey is behind MW, many people still argue that Morrissey would NEVER do such a thing as create a blog, and therefore refuse to accept it is him, despite the now embarrassing amount of evidence to the contrary. 'So' many people seem to know Morrissey so well, and yet it is well documented that NOBODY knows him well, so why don't they want to believe it? Morrissey himself (as Morrissey1959 in the MW chat room) has stated that the blog is a 'mission', and I believe all will be revealed in his book, or at least, if not 'all', then perhaps 'some'! I also wouldn't be surprised if the so called 'parody' diaries turn out to be real diary entries, after all, it's a thin line between real life and parody, and Morrissey has proven that he likes 'mocking' his own life, and particularly how his own fans criticise him.

So, as I lay in the Tenerife sunshine, I gave a lot of thought as to just how I 'know' it is Morrissey behind MW, when so many other people doubt it. I thought of all the many, many signs that have been given, including all the most recent ones, like the many 'O' signs in the final concerts in South America, the rose being plucked from the crowd in the very last concert in Columbia and the hand on the heart in Peru. But  the 'signs' have nothing to do with it, I'd made my mind up months ago that Morrissey was behind MW, so as I lay there in the sun thinking about everything, and listening to The Mozziah on my ipod, I concluded that 'I just know'!

Back to England, back to MW. Nothing new on the blog, The Mozziah's gone quiet, although according to Comrade Harps, the South American tour diaries were posted, but then taken down again! Is this true?  Is The Mozziah teasing us?  There's been a bit of activity on twitter, but not a great deal, perhaps he's getting bored with it all. There was an April fools joke about the tour diaries being posted and also @MW has suggested to Kristeen Young that on the next tour, they ought to both wear blue roses.

Since I've been away, a number of new concerts have been announced, including a number in Italy and Turkey, while today, it has been announced that Morrissey's only UK date of the year will be on July 28th in Manchester. Funnily enough, this was predicted in a tweet by @caterita2008 (Romina), three days ago, when she/he/third sex tweeted, "Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that Morrissey will close this great year of concerts in his own city." Another coincidence of course, after all, she's just a housewife from Rome, how could she possibly know? I will attempt to get to one of the Italian dates if possible, and will DEFINITELY go to Manchester.......where it will be awash with roses.

And finally Cyril, and finally Esther, how on earth have I failed to realise what a great song 'Shame is the Name' is? *Goes off singing* "What's your dreams, your goals, your ambitions and aims?"


1.Shame is the Name
2.Life is a Pigsty
3.Trouble Loves Me
4.Come Back to Camden
5.If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look at Me
6.Dear God, Please Help Me
7.National Front Disco
8.The Queen Is Dead
9.(Lady) Roll back the Years - Raglans
10.Black Cloud


  1. Yes, 'shame' should have definitely been released as a single but I keep forgetting that the concept of the 'single' doesn't really exist anymore... Must be getting old! I certainly think that most of Morrissey's best songs have either been hiding as b sides or within his albums!

  2. Indeed, here's the link to the now missing MW page saying "Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist"

    Copy and past the link and see for yourself.

    Here's the wording from my blog list, which takes the title of the blog, followed by the title of the post in quotation marks and the first few words of the post:

    The place once known as MorrisseysWorld
    My Live Tour Journal - SudAmerica 2012! - *Feb 5th - 12th* *Chile? It's all pretty olive faces, undiscovered corners and mysterious places. So one might think a certain iconic pop star would feel...
    1 day ago

    It's all a bit of a mystery.

    Btw, just a "coincidence" that this blog re-appears around the same time that MW on Twitter and this missing MW post appears?

    PS: I have Shame on my little Walkman thingy. I loove it.

  3. Actually, no quotation marks. My error.

  4. Just had to put a raglans jam in your top ten lol and yes shame is the name is a wonderful song you also forgot this years Birthday show in San Diego thats gonna be epic only i think he should have done it in LA still hasn't sold out yet tho


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