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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 210 Wednesday 11th April 2012

My blog is on the wane! Before going away on holiday, I was receiving an average of 220 readers a day, but this figure has fallen to just 55. It could be seasonal (?) but it just goes to show, if you aren't constantly in the public eye, you are easily forgotten. I have now come to the conclusion that the reason the media aren't writing about MorrisseysWorld, is because Morrissey isn't 'hot' enough. He doesn't have a record contract, let alone a record out (unless you count Viva Hate, which has failed to reach the Top 100), he isn't touring in the UK (other parts of the world are irrelevant), and he doesn't have a book out, so in short, he's not 'worthy' of newsprint. Ironically, if his book were out, and topping the best sellers, or if he had a top 3 album etc, the news hounds would be lapping up the MW blog thingy, and filling their various rags/magazines by either analysing it, praising it, or criticising it, but as he doesn't have a book, record etc, they aren't!

MW on twitter does have some new followers however, and among them is somebody called '@DianneBourne', who describes herself as the "Diary Editor at Manchester Evening News covering showbiz." If Dianne is following MW, then surely she must suspect, surely she's read the blog? It occurred to me that she may have just stumbled across the MW twitter account and not seen the blog, so over the past couple of days, I have sent Diane a number of tweets directing her to, but she seems to be blind, she hasn't replied, in fact, she seems more interested in 'Steps'. I have to conclude, having tried to bring the MW blog to a number of different journalists over the past 6 months, that journalists are all useless, utterly useless. The only one who seems switched on is Kevin Marrinan, but as he can't break the story, for obvious reasons, the MW blog site thingy remains a secret, albeit a secret that has now had 237,000 hits!

On the twitter front, both 'Romina' (@caterita2008) and 'Our Mozzer' (@MorrisseysWorld), have gone quiet, but yesterday the persona (or pessoa as I shall now call them) 'Drag Boz' (@BozBoorer) came out to play, and patiently sat listening to 'The Twitterdilly Arms' top 10 countdown. Funny really because in Romina's last tweet (dated Monday 9th), she said, "See you tomorrow with the Rat Chart!" Oh well, 'Drag Boz' made an able replacement for Romina, to coin a phrase, "Same whore, different dress", and in 'Drag Boz's' case, that's quite apt.....and no Romina, I'm not calling you a whore, you are a beautiful and loyal housewife and mother.

Romina actually tweeted me the other day to say that I could stay at her house in Rome if I attend the concert there on July 7th. She even extended the offer to my wife, Mrs Whiskers, but apart from the obvious concern, that Romina might not actually be there when I arrive, Mrs Whiskers didn't seem 'overly' interested in going to Rome to watch Morrissey, in fact she mentioned something about sticking hot needles in her eyes. I therefore sent a text to my only Moz mate who could afford to go to Italy, but he can't make the 7th or indeed 8th in Genoa. I've never enjoyed travelling alone, so it looks like I may not be able to make Italy. I am gutted. I have also learned today, that due to cricketing commitments in Devon on the weekend of July 28th, I can't make Manchester either. It is looking as though I may not get to see a Morrissey concert this year. I have re-texted my mate to see if he can make Istanbul on July 19th, but if he can't, my only other hope is for more dates to be released. Surely Gt Yarmouth pier MUST be in Mozzer's thoughts? Surely!

Finally on the twitter front, boredom has led me to switch my '@TheRatsBack' account with my '@UpThePier' account. I will use the new Rat account, which has just 26 followers, but as nobody seems to be tweeting me anymore, I may as well take a back seat from twitter. The whole 'community' that was formed when we all discovered MW has all but disappeared. Most no longer believe, and others have drifted away. I guess that things will pick up more as the Manchester concert draws closer, but for now, the tweeters have become like the press, they have lost interest!

More bad news received today, the brilliantly informative Morrissey/The Smiths website '' has closed down, leaving no archive content whatsoever. What has happened? One can only presume that the website owner, Stephane Daigle, who is Canadian, has once again got fed up (I remember the site closing in 2006) with Morrissey not going to Canada to play any concerts. Morrissey famously snubbed Canada because of their seal hunting. It is a shame if Stephane doesn't reopen the site, but I can't see The Mozziah readopting his stance because of it. My guess is that the site will re-open at some stage, after all, Monsieur Daigle will be keen to show off 17 years hard work, we all have egos, although some alter! Mine does.

Some good news, a couple more of the 'Hollywood Bowl 2007' songs have appeared on Youtube. 'National Front Disco' has arrived, which I am 'really' pleased about, because having listened to the song on the 2008 'Greatest Hits' album for the past 4 years, I can now see, at last, why The Mozziah said, "Nice try" at the beginning of the song. I'd guessed it was a stage invader, and I was right, but it's a particularly funny one. The other song that has been posted is 'You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side', which is not only a brilliant song, but this performance is made even better because Morrissey seems to forget the words early on, and never really recovers. It's superb. I always enjoy watching the songs where something quirky happens, and wrong words can often make it into a memorable performance. I don't know if Morrissey gets annoyed at himself for forgetting words, but it can't bother him too much as he still went ahead and released the 'I Have Forgiven Jesus' performance from the 'Late Late Show' on the 'You Are The Quarry' DVD. I think we all know by now that Our Mozzer, The Mozziah and Morrissey all have a fantastic sense of humour and a wicked sense of irony. I'd love to see an album/dvd of the 'la la la' songs where words have been forgotten, and how ironic if it charted higher than 'Viva Hate'? Well, it wouldn't be difficult!

Boz Boorer has tweeted to say that they are now off to Japan, so it may be that The Mozziah goes quiet for a while. If so, I may not write for a few days, but with just 55 readers, I doubt I'll be missed.

*Goes off singing from this week's Twitterdilly Top 10 (but NOT from the UK Top 100)* "Too old to be a child star, too young to take leads, four seasons passed and they axed you."


  1. Watching hollywood bowl in clips must be very annoying, have you ever seen it entirely?

  2. Mr Rats. We can only read what you write and if you don't write we can't read. Write more or less and we'll read more or less.


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