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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 211 Thursday 12th April 2012

There is SO, SO much I want to write today, but unfortunately I have commitments at The Ageas (formerly Rose) Bowl in Southampton, where Hampshire are playing Gloucestershire. If you would like to hear my ramblings about Johnny Marr's Rolling Stone interview and my thoughts on a possible reunion of The Smiths, please feel free to turn up at the Ageas Bowl today. Just look for a rat shaped person sat in the stands with a couple of kids in tow, although they'll probably be knocking a ball about around the back, while I doze in my seat.....God I love cricket! If only I had one of those iphone thingy's, I could blog from the cricket, but I haven't, so I won't/can't. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Good....definitely good.

If you decide not to come and seek me out at the cricket, I will try and blog my thoughts either later tonight or tomorrow. I have a good feeling about this you know, I think the one real reason may have come about for a reunion. Nothing to do with money, nothing to do with nostalgia, but the one and ONLY reason why a reunion of THE SMITHS should happen. Come back tomorrow.....or I'll see you later at the Ageas Bowl.


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  1. rat, the words.. paint and dry spring to mind when i hear the word cricket..sorry


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