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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 213 Saturday 14th April 2012

Yesterday was just a perfect, perfect day. It was so simple and yet so 'right'. I took the dog for an early morning walk, and as usual had Mozzer blasting away on my ipod, with the song of the day being, 'If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look at Me', which incidentally has a video on Youtube with over 65,000 hits and features the 'All Seeing Eye', which is rather 'coincidental'! After the dog walk, I headed to Hursley Park Cricket Club, near Winchester in Hampshire, and OMG (as the kids would say), heaven on earth! If there IS a God, he is a cricket ground designer, and he designed Hursley Park! Actually, the ground itself is nothing particularly special, it is just the surroundings and the ambience. It is quintessential England personified. I spent six glorious hours yesterday, sat on a park bench, in the middle of rural Hampshire, watching cricket, soaking up the glorious spring sunshine, drinking vast quantities of PG tips tea from a chipped mug and eating freshly made honestly, honestly could NOT get better. I love England in the summer, I live for cricket and Morrissey remains my God......surely HE didn't design Hursley Park?

On my return home from the cricket, I was greeted at the door by Mrs Whiskers, who uttered the words all husbands dread, "I fancy a move", so, it looks like we may soon be moving house! MorrisseysWorld still has my blog listed as being written by "A man on the Isle of Wight", which I still don't know why, as I've never claimed to live on the Isle of Wight. I'm not sure I've even ever claimed to be a man, but I guess I may have hinted at such. When I move house, should I inform The Mozziah of my new address? Mrs Whiskers fancies the Chichester area, I fancy Hursley Park Cricket Ground!

I abandoned Mrs Whiskers in the kitchen, and headed for a brief visit to my 'virtual' life, where I discovered that three of my favourite Morrissey pessoa's had paid a visit; 'Our Mozzer', 'Romina Ricci' and 'Broken Morrissey'. 'Our Mozzer' had returned to both his MW blog, and had also appeared on twitter. On the blog, 'Our Mozzer' had listed a number of the 'coincidences' to the 'Prophecy' piece and has once again drawn attention to the 'blatant' 'O' signs, which he is no longer referring to as Masonic signs (which seemed to frighten a lot of MorrisseyWorlders), and instead is now referring to the 'O's (cue The Two Ronnies, "Got any 'O's?)  as "a common hand sign used in many pop videos." 'Our Mozzer' signs off from MW by asking, "What will happen when he appears with the blue rose and finally wears the 'mass manufactured pop act' t-shirt? Absolutely nothing, of course." I had already left comment to say, "Has Morrissey now got free rein to do anything, however obvious? Yes, he probably has! How outrageous can he go?" My comment was replied to by our old friend 'Broken', who wrote, "I think he can go quite a bit more outrageous." He then followed this up by writing, "Maybe if he wears a Bieber t shirt, picks up a blue rose and puts Boz in a pink wig!" Hmm, a pink wig you say?

Over on twitter, 'Our Mozzer' (@MorrisseysWorld for anybody who is new here) tweeted to Heather (@heathercat222, who incidentally was the person who drew my attention the other day to Pessoa),  "And now, will Trouble Love US finally?" Is MORRISSEY about to add 'Trouble Loves Me' to the set list? GET ME TO JAPAN!

Also over on twitter, Kristeen Young (@KRISTEENYOUNG, (it does exactly what it says on the tin....or plywood legs in Kristeen's case)) tweeted me for the first time ever, and then MW later tweeted me to say, 'Kristeen is an avid follower of FollowingtheMozziah. We missed it yesterday. Log Lady is spitting." What does he mean "We missed it yesterday", I wrote my blog yesterday...ah, perhaps he means that he and Kristeen were flying to Japan? And what does "Log Lady is spitting mean?"

STOP PRESS: I have just been to the MW blog, and as I've been 'on air', 'Our Mozzer' has added a further update to his blog thingy. 'Log Lady' IS BACK and she says, "Blue Rose will be fulfilled. Many roses will be seen in japan. Manchester will be a great day in this blog's history. The strange forces behind this blog will induce Morrissey to do something remarkable. I sense Morrissey's excitement. I know he wants a rose from YOU. When he sees a red, white or blue rose, he picks it. Do you doubt IT? The strange winds blow. They blow harshly. Boz should, he really should hold a log." There is also a video of 'Log Lady' SPITTING some chewing gum!

OMG (again)! Margaret's (Log Lady's) predictions ALWAYS come true, I HAVE to get to the concert in Manchester, I will have to alter other plans. "A great day in this blog's history", what CAN it mean? Morrissey has also added a comment on the blog saying, "I should add that Log Lady is my heroine. I do feel someone from my band should wear red glasses and carry a log. It seems like the only sensible thing to do." OMG (again, I sound like the teletubbies), Boz holding a log, possibly wearing a pink wig, possibly in red glasses! AND..."Log Lady is my heroine", could Log Lady be Kristeen Young?

And talking of my new 'fan' Kristeen, '@AIRRAID25' sent a tweet to MW asking, "Is @KRISTEENYOUNG touring Italy with you?" The reply came back, not from MW, but from KRISTEEN, and what's more, Kristeen tweeted, "Yes, she is." There has certainly been no official word from True To You that Kristeen is touring Italy with Moz, so the MorrisseyWorlders have had an exclusive via twitter! 'Our Mozzer' (@MW) picked up on this and tweeted, "How can you be touring Italy with me when I am not Morrissey? I shall be in the bedsit; in spirit I'll be in Italy." Oh the fun they are having, and SHOCK HORROR, 'Our Mozzer' lives in a bed sit. I do hope it's a damp HAS to be!

Finally from twitter, 'Romina'(@caterita2008) returned, although with no pearls (of wisdom), and in my private twit box, I have got 'Spirit of Nico' (@Dotdotdotpause) back, after a month break. 'Nico' posed me a riddle, she/he said that he/she had been watching the video of a song recently, and at the end of the video there was a snippet of a song called 'Never Jealous' by Sebadoh. Nico asked what it was. I'd never even heard of Sebadoh, and had NO idea what 'Nico' was on about, so I asked for a clue. 'Nico' told me that the video was one I had watched recently and it contained a barkeeper shouting at a guy sleeping on the bartable. I immediately knew that this was the video for Boz Boorer's new single, 'Slippery Forces'. I checked it out, and 'Nico' was right, but how many people would have KNOWN what that song was, and why is that 'particular' song playing? I shall tweet Boz and ask! Now which Boz shall I tweet, 'official' or 'Drag'?

And speaking of 'Drag Boz', he has just tweeted 'Our Mozzer' to say, "Moz I reckon we should dress Kristeen as Log Lady instead of me, just saying Moz." Oh the webs they weave.

*Goes off singing* "If only Slippery forces led her."

Whether you are a regular reader of 'FollowingtheMozziah' or a new reader, I would love to hear from you on twitter. Please feel free to follow me, @TheRatsBack, I currently have the grand total of 36 followers.

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