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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 214 Sunday 15th April 2012

There has been NO Mozziah activity on the internet within the last 24 hours, so I have nothing to report.

I sent a tweet to both Boz Boorer and Drag Boz, regarding the Sebadoh song featured in the Slippery Forces video, but so far, neither Boz has replied.

Morrissey's 'Wikipedia' page has been updated by somebody, to make mention of MorrisseysWorld, it says,
"In a recent interview published in Brazil, Morrissey criticised a Morrissey parody blog, called MorrisseysWorld, which a small number of Morrissey fans have come to believe is written by Morrissey himself. He labelled the blog 'dangerous' and said it has 'caused me problems'. Morrissey has denied being responsible for this site on four occasions now with The Independent newspaper's pop critic Kitty Empire among those who have suggested he could be behind the site."

The new Wiki entry will quite possibly bring more traffic to MorrisseysWorld, and acts as an excellent advert. It doesn't yet mention the 'Blue Rose Society', but perhaps after Japan, that will change!

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