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Monday, 16 April 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 215 Monday 16th April 2012

There is still no sign of The Mozziah, he has gone to ground! Perhaps he has lost interest in this 'virtul' world and is enjoying the 'real' cultural world of Japan. A google search has revealed no mention of Morrissey in Japan, so, until the concerts' start in three days time, there may be nothing for me to write about.

I will take this quiet period to reflect on the MorrisseysWorld phenomenon. It is now seven months since I discovered the MorrissysWorld blog, and so much has happened, that I have forgotten most of it. I have been re-reading through some of my early blog entries, and there are a number of things that have struck me; 1) Just how few people have actually found MW 2) Just how few believe MW to be Morrissey, 3) Just how few of the original 'Twitterdilly Arms Gang' still believe MW to be Morrissey, despite all that has happened, 4) There is NO 4!

Rather than each 'sign' and 'prediction' acting as further confirmation that Morrissey is behind MW, it seems to have the reverse effect. I wrote yesterday about the mention of MW in Morrissey's wikipedia entry, and how it says; "a small number of Morrissey fans have come to believe it is written by Morrissey himself", well that 'small number' would seem to be decreasing on a daily basis! As 'Drag Boz' recently tweeted, "Moz, your fans leave every time you wear a rose or do something from the blog! This is an upside down world Moz, madness."

On Day 48 of FollowingtheMozziah (November 1st 2011), I reported that there were twelve 'regular' members of the MW community (which at that stage was not referred to as either the 'Twitterdilly Arms' or 'Blue Rose'), who would come together every single day on twitter to discuss the MW phenomenon. The excitement was incredible as we all tried to come to terms with the fact that Morrissey was amongst us. On November 1st, ALL of those original 'Twitter Twelve' believed it WAS Morrissey. Here is a reminder of the twelve, and their current standing:

1) @TheRatsBack.........this is me, a particularly handsome, cricket loving male in his mid forties, who has remained a devout believer in MW being Morrissey from day 1. I wear a red rose in my twit profile.

2) @Mancladmozfan.....believed to be a male Mancunian, in his 50's, who is a Manchester City season ticket holder. His belief that Morrissey is behind MW seems to change on a daily basis, and currently he is not 'wearing' a rose in his twitter profile pic but deep down I do think he believes. He took roses to a couple of Morrissey concerts in the US but failed to deliver them. He has vowed to hand Morrissey a 'Blue Rose' at the concert in Singapore on May 8th.

3) @stillicling.....believed to be an American businesswoman in her thirties, who originally was the main pillar of the MW twit community, and at times seemed to be on twitter 24 hours a day. Stillicling attended the Morrissey concert in Chicago with @Heathercat222, and allegedly took a rose and threw it onto the stage just before the encore, only to see it removed by security before Morrissey saw it. Stillicling lost the faith in Morrissey being behind MW around the time of 'Houstongate' and now no longer believes in MW at all, but continues to enjoy the music of Morrissey and now exchange tweets with the wider 'Moz Army' on twitter, especially the Solow administrator @UncleSkinny. Stillicling doesn't 'wear' a rose in her twit profile.

4) @EcubyanPoet (formerly EcubyanSoapbox).....believed to be a young, male, American student, who is interested in politics and poetry. Waivers from believing MW is Morrissey to not, but seems to enjoy the blog regardless. Ecubyan doesn't currently 'wear' the rose of the MW community in his twitter profile.

5) @mmedestaelghost......believed to be a female from Sweden, but she hasn't tweeted for nearly a month, having distanced herself when the verbal fighting broke out on twitter. No longer 'wears' a MW community rose in her twit profile.

6) @heathercat222.....believed to be a female Moz fan from the USA, and could well be called 'Heather'! Age unknown, although probably not unknown by her! Heather attended the Chicago Morrissey concert in December with stillicling and also allegedly threw a rose onto the stage, only to have it removed before Morrissey saw it. Heather never seems to have wavered in her belief, and still 'wears' a red rose in her twit profile.

7) @girlwithout.......gender unknown, although I presume a female. 'Girlwithout' has remained one of the most mysterious of the original twelve, and could have connections to 'Camp Moz' for all I know. Back on November 1st, I referred to 'Girlwithout' as the 'group organizer', although recently, she has been around a lot less. She really pushed the red and white roses before the USA tour, and fiercely fought against my 'Blue Rose' idea, until MorrisseysWorld accepted it. Never seems to have doubted that Morrissey is behind MorrisseysWorld, although the rose in her twitter profile has now gone, replaced by an orange ball, stuck up a tree!

8) @AIRRAID25......believed to be female, believed to be a Bristol Rovers fan, and back in November, according to her twitter profile, claimed to be in a mid life crisis. Airrad has remained a 'believer' pretty much all the way through, and this has probably been enhanced by her having a number of conversations with Morrissey1959 in the MW chatroom, which have helped confirm that Morrissey is behind MW. Airraid dons a red rose as her twit profile picture.

9) @RosyMires.....believed to be a female, in her forties, originally from Manchester, and now living in Brighton (where all the Man City fans live), with it's rubbishy beaches. Back in November, a staunch believer in the MorrisseysWorld phenomenon, and wore a rose in her twit profile with pride. Changed her mind about Morrissey being behind the MW blog around the time of 'Houstongate', and has even made her own blog/website thingy to 'prove' it isn't Morrissey, although she, nor anybody else for that matter, has EVER offered up a believable alternative author for the MW blog! Mires (pronounced Mirez) does however, continue to contribute to the MorrisseysWorld blog and still tweets the believers. No longer 'wears' the rose.

10) @GirlOnBike1102......believed to be a female, and said to be German by birth, but now having the misfortune to live just outside Coventry! GirlOnBike, or GOB, as she is suitably nicknamed, argues about anything and everything and is particularly hostile towards both me and @MorisseysWorld. The 'not knowing' seems to really frustrate GOB, although now I've written that, she will no doubt post a comment saying, "No it doesn't." (I am now loling to myself, or at least smiling!) Doesn't currently have a rose as her twit profile pic, and has said she is currently sitting on the fence, and no doubt giving it a hard time!

11) @Lizzycat4......believed to be a female living in the UK. Has left many comments on the MW blog saying, "This is definitely Morrissey", but according to GOB, Lizzy has become so confused by it all, that she has now deleted her twitter account.

12) @loughtonlil.....believed to be a male in his fifties, who apparently 'missed' The Smiths, and back in November was on the fringes of the '12'. Now one of the main believers and no longer on the fringes. Wears a rose with both 100% belief and pride.

So there we have it, of the 'original' twelve, only four still wear the rose with 100% belief, whilst the other eight no longer have the belief they had back in November. This is despite ALL the signs/predictions etc. Would the eight still have believed if the MW blog had been completely inactive? I think they would. it is the reality that has put them off, perhaps seeing sides of Morrissey that they didn't want to believe existed. The songs are enough for some, they don't want the man, and that will no doubt please him no end, I doubt he'll be happy until we've ALL lost the faith!

Of course, there are a number of new believers who have found MW, and have embraced the Twitterdilly Arms, and have posted a rose picture in their profiles, these include; @cathyplus5, @caterita2008 (although there is 'suspicion' surrounding this 'character', and come to think about it, although she wears a red rose, she has claimed she no longer believes that MW is Morrissey, so what's that all about?), @Its_Only_Me_K, @awillo9658 and @JJazmineMoz.

There are four others who sport a rose in their twitter profile picture, but they do not seem to have embraced the everyday tweeting of the others. These four are; @leonardnaf, @aboyinthebush22, @i2177 (another suspicious 'character' if you ask me) and @Fancys123 (who I still have my suspicions may be that charlatan Russell Brand, but the 'character' is well planned if it IS him.)

There are a number of other people who regularly post comment on the MW blog, but they too have not embraced themselves into the Twitterdilly Arms community.

If the media ever bother picking up on the whole MW thing, the community could grow and grow, but for now, despite all the EVIDENCE, The Mozziah's claims that it is all a parody are holding him in good stead, he has just SIX people who are prepared to say that they 100% believe that he is behind MorrisseysWorld......words fail me! Perhaps somebody can change the Wikipedia entry to say, "Six of Morrissey's deluded fans have come to believe it is written by Morrissey."

I would love to get feedback from readers of this blog, please leave comment, particularly stating your current thoughts regarding Morrissey being behind MW, or not, as the case may be, it makes for fascinating reading to look back on these things to see how people's opinions change. Please say why you believe or why you don't believe. I'd love to read about any theories on who else could possibly be behind MorrisseysWorld, and if it ISN'T Morrissey (and no Aurora, or whoever is responsible for the 'Deconstructing MW' blog, offering me up as the author isn't particularly helpful, although it is amazing that some people REALLY believed it could've been me), then who could it be? People are DESPERATE to try and prove it isn't Moz, but NOBODY can offer an alternative writer. Surely 'somebody' has a theory? Brand? Wossy? Boz?

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, the phenomenon continues.



  1. The mystery does indeed continue. I have said many times I am not Morrissey; Morrissey has said he is not me on four occasions; but his tendency to do precisely what the blog says he will do, or implies he will do, has amused us all.

    Blue rose will be fulfilled and Manchester will be mesmerising.

    I hope you can join us and attend; needless to say I shall be there!

    The only thing the true artiste can do is prove how much he loves the Blue Rose Society - and, of course, he will.

    If the MorrisseysWorlders manage to get roses in white, red or blue into the front row, the true artiste will do the rest. Isn't this obvious by now?

    As Morrissey continues to give us signs, the number of roses will grow and the secret followers will throw their homework on to the fire!

    Come out and find the one that you love.

    Our Mozzer.

  2. I think it should be stated that I now firmly believe that Morrissey is behind Morrissey's World, and it is his toy/play-thing. Or, he at least likes it enough to openly allude to the blog during concerts. Either way, Morrissey is involved. If he did not like the blog, he would have undoubtedly expressed a clear, open interest in it being shut down, instead of just creating dissonance.

  3. Just for accuracy, you have forgotten the person who was first followed back by MW - @SonyaJayne7 and also @HectorLector!

    1. Thank you GOB. @SonyaJayne7 was indeed there at the start, although she didn't interact in the Twitterdilly Arms, in the same way as the other twelve. @comradeharps was the same.

      There are also a number of observers of the phenomenon on the MW blog itself who don't appear to have got involved on twitter, the three most prominent being 'Morrissey Fan Number 1', (who writes the website), Poetic Morrissey (Luke) and Con Morrissey Theorist. Of course, one or more of these three 'could' be involved with 'Camp Moz'.

      @Hector_Lector was not among the twelve in November and has since deleted his account, having lost the faith after 'Houstongate'. Aurora also lost faith after Whitney Houston died, but nobody should be surprised that Morrissey showed no sympathy for the death of Whitney Houston, he had gone on record in the 1980's as calling her music 'vile', however, the comments on MW were NEVER racist, just lacking in sympathy for a woman he clearly never had much time for. Because certain people liked Houston, they didn't like MW's comments and turned their backs on MW, but the whole Houston thing was certainly not an indicator to me that Morrissey wasn't behind MW, if anything, it proved further that he WAS.

  4. Just remembered that @Brokenmorrissey was also there from the start! Apologies!

    1. A Morrissey character.

    2. Broken is me, Broken you will never be!

  5. Also @OldOscarWilde - very much missed!!!

    1. Another Morrissey 'character', they don't count!

  6. I admit I'm new, but not too new. I remember the dolphin article.

  7. hi zazie..dont worry rat rambles and rambles, he dosn t even know i am male (apparently).. speaking of characters rat.. one can only conclude that the blue rose will be ignored until manchester, but then again what would i know its only MY feeling

  8. Evening Ratskins - most enjoyable offering today. I am here and not going anywhere except Manchester(hotel booked today).

    I really hope that all the originals make it there - it would be something special.

    Apologies for not being around too much this week - work is somewhat demanding. Always here in spirit - is there a chart show tomorrow?

  9. I've never doubted its Morrisey. The combination of wit and self loathing befits a man pretending not to be his own creation. He's an artist that sees through celebrity that has made his name, paradoxically, in pop music, not literature or art. This blog creation and twitter life is an act of genius. It's very brilliance depends on only a few 'nutters' believing its him. It also gives him a platform to speak without censorship or criticism because he can deny its him. The moment everyone catches on he will have to kill it. It's been one of the most entertaining events on the net I've ever encountered. God, it would be so boring and dull if he gave definitive dull proof. Then what? To all the true believers, the John the Baptists and loons, I salute you! And you Rat, are their king!

  10. I have always wanted to believe that Morrissey was MW and maybe because of this I was cautious not to just believe it because I wanted it to be true. Although, I did have a spell doubting it, I had previously always believed and I believe now. Having recently reacquainted myself after a bit of time away from it, I am finding it increasingly hard to believe that Morrissey is not MW, the occurrences surely mean it's him, there isn't really any other way of explaining the 'coincidences'.
    And if Morrissey was to launch a twitter account, let's be honest, this was the only way it could be done. You only have to look towards the countless bland 'celebrity' twitter account to see that that would never be Morrissey, to do it any other way would just be wrong.
    Anyway I will be there in Manchester, hopefully a sign will be given and it will undoubtedly be a magnificent night either way and I'm thoroughly looking forward to it.

  11. I have been here from the beginning but I ... am ... very ... shy. I am a True Believer...not a Belieber.

    1. Don't be too shy about posting, It took me a while to post on MW and although you get the trolls once in a while, just remember most of those posting are true fans and friends. Over the last few months, TRB has become our leader and has joined many of the fans together in the T Arms, because of work and the time zone I'm in I do not get to correspond as often as I would like with the others here or on twitter. TRB I am not Rustle and since Boz & Kristeen had been mentioned in the past I only offered his name related to the log lady, because on the 14th he posted a pix of himself dressed as her. Add to that the fact he has been mentioned quite often on MW, in fact at first I thought it might be his site--working with Morrissey and maybe a few others. And because of your initials RB I also thought you might be Rustle.

  12. As often as ever I am late in replying. I read this yesterday and because I was at work and then had to shuffle kids around after school, I was unable to get it together. But I had been mentally commenting on your blog-if that counts.

    Anyway, of course I believe! I only had doubts initially but as was stated earlier by Marcus and Aboyinthebush, he is the only person who would do this. He is like no other celebrity and could never be so boring as to be like the others.

    That's why we love him!!

  13. I've 'believed' since the first day I ambled onto MW (last Aug/Sept). It takes a lot to make me laugh at anything I read online. From the beginning, MW has made me think, as well as laugh and laugh, often to the point of shrieks and tears rolling down my face. :) It's very special and brilliant in every way, and I'm grateful for its existence.
    Rats -- I also enormously enjoy your blog, keep up the awesome work you're doing with it!!

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