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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 217 Wednesday 18th April 2012

The members of the 'Blue Rose Society' have spent much of today kicking their heels in 'The Twitterdilly Arms' as they wait for the first concert of the Asian leg of Morrissey's World Tour tomorrow. The following 'Blue Rose' members (some subscription fees are still outstanding by the way, please pay the landlord of the Twit Arms) have been exchanging tweets in the Twit Arms: @heathercat222, @loughtonlil, @theratsback, @i2177, @Its_Only_Me_K, @awillo9658, @AIRRAID25, @JJazmineMoz, @cathyplus5, @Fancys123, @leonardnaf, @EcubyanPoet @girlwithout and @PapaSonsFilm .

Also exchanging tweets have been the following 'not yet 100% committed' members: @mancladmozfan, @southkirk, @RosyMires, @Sberrells, @stillicling @GirlOnBike1102. They can't walk away, just in case, just in case, just in case. I'm sure Mancladmozfan believes, after all, he has promised to take a rose to Singapore, but he DAREN'T make that final commitment, the ridicule would be too much to bear.

Also sat in the Twit Arms was the wearer of a red rose, but 'non believer', @caterita2008. I don't understand why Romina continues to wear the rose when she doesn't believe, but each to their own. It is a bit like @MorrisseysWorld saying he is a Morrissey parody and then tweeting as if he were the real Morrissey. That's a good point actually, there are a number of people who continue to follow MW, accepting it as a parody, but they do not question the fact that MW doesn't tweet as a parody, he tweets as though he were the REAL Morrissey, in fact, he EVEN calls himself Morrissey, but the non believers don't question that either. They also don't question as to why the REAL Morrissey plays along with MorrisseysWorld despite calling it 'dangerous' in an interview. The non believers have also been unable to come up with an alternative to it being Morrissey being behind the blog. You couldn't make this whole thing up, it's INCREDIBLE that the game has lasted this long, just incredible. Morrissey must be wondering just how obvious he can make it. He has already promised a blue rose in Japan, but will we get 'Trouble' and will we get a Bieber t-shirt?.....there would still be plenty of reasons why it isn't him of course, with the main argument being that he's just playing along with the blog.

'Our Mozzer'/Parody Morrissey/MW also put in an appearance at the Twit Arms today, and among the 'parody' tweets was, "Japan is going to be mesmerising. We have a few tricks up our sleeves. Well, I do. The lads may not have any sleeves. Who knows?"

'Real Boz' also showed up in the Twit Arms, tweeting, "2 days of great positive rehearsal, traveling out to Sendai for the first Morrissey show tomorrow. Looking forward! BB" So NOW we know why The Mozziah hasn't been on twitter for a few days.....although that's probably just another coincidence.

Moments after Boz's tweet, @MorrisseysMum tweeted, "Return to Sendai." Suddenly they were all descending on the Twitterdilly Arms.

And talking of the Twitterdilly Arms, three of the Blue Rose gang; loughtonlil, Cathy and AIR, are meeting up this Sunday in a London pub. They are to be joined by non believers; Rosy Mires and GOB, which should prove to be interesting. Will the 'Blue Rose Three' be able to persuade the 'Non Blue Two', that IT REALLY IS MORRISSEY, or will the 'Non Blue Two' be able to come up with an alternative name behind the blog and prove to the 'Blue Rose Three' that they have made fools of themselves? Could it REALLY be a 'fan' behind the website and the real Morrissey is just carrying out all the predictions? Hmm. Tomorrow Sendai.....Everyday is like Sendai.

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  1. If boz appears in Geisha gear, I might just go mad


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