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Friday, 20 April 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 219 Friday 20th April 2012

My blog entry of yesterday was kindly posted by somebody on the Number 1 Morrissey fansite,, thus increasing my readership from a daily average of around 150, to 725. For those Solo readers who took the time to read my blog, thank you and welcome, let me explain why I write it.

As you can see, this is day 219 of Following the Mozziah. The blog started after I stumbled upon the website, which many of you may well have heard of, and most of you have dismissed as being some crazed fan. When I first found MorrisseysWorld, I read through a number of the articles and found it hilarious, I had a hunch that it was the work of Morrissey himself, but that notion just seemed too incredible to believe, but as I continued to read, something nagged at me that there just might be something in it. I read through every single article on MorrisseysWorld and started following @MorrisseysWorld on twitter.

As the months have gone past, the evidence has grown stronger and stronger that Morrissey is the author of MorrisseysWorld, but because most people initially dismissed it, or believed the word of others who had dismissed it, very few people have actually realised it is Morrissey. This whole phenomenon is SO unbelievable, and SO exciting, that I have given up my job to follow it more closely. That may seem extreme (it is!) but I genuinely believe this to be a significant piece of pop history, it's just incredible that a major artist such as Morrissey could secretly be doing something like this, but believe it or not, it's happening!

The most enlightening thing about this whole experience for me, has been discovering Morrissey's incredible sense of humour and self parody. Yes, as we all know, he can be a drama queen, but he can also laugh at himself. Anyway, enough of my waffle, go and find out for yourself, the best place to start is on an article on MorrisseysWorld dated Tuesday 10 April 2012 entitled, 'MorrisseysWorld Prophecy Page - and a new pledge', it has a silly picture of Russell Brand holding a log, but as you work your way through the site, you'll get to understand all the silly nonsense about Log Lady, Masonic signs etc. It may all seem a bit mad, but hey, it's Morrissey!

The main point of MorrisseysWorld seems to be to get us, Morrissey's fans, to take roses (either red, white or blue) to his concerts and throw them onto the stage. It is Morrissey's idea, and it is to reflect, and pay homage to Oscar Wilde, whose followers wore green carnations to his performances. Morrissey has labelled his followers 'Blue Rose'.

The running joke of MorrisseysWorld, is that it constantly denies it is Morrissey and Morrissey keeps denying he is MorrisseysWorld (three denials on True To You).

If you have anything you'd like to ask, please feel free to tweet me @theratsback .

Welcome to MorrisseysWorld, you're going to love what you find!

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