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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 224 Wednesday April 25th 2012

All is quiet in MorrisseysWorld, with no new postings, and in fact, hardly any comments left either. Has all the talk of 'New World Order' driven the fans away? Quite possibly, yes! There is also no concert today, and with no sign of ANY of Morrissey's pessoa's in my twitterdilly timeline, it means that I have no Mozziah to follow today.

It would appear that my wrong assumption of yesterday, that 'Blue Rose' would be fulfilled in Japan, was due to me forgetting who had written what, and where! It WASN'T MorrisseysWorld that had said 'Blue Rose' would be fulfilled in Japan, it was 'Mancladmozfan' on twitter, who said that he'd read a tweet from a Japanese fan promising to take a 'Blue Rose'. MancLad, of all people, should know by now that 'promises' of taking roses for Morrissey, does not equate to 'actually' handing over the said roses to him! We have read many times before, of promises from fans to give a rose, including twice from 'MancLad' himself, but EVERY single time, it hasn't happened.

It may of course not be the fault of the fans that roses haven't reached Morrissey. Over the months, since it was announced that Morrissey wanted roses, we have heard various stories from fans who have taken a rose to a concert, but have either, not had an opportunity to through them (too far from stage) or have thrown them, only for security to take them away before Morrissey returns for the encore. It also has to be said, that the ONLY TWO roses that Morrissey HAS received (the red rose in Pomona and the white rose in Bogota) weren't 'actually' given to him, HE decided to reach into the audience and TAKE them. It could therefore mean, that 'having the intention' of giving Morrissey a rose, isn't enough, and that Morrissey is doing EVERYTHING on HIS terms. If that is the case, then Morrissey will take a 'BLUE ROSE' only when he is ready, and not before. I'm pretty sure we can rule out Japan, as there isn't likely to be any video footage proving it happened, so WHEN?

The other question of course, is even if Morrissey ISN'T yet ready to take a 'Blue Rose', WILL he accept other (red and white) roses? In the poor light at concerts, (and what with Mozzer's poor eye sight) he may not run the risk of taking ANY roses, just incase he takes a 'Blue Rose' by mistake! So is it even worth fans taking roses if Morrissey isn't accepting them? We won't know the answer to that until somebody attempts to pass him one, but as there seems to be NO evidence that anybody in the front few rows at any of the concerts are even taking any roses (gladioli yes, roses, no!), we are left wondering. On May 8th, in Singapore, that loveable rogue (and ex judge) 'MancLadMozFan' has (yet again) 'PROMISED' to give Moz a rose. Time will tell if Morrissey accepts it, or if indeed MancLad attempts to fulfill his promise.

As reported by 'Morrissey' on this very blog yesterday, 'Blue Rose' will be fulfilled before the end of 2012, and with all the hints that Manchester will be special, it has to now be presumed that July 28th will be the day he finally accepts a 'Blue Rose'. I'd like to think that I will give him a 'Blue Rose' in Manchester, but the truth is, I have NO chance what so ever of getting past all those tough Mancunian meatheads to get to the front row, and what is more, HOW do you keep hold of a rose in the madness of the Mozpit? Has 'Our Mozzer' really thought this through? And WILL Manchester REALLY be awash with roses? Will 19,000 'up for it Mancs' stop off at InterFlora on the way to the MEN, or will they head for the pub instead? The ONLY chance of Manchester Arena being awash with roses, is if Mozzer's people are 'giving them away' before hand, and even then, we've got to hope the Mancunian Meatheads don't EAT them!

Away from MorrisseysWorld, it has today been announced that the UK is officially back in recession, which means I may have missed the boat to sell my house, but hopefully not. Mrs Whiskers (my wife) currently has the decorators in (and no, that's NOT a euphemism, the decorators really are in) and as soon as they're finished, the house goes up for sale. I am serious in my belief that Europe is heading for some sort of financial meltdown, although a comment left on my 'Monday blog' from my film director friend Marcus Markou, should put my mind at rest, he said, " Some short term pain but no need to panic. There is a bright future for planet earth and its pop music." Oh to have Marcus's optimism, but it should be noted, he is GREEK, so what the hell does HE know about economic stability? I think I'll stick to my intuition, but Marcus DOES know about Baklava, and a trailer for his brilliant new film 'Papadopoulos & Sons' is now available to view on Youtube.

Are MorrisseysWorld and the Twitterdilly Arms empty because of the recession? Is nowhere safe? (Your blog site and virtual pub are at risk if you do not keep up repayments on them.)

*Goes off singing* Oh Fannie Mae, so much to answer for.


  1. There is a heart of darkness to my optimism Rat. We are in a mess, yes. The banking system has collapsed. The churches are empty. You would not leave your child with a Catholic priest you didn't know (that is not meant to be provocative, it's a fact). But you cannot have rebirth without death. And the planet is having a death, of sorts.

  2. Hello Dear Rat,
    yesterday was holiday in Italy and I spent the day with my family in a park. I have to say to you that is not a good idea to sale your home this time. In economic recession a lot of buildings go on sale and so, in due of the easiest market's rule, the price goes down! Also, with a blooming economy, building's price will goes high and for you would be very difficult buying another house again. In time of recession rich people doing their best profits and normal people just have to wait for better time. What will you do with the money of your home? Speculating? Will'you buy two or three smaller house for saling again? Trading? Be careful dear Rat, take care of you and all your family.


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